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Benedict Arnold

Updated on May 5, 2019

What was Benedict Arnold ?

Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the American Continental Army.

A Traitor To The United States Continental Army

Benedict Arnold, was born in Norwich, Connecticut on January 14, 1741 USA, he later died in London England on June 14, 1801. He served as an officer in the American Revolutionary War until 1779, then betrayed the Continental Army by switching allegiance to the British Army. His name became an expletive as a traitor to the United States.

Nick Name

  • People tend to use the term ("benedict Arnold") to describe a so called friend that snitched or revealed something that was shared in confidence that was later revealed to others, I wonder if they are aware of the origin of this appellation.
  • The man behind the name was a general in the American Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, he then later betrayed his country by defecting to the British Forces in 1780.
  • He was trusted to command and to strengthen the army's position at West Point, New York. by the Founding Father George Washington the United States 1st President.
  • Arnold had planned to surrender the army post to the British, but his plans was later realised and he fled to the British Forces, his name scorned by the United States Of America for his treason and betrayal leading the British Army in battle against the post he once commanded.

Arnolds Career

  • Arnolds' birth place was the River Colony that was an English Colony in North America which later became the state of Connecticut.
  • Arnold operated ships as a merchant on the Atlantic Ocean during which the war ensued in 1775. He later joined the expanding army outside of Boston, displaying special quality, style, attractiveness and bravery.
  • Some of his accolades includes the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775.
  • Resisting and deferred plans at the Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain in 1776 that allowed American forces to assemble New York's resistance against attack.
  • The Battle of Ridgefield, Connecticut, there after he was promoted to major general, procedures' in alleviation the Siege of Fort Stanwix.
  • And tactic's during the vital Battle of Saratoga in 1777, where he sustained injury to his leg that stop his combat profession for a few years.

Benedict Arnold Acquired Abilities Ignored

  • Arnold's repeated attempts stating the Continental Congress fail to recognise what he had accomplished and was not promoted, while other officers received the benefits of his labor.
  • Charges were brought against him from within his military and the political circle of misconduct and other dishonest proceedings, but was congress acquitted him of the crimes in formal interrogation.
  • Congress later investigated how he was able to maintain a lavish life style by investigating his accounts and realized that he was indebted to congress for huge sums of money.

Arnold's Association in Philadelphia

  • Philadelphia is where Arnold mingled with the Loyalist Sympatizers the likes of Peggy Shippens family to whom Arnold later married.
  • Her friendship to John André a British Major to whom she is close to, he later became the head of the British espionage system in New York.
  • Peggy Shippen was describe as the facilitator by many historians to Arnolds plans to switch sides.
  • Arnold had open secret dialogue with John which Peggy passed on the messages to Arnold.
  • £20,000 was the bounty offered to Arnold to gain control of West Point a major American stronghold in the American Continental Army.
  • George Washington had a great respect for Arnold and geve him full command of the fort in July 1780.
  • Arnolds plan was to give up full control of the fort to the British, but the scheming trators plan was discouvered and exposed in September 1780 when Patriot militia captured Andre with documents outlining the plans which after Andre was hanged and Arnold escaped.

The Brigadier General

  • Conmmisioned as Brigadier general in the British army at a yearly pension of £360 and a lump sum more than £6,000.
  • Arnold new title in the British Army gave him the power to carry out some of the most viscous attacks in Virginia, burnt down most of New London,Connecticut.
  • Battle of Groton Heights became a slaughter house to surrendering forces not far from where he grew up.
  • During the winter of 1782 Arnold and his wife Peggy moved to England, King George the lll and Conservative Party in Great Britain welcome Arnold with open arms but frowned upon by the patriotic party during the Revolutionary period and almost all Army officers.
  • Arnold and his two sons moved to Canada in 1787 to a trading business, but the refuge they sought was in vein, he was not welcomed among Canadians so he moved back to London permanently in 1791, he died ten years later.


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