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Bennie Sander Needs to Quit

Updated on May 10, 2016

It's time for Bennie Sanders to give up and join the team of Hillary Clinton. Bennie is prolonging the eligible, instead of telling his supporters to vote for a woman who have their best interest at heart. Is Bennie delaying his tactics because he don't a women can handle the Job?

Bennie Sanders the democrat Candidate told a group of people at a rally at Jersey Flagship University that a real change is coming to America, is he referring to himself or Donald Trump.

Bennie Sanders is also playing game, he is mostly rallying around colleges trying to solicit the votes of first time college students he is targeting the young and valuable Like Donald Trump, Bennie Sanders is telling them what they wants to hear.

As president Bennie has a plan, he wants to make college tuition free and Debt free for students who works hard, they will go to college regardless of how much money their parents make. We all knows that's wishful thinking, what's in America is free.

At first Bennie Sander the junior senator from Vermont came across as a man with dignity and integrity but as of now Bennie will stop at nothing to stop Hillary Clinton from being the Nominee for president of the United States.

A Senator is to purpose and create new laws that can and will benefit the people, these laws can be passed or rejected. Why did Bennie Sander wait until he is running for president to visit collages before the election he didn't ? Sanders is playing hard now to stay in a race that happen in 2008 to President Obama.


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