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Bennie Sanders Need the Black Vote

Updated on April 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton for President

Bennie needs the back vote he is paying more attention to Blacks. Vermont Bennie state is one of the whites states in this country, with 97% of white voters and approximately 3% of Black's voters. There's no way Bennie Sander's could possibly win the election from Clinton unless he solicits the Black Vote.

Bennie Sander has focus his attention to Black colleges and Black Churches in the South trying to capture the Vote of Afro-Americans.

Bennie Sander the Senator from Vermont most definably needs the votes of Afro-Americans to beat Hillary Clinton. Before the Presidency election Bennie Sander was and unknown to Black's no one knew who he was and what his static was..

Bennie is appealing to the younger generation, trying to gain their creditable and their vote. Bennie Sander has made a lot of promises to the younger generation about free college educations for all and free health care. Bennie Sander knows in America it's impossible for every college student to get a free education.

Bennie Sanders is bashing Clinton about large Companies backing her,Instead of focusing on issuers that will help the American people.

On Thursday April 14 2016 Bennie Is standing his words by saying that Hillary Clinton isn't "qualified to be president as the democratic presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton have never said that Bennie Sanders was never qualified to be president.

In New York Tuesday night Hillary Clinton the former Secretary of state has won New York with 60% of the votes from Black's and Latino's. Will Hillary Rodman Clinton, be the first woman President of the United States.. Bennie Sanders needs to stop criticizing Clinton and help her defeat Donald Trump. Trump don't have the knowledge or skills to be the President of one of the greatest countries in the world.


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