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Bennie Sanders Needs to Quit

Updated on June 7, 2016

Bennie Sanders should be shame of himself for trying to destroy the creditable of Hillary Clinton who is running for president of the United States. The republicans are standing behind Trump, even though most of them knows that Donald Trump is a loose cannon. Bennie Sanders needs to join forces with Hillary to beat America worst Nightmare as president "Donald Trump". Bennie is showing the American people his true character by not wanting a women to be president, instead of working with Clinton. Bennie is stubborn and drugging his feet because She is a women.

It's time for Sander to tell his followers to vote for Clinton instead of prolonging his campaign. Most Americans are sick and tired of this campaign, it has been the worst one ever. It's time for Bennie to realize that Trump is a threat and will destroy the integrity to this country with other nations .

Donald Trump is the republican nominee for president of the United States with no qualification just a Billionaire Businessman who never struggle a day in his life. Trump inherited a legacy from his father.

Donald is going after the former President of the United States Bill Clinton, trying to defame Hillary Character as a woman, who struck by her Husband.

DonaldTrump has proven to the American people that he will stop at nothing to win, he have embarrassed candidates, their families, immigrants and staged violence's at his own rallies. " From his remarks he thinks he is unstoppable."

It's time for Hillary Clinton to stop being so noble and go after Trump with everything she has because he will leave no stone upturn to destroy her creditable and integrity with women. Hillary Clinton don't want to run a smear campaign but when it comes down to the safety of this country she might have to.

Get on board Bennie Sanders and stop Donald Trump, he will destroy the valves of one greatest country in the world "America". It's


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