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Bernie Makes People Feel Poor? Nope

Updated on February 15, 2016
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Senator Sanders Defends the Poor

"I'll be damned if we are going to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the sick, the children and the poor. That's wrong!" - Senator Bernie Sanders
"I'll be damned if we are going to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the sick, the children and the poor. That's wrong!" - Senator Bernie Sanders | Source

The Media Mistakes Sanders' Message on Income Inequality

The Washington Post featured an article titled, What’s wrong with Bernie Sanders’s message? He makes people feel poor. The gist of the article is that reminding people of financial insecurity makes them less likely to take action.

That generated quite a bit of discussion in the Bernie Sanders' groups on Facebook. Most of the candidate's supporters found the article missed the mark considerably. Read on, to see what Sanders' fans feel about poverty and their lives and the media.

In general, the response was, I know I'm poor and Bernie Sanders energizes me to action to change that.

Okay, it has started.... the establishment has nothing to attack Bernie Sanders with, so they attack us, his supporters.

Bernie does not make me feel poor... He excites and enthuses me to reach deeper, to do more. He makes me realize how asleep I have been.

— Cynthia Yolland

What the Article Thinks Is Wrong with Sanders Campaign

One of the points that the Washington Post article puts forward is that Bernie won't succeed because his message is flawed. By reminding potential voters that they are poor, he demoralizes them. They'll feel helpless and downtrodden and won't bother to come out to vote.

Sanders' Quote on Poverty

TooLoud Sanders Quote Aluminum 8 x 12" Sign
TooLoud Sanders Quote Aluminum 8 x 12" Sign

The aluminum sign features the quotation, "Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty" - SANDERS for president


Bernie Makes Me Feel Proud to be American

John Mcgregor - "Living in constant pain because I can't pay for insurance because I'm making less money than I did 25 years ago makes me feel poor. Bernie doesn't!

Having to go to food banks in order to feed myself makes me feel poor. Bernie doesn't!

Not being able to travel to see my family makes me feel poor. Bernie doesn't!

Deciding what time I eat my daily meal makes me feel poor. Bernie doesn't!

You know how Bernie makes me feel? Hopefully and optimistic, proud to be American again, finally!

Do Bernie's Speeches Make You Feel Poor?

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Yes, We Are Struggling

Jen Burns - "REALLY? BERNIE makes people feel poor? No, idiot. Our student loan debt makes us feel poor. Our medical bills make us feel poor. Our starvation wages make us feel poor.

MOST of us ARE struggling. We know the game is rigged. We've all been saying so for YEARS. Finally, we have a politician who is willing to address the causes of our financial problems, and this EXCITES us to action. His message is resonating with Americans, inspiring people who have never donated, never voted, never volunteered, to join his Revolution.

Keep attacking. Every negative article only inspires us to donate more and work harder to get him into office."

Saying Bernie makes me feel poor makes about as much sense as I am voting for him because that's where all the boys are.Go home, people. Try again.

— Kelly Turner

Child Poverty Rate Chart Comparing America and Other Countries


This article is pure crap! I feel like a million bucks knowing that we are in this together!

Bernie is my hero!

— Marie Lunt

The Record Number of Voters in NH Shows the Poor Are Activated

Ainsley-Aude Croteau points out, "This Washington Post article was written February 8th before the New Hampshire primaries, its research is clearly out-dated and very literally proven incorrect.

It goes on and on and on about how telling people they're poor will make them feel discouraged and not want to go out and vote. The poor citizens of New Hampshire came out to vote in a RECORD TURNOUT!! giving him their vote at a RECORD MARGIN.

It's very clearly wrong to suggest he will discourage people from voting when he makes them "feel poor". Here's the truth, and as Bernie says it's very clear: We are poor. We are sick and tired of it. We need help. He is the only candidate who runs his platform highlighting our struggles and promising to help. That doesn't discourage us, that rallies us!

We're excited now and we WANT to vote!"

He gives me the feeling that although I am not well off, there actually IS hope.. His ideas make sense and are realistic. I don't feel poor, I feel inspired and have hope for the future. The Washington Post article is total BS in my book. If they cannot find something bad to say.,. make something up. American Media today

— Debby Thompson

It's Not about Losers VS Winners

Diane Peepels Mazefsky explained, "This article is such a deflection by the media and Washington - a deflection AWAY from the actual need for financial and tax reform and budget priorities.

People are unhappy about the deterioration of the middle class of the last 40 years and the outrageous increase in health care, pharmaceutical cost, etc. Instead, they make it seem like something is wrong with losers (vs. winners). That's no different than blaming the Muslims, the Mexicans, the African- Americans, the " godless"..... And so on."

Bernie Sanders Empowers the People

"This election is between Bernie Sanders and Corporate America. Corporate America has money and the Media by its side. Bernie has the support of The People. Let's see how powerful the people can be."
"This election is between Bernie Sanders and Corporate America. Corporate America has money and the Media by its side. Bernie has the support of The People. Let's see how powerful the people can be." | Source

Bernie Energizes Us

Margaret Hope says, "Supporting Bernie, hearing him speak, seeing him on television, on Facebook, energizes me, I find myself smiling, randomly just for the very idea of Bernie. Bernie makes me feel empowered. He makes me feel included. He makes me feel important.

For 35 years the Washington-New York establishment have been relentlessly stealing our country from us, Republicans and Democrats both. Bernie helps me believe that we can take it back! We, the American people can assert our power and push back the Oligarchy represented by Bill and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!"

How Much Do You Love Bernie Sanders?

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© 2016 Virginia Allain

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    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 2 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Bernie Sanders has started historical movement in the US. I'm encouraged to see the number of people actually feeling hope and excitement about bringing democracy back.