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Bernie Sanders Nomination Betrayal?

Updated on July 19, 2016

Who you gonna call? Post Busters!

June 8th 2016 was a sad and disappointing day to be a youth Democrat in the United States. We went to sleep on the 7th thinking that we had found possibly the only credible, white male politician to become our president and woke up the next morning to a colossal vomiting of our hopes and dreams for our future. A downtrodden pile of mixed emotion "I told you so" & "This can't be happening" labeled every newspaper, flooded every outlet, and touched seemingly everyone's lips. In the midst of an early midlife-crisis, many of America's younger and brand new voters had forgotten to do the first commandment of all political races: Get the facts.

Fact Is;

There is an extremely high possibility of Sanders being the most popular candidate for the United States in 2017. 99.99% of his campaign finance has come from his loyal follower's donations. The people want Bernie to win, and will not tolerate anything less than the standard he holds. And why should they?

We knew as a collection of devotees that this guy could never possibly let us down. He holds the emotional integrity and grit that could easily piece together our crumbling structure. Despite of the so-called news that was shoved in the faces of Bernie supporters everywhere, our democratic underdog managed to come through for us once again. The lovable Senator of Vermont had stated in San Francisco the Sunday after the alleged forfeit that:

"(I would) take our campaign for transforming the Democratic Party into the convention." - NY Times, Yamiche Alcindor.

So, while Bernie Sanders did nearly sweat enough to drown his pores and have the facial expression that resembles knowing the person behind you has a voodoo doll of you, he never admitted defeat to the elderly necromancer Hillary on that fateful morning.

Why Bernie Sanders Has my 2016 Vote and Why He Should Have Yours Too:

  • Sanders wants to abolish the stigma and fear of immigration by creating a comprehensive reform that will ultimately bring thousands of families together again and create a safe place for those under attack to stay in America.
  • Unlike Trump, Sanders' goal is to fix the American Foreign Policies by fighting racism and the ostracization of the Islamic community. He aims to work with our fellow countries to end terrorism.
  • The second amendment has also been a topic of discussion at Bernie rallies. He stated that he will ban semi-automatic weapons and make the background/safety checks to purchase a firearm more extensive.
  • A friend to feminism, Sanders believes in defending women's rights to have an abortion and proper medical care for all. Bernie is an outspoken pro-choice activist with a deep routed desire for equality.
  • Another rebellious yet necessary claim Sanders has stated is the '1 Trillion Dollar Promise' to be the glue for our broken economy, and to create trade agreements that work for the workers.
  • He is a full supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was created to defend the human rights of the African American community against racism and police brutality.
  • Last but definitely not least, our Vermont Senator will take the much needed steps it takes to end the pollination poisoning our dying Earth and, with luck, reverse climate change. He is completely aware and appalled at the significant damage we have put our ecosystem through.

So thank you Bernie. For being there when we need you, even if we think we don't.


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