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Political Campaign lies & Subliminal Brainwashing.

Updated on November 10, 2015

Commercially packaged vegetables

green beans
green beans | Source
other canned veggies
other canned veggies
bunch of carrots
bunch of carrots

Subliminal brainwashing

Corporate and government corruption has permeated all walks of life. And the real losers are the consumers who are left with few protections in place.

With the current trend in politics there will soon be NO protections against the corruption and greed at all.

Since big business, and government, are now synonymous, it is imperative that 'we the people' understand the new mentality running our country. And know the true intentions of those who aspire to "taking back our government".

The biggest question we should be asking is: Taking our government back from who?

The 'doing business as usual' mentality of big business is to find ways to subtly dupe (cheat, fool, trick) people by presenting, or introducing, things that they market in a way that most people will not see or notice.

This is called 'subliminal' brainwashing.

The general public -

mainly consists of a majority of uninformed, misinformed and ill educated indifferent people.

It is the current belief, and with good cause, that the average citizen is so easily duped that this concept of 'fooling' the people as a means to increase their net profits has become a way of life.

Example 1: A few years ago all canned goods were sold in quantities of 16 ounces of product within the can. Then without most people noticing, since the actual size of the can remains the same, the quantities of the products in the can started dropping = 16oz --> 14oz. --> 11.5oz and the price remained the same, or was increased by pennies at a time. This method of fooling the public increased new profits by trillions of dollars per year, per item.

Example 2: It used to be that the bigger quantity you bought, the lower the price, maybe not by much, but it was still a little saving for the consumer.

Lets use bagged carrots as an example; although it is true with most everything else you can buy in bulk.

  • One pound of carrots used to sell for around $0.79 cents. (by using odd numbers it is easier to fool people - harder to calculate in your head concept).
  • A two pound bag would sell for $1.50 (or $0.75 lb). (($.08cents saved).
  • A five pound bag would sell for $3.75 (at 0.75 cents / pound). = savings of $0.20 cents.

Today's pricing practice:

  • one pound of carrots sells for $0.79 cents/lb.
  • 2 pounds @ $.081cents per pound = $1.62.
  • 5 pounds at $0.83 cents a pound = $4.15.

The original at $0.79 cents per lb x 5 pounds = $3.95.

Today's pricing methods: $0.83 per pound x 5 pounds = $4.15.

Total loss to the customer = $0.20 (or profit to big business), depending on whose point of view you are looking at this from.

In some cases the price per pound is more extreme than my example here. Take you calculator shopping with you the next time you go. You might want to consider buying (5) one pound bags instead of (1) five pound bag of carrots.

And do not be afraid to point this out to the produce manager so they will know they are not fooling anyone by what they are doing. The same principle applies to any other product that you can buy in bulk = multi packs of toilet paper, paper towels, soda, 24 cans/bottles of beer, etc.... The larger the quantity in a package the more expensive it becomes per individual item.

This method of cheating the public has caught on like wildfire, since people have not even noticed it being done to them.

When managers at the local grocery stores were confronted by this writer they said they had complained about this practice to their supervisors who told them - don't worry about it - no one will even notice. Two supervisors told me that i was the 'only one' who noticed, or at least, complained about it..

This principle of pricing now is the norm for all products sold to us in bulk.

Example 3: The third huge scam by our big business owned government is the total rip off of 'government rebates' that are meant to entice people to "upgrade" to save money in energy costs.

In the long run you end up paying more, over time, in order to 'save money' than if you continued with your inefficient, costly current products. This applies to any energy saving product that there is a customer 'rebate' attached to it.

Here's how this this one works. It is simpler than the pricing of canned goods, but the net profits are greater to businesses.

  • The government (big business) offers $3,000.00 - $10,000.00 rebates in the form of decreasing your taxable amount of annual income by these amounts ($3,000 --> $10,000).
  • Your actual saving is only on the amount of income tax you would have paid on that amount - which is a hell of a lot less than the "rebates" they are advertising, as one would logically think that this would mean - money being returned to you for the purchase of those high priced items.
  • However, along with that 'rebate' comes a huge price increase of the product both by the manufacturer and by the seller of the product. That price increase is usually the amount of the "rebates" offered by the government to seduce people into "upgrading" or "updating" their products.

Example: Buying a central a/c (air conditioner) for your home.

Before the government/big business offered this 'rebate' an average price for central a/c might have been around $3,000.00. [please do not comment on these prices they are for comparative values only. They may be higher or lower].

After offering a rebate, the total cost of that central a/c is now $5,999.00.

  • So you now pay double for an a/c unit,
  • you get to pay less taxes on the total amount of your annual taxable income.
  • and the seller of that a/c unit makes a larger profit ($2,999.00 more).
  • And you also get to pay an extra sales tax to the government of $210.00 on that additional cost of the product (7% in Florida where i live) or whatever amount your own state tax is.

So this is a Good thing, right?

Winners and losers

Who are the winners and who are the losers?

This "let's fool the public" corporate policy is good for business/government (the winners). Bad for the average citizen (the losers).

This stuff is raw reality and the basic reason that big business (corporate America) does not want to be 'regulated'.

The political psycho babble about job loss is NOT true and irrelevant for this kind of scamming of the public.

Taking away the tax cuts for the wealthy will do nothing to the economy, but will decrease the net profits of huge monopolies, thereby hurting the job industry is a fallacy (a double talk play on words designed to fool the average consumer. That rhetoric is only a scare tactic sold to uninformed citizens by corporations and politicians who represent their interests above the interests of the individual citizen.

All this might seem petty to most people- like, so what, if we pay a few cents more for grocery items?

Look at it this way: All those pennies add up to make huge profits for big business.

Last year the top 10 CEOs made annual personal bonuses that ranged from a low of $46,000,000,000.00 (billions) to a high of $83,000,000,000.00 (billions) according to a recent report on CNN money news.

Do you think 'these' amounts are 'deserved' or 'earned' personal income and does not harm our economy? This is grand theft and unfettered greed in it's basest form.

They get these huge personal bonus by merely adding $0.05 cents on $1.00 per person (US population = 307 million people). {$.05 cents x 307 million}

That comes to $15,350,000.00 (million) profit, times the actual thousands of dollars spent per person per year.

At $1,000.00 per person, per year, at that same $0.05 cent increase per each dollar spent,

  • that profit now = $15,350,000, 000.00 (trillions).

Now you can understand why big business does not want any restrictions or regulations put on them.

And we all know that these amounts i am using as examples are only one pebble that makes up a mountains worth.

Or more simply put = $0.05 cents on each dollar spent in buying that one pound of carrots, times everything else purchased per day, per week, per month, per year, that goes into the personal profits of the greedy people that own and operate our government [corporate America]. And then deny employee benefits for their workers is a crime against humanity.

But the most comical part of all this is that they (corporations and conservatives) see regulating such greed is somehow a means of "wealth redistribution" and an affront on capitalism. Amazing.

So, who protects the American "human" people

A government that was originally designed to protect our citizens from this very thing happening is now transformed into a personal cash cow for the wealthy and powerful.

The politicians are using their psycho babble and shouting that we do not want the government running our lives? And how regulations on corporations are ruining our economy?

And yet those same politicians are fighting to keep big business running our government.

Just who in damnation is running what?

One thing we can be sure of, the American citizens have no say about anything anymore.

Otherwise this bull (crap) campaign slogan shouting of "lets take our government back" would mean :

lets take our government back from big business and give it back to the American people.

That ain't ever gonna happen folks.

Not unless American citizens unite against this practice by getting involved, informed and knowing what platform policies our elected politicians stand for before they are elected into office. And for God's sake stop voting based on party instead of policy.

Political parties count on people being misinformed, ill informed, divisive and continue thinking that "we cannot fight city hall" so why even bother to vote.

Giving up this basic right is NOT an option...

by d.william

© 2010 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It always amazes me just how out of touch with reality Washington really is. They spend so much time fighting each other, they have no time left to do the business they are bring paid to do.

      If you or i did what those politicians do on a regular basis, at our jobs, we would be fired so fast it would make your head spin. And yet, we as their employers just turn the other way, and let them continue. Always has amazed me.

    • mquee profile image


      7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      Very good hub,that all Americans should read. Unfortunately it doesn't stop with big business. Remember that infommercials that tried to get people to by a package full of information on how to make big money from home. Although they were clearly ripoffs to most of us, there were some who were fooled. I know we should be careful on how we spend or invest our money,but the point is it was illegal, but the government allowed it to go on for years. Anyway,great hub.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It is probably more of a planned step by big business to create a society as described in my hub entitled "Utopia - the conclusion", but with an obvious evil slant that is only self serving to the rich and powerful.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      7 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I totally agree that big business has captured our government. It is not Marxism, but rather is corporatism, and perhaps even Fascism.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south BARNETT.

      Thanks for reading and your comments. Usually when i try to tell people about this "new trend" (which is not so new) to rip off the american public, they just scoff and tell me i am being paranoid, or that i am being a radical liberal. I really had high hopes for some positive changes when the Democrats took control in 2008. I did not anticipate just how powerful the big business puppets had become, or that the democrats would cave in to the pressures of the right wing.

    • JOE BARNETT profile image


      7 years ago

      excellent hub! i've watched the pricing for some time. they have really taken advantage during the recession by substantially increasing prices while everyone is distracted. i've tried to explain to people that align with the right. i'd show them how the so called freedom and liberty that they speak of is the freedom to make money hand over fist any way they can and without restraint of any sort. what those people don't realize is that the money they makes those companies billionares is from them. it used to be dad made enough for the family, then women entered the workforce in the 60's and instead of families being able to get ahead now it takes two paychecks to do the same that one paycheck did before.

      credit cards are another. if something costs $100 if i buy it with the card it costs $115 or more. why unless it's an energency would you buy a pair of shoes on credit? then there's the ruthless billing games they play to get more of your money. like arbitrarily changing your billing dates that make your payments late and then you're hit with the late fee.all part of the plan.according to the right if you have a job be thankful and shutup and if you get hurt it was not because of their neglect, god had another plan for you.ha ha ha i could go on and on.

      but to convince the public it will take a large microphone.right now those mics are run by the three talking heads and they have convinced their public that less federal taxes pays more bills ha ha with that logic what can we expect to do? great hub!


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