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National Bicycling and Pedestrian Advocacy Organizations

Updated on December 13, 2010

Walking and bicycling are two important modes of transportation that all too often are pushed aside in favor of motorized travel. But "active transportation" is actually the foundation of our entire transportation system.

Not only are they easy to do, but they offer a fun way to get around, and they offer significant cost savings compared to motor vehicles, they don't pollute, they reduce congestion, and they reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

The following organizations advocate for safe walking and biking environments, on national, state, regional, and local levels.

State Advocacy Organizations

In addition to the national organization, bike/ped advocacy is very necessary in each state, and many communities large and small. Local advocates often have deeper knowledge and insight into the unique needs of each community, while statewide organizations can work with state lawmakers and speak for all the cyclists in the state.







District of Columbia:

















New Hampshire:

New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:





South Carolina:









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    • profile image

      Blair Sorrel 

      7 years ago

      Greetings! Please see the international

      shockings on StreetZaps, please disseminate this vital public service

      to preclude more injuries or fatalities. Many thanks for all your

      commendable work and stay safe!



      Just so you know, I confer with Con Edison's Stray Voltage and Public

      Affairs Units and contribute to Wet Nose Guide, Petfinder, and New

      York Dog Chat. The National Electric Code showcases the site.


      Blair Sorrel, Founder

      Contact voltage is a chronic hidden hazard that can readily victimize

      an unsuspecting dog, walker, or both. No dog lover could possibly

      observe a more horrifying scene than witnessing his beloved pet

      instantaneously maimed or tragically electrocuted. When you exercise

      your pooch, please exercise greater prudence. Common outdoor

      electrical and metal fixtures may shock or even kill your vulnerable

      dog. And depending upon the current, the walker will be bitten and

      like poor Aric Roman, suffer permanently. But you can, indeed,


      Just start to adopt this simple strategy — EYEBALL THE BLOCK, AND

      AVOID A SHOCK. Take a few seconds and make your trajectory toward

      generally safer, free standing, non-conductive surfaces, ie.,

      plastic, wood, cardboard. Intuit your dog’s cues and if it’s

      resistant, change directions. Work site perimeters may be live so try

      to elude them. If necessary, switch sides of the street or your hands

      when leading to skirt hazards. If you traverse the same route, you may

      memorize locations of potential dangers. Carry your pooch when in

      doubt. Consider indoor restroom products like PottyPark when external

      conditions are chancy or RopeNGo’s hardware-free leash and harness.

      And don’t rely on dog booties as a palliative as they will actually

      put your pet at even greater risk since the dog can’t tell you they’re

      leaking! To learn to more, please see StreetZaps. A safer walk is

      yours year round if you are willing to open to your eyes and mind to


    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      Another great source of information. Keep putting it. Thanks!


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