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Bilderberg Plans War in Arab World

Updated on June 12, 2011

As I write this, David Rockerfellar and his bad of elite goons are planning to make a new blood red sea in the Arab world. Thanks to a security official taking care of the "secret" swiss bilderberg meeting going on now, we know that one of the biggest issues the Bilderberg thugs are discussing is creating a bloody war in the Arab world.

Why? Because they want Isreal to dominate the land and have what they want. Or more appropriately, because Isreal is willing to pay the bilderberg group to set it all up.

The only issue holding back the bilderberg group, is America's waning approval of overseas wars. We are tired and disillusioned about the war on terrorism, we feel the drug war should end and we don't want to be the police of the world. This apparently poses a very big issue for the bilderberg group, which relies on America's superior military power to do their bidding.

On the Agenda

Aside from the hideous atrocity of planning a more brutal war in the middle east then they already have, the Bilderberg's have even more sinister plans on their agenda, which include but are not limited to:

*Taking control of the internet and developing censorship

*Keeping America in a recession until the end of 2012 (at minimum)

*Keeping America involved in the wars overseas (and spending most of the money)

*Hiring a new IMF manager

*Depopulating overpopulated countries (especially arab nations)

*Building up already over-powerful world mega banks

Though the bilderberg group swears it's just a large secretive international mixer, the jig has been up for some time, and people all over the world are beginning to pay special attention to anything the bilderberg group does. Focusing specifically on getting as much information about these secret meetings as they can.

It is my hope through publishing this hub that those in the war path will wake up and do something about this crazy elitist group, and that American's will realize we need a non-intervensionist policy and we need to pull our troops home. By doing so, we can save the lives of our troops, bring back our economy and help take some of the power away from corrupt powerful criminals like Rockerfellar and Kissinger and their band of cronies.


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