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Bill Gates Says That We Should Tax The Robots That Are Going To Take The Jobs Of Humans….

Updated on February 18, 2017

Bill Gates Says That We Should Tax The Robots That Are Going Take The Jobs Of Humans….

Over the weekend, I read an article where the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, said that the Robots that are replacing Human Beings in certain employment endeavors should likewise pay their share of taxes. At this juncture in our pending brave or angst ridden new world, I do not know how the Robots feel about rendering unto Caesar, but Mr. Gates seems to think that since a Human earning $50,000.00 annually pay taxes and that said taxes go to the coffers of the government to contribute to assisting the elderly and child care… then Robots replacing Human Beings in the work force should also contribute to the welfare of the Human collective.

I do not recalled if the Science Fiction authors - Asimov and Bradbury - that my beloved brother, Louis, introduced to, when we were boys, addressed the social ramifications of what seems to be on the horizon. This is so because the article also projected that, eventually, that over 50% of the jobs are going to be performed by Robots - incidentally, why do I have the feeling that I am guilty of some slight against Robots by referring to them as such (Robots).

For those advocating for the Robots in the work place, I am certain that there is a question that these advocates would have liked the author of the article to ask of Mr. Gates: what of his game changing invention - within Microsoft - that many could argue replaced many flesh and blood in the work place… should Mr. Gates, and many innovators like him, be paying those taxes in perpetuity too? Incidentally, in advocating the taxing of Robots, what benefits do the Robots get out of paying taxes?

One of the classic movies that I like is Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner, and, as a boy watching that movie, I understood then why he fell in love in with the beautiful Sean Young’s character who just happened to be a Robot. It is even more morally palatable because the director of Blade Runner, Ridley Scott let the cat out of the bag by letting us know that the Harrison Ford character was also a Robot - I supposed that in the reboot of Blade Runner movie, the Harrison Ford's character will be spending ample time on the Robotic Psychiatric couch for lethally eliminating so many of his own at the behest of flesh and blood....

From a political Progressive point o f view, no doubt that the right to marry Robots will soon be part of the Democratic platform, but the fight that is worth the price of admission is watching the progressives who are avid supporters of the Labor movement choosing between the rights of Robots and Humans, or perhaps, the Progressives can have their cake and eat it too. But all satire and jest aside, if indeed 50% of the Human work force is going to be eventually replaced with Robots, what, we, as a society are going to do with those displaced flesh and blood workers.

The Futurists are going to say that society adjusted to the Industrial Revolution and society will likewise adjust to a work force of Robots; however, I am waiting to see what the political parties have to say, respectively, about this issue of Robots in the work place replacing Humans? Moreover, what are the rights, if any, that are going to be enacted on behalf of Robots in the future - do I, as a Human, who owns a Robot, provided that there is such a concept of ‘ownership’ without the negative Slavery connotation, do what I want to a Robot? Furthermore, who will go down as the first Human to ‘officially’ marry, divorce, rape... Robots.

By extrapolating, we can see that a future where Robots are part of our society is fraught with challenges of every stripe… and we can only hope that the dooms-day scenarios, as played out in the Terminator movies and others do not come to fruition.

In a Rod Stewart song - Country Comfort - with lyrics by Sir Elton John, my father and I used to listen to all those years ago, indirectly addressed this issue of machines in the labor force… with an obviously bias toward flesh and blood:

Down at the mill they've got a new machine

The foreman says it cuts man-power by fifteen

Yeah but that ain't natural Mankind plays Sincere

You see he's a horse-drawn man until his dying day

I have included the hyperlink to the song below, which assisted me in fleshing out the themes of this blog - drill down and enjoy.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 11 months ago from New York

      Well said - there is so much one could write about this issue... Welfare/affirmative Action for Robots.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 11 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      LOL I hadn't heard this. I suppose robots should get welfare and EIC, how about a free education. Shouldn't there be Affirmative Action for robots? After all they are a minority and could claim they are discriminated against in the workplace!

      Mr. (genius) Bill Gates, you do know 48% of the population do not pay taxes. You do know that many of the jobs where humans are replaced with robots don't earn enough money to pay taxes. As VP mentions how about all the jobs that were eliminated by the use of computer software? How about, if we tax robots, the creators of the robots and the users of robots should get a tax break because they are creating revenue for the government by creating and utilizing robots.

      No, anyone with common sense can see that taxing robots is really taxing corporations (who pass the taxes on to us) and the intelligent solution to a perceived shortage of taxes due to robots replacing jobs that would generate taxes is to create more high paying skilled jobs and higher paid skilled workers that do jobs robots don't do. Like a typical liberal, Gates thinks money (taxes) is the answer to everything when the real answer lies in advancing civilization through incentivised education, moral and economic development. When he knows government wastes our tax money on myriads of things unrelated to anything he proposes it be used for in taxing robots to fund things that are important, like schools and roads and fire departments why would he think giving the gov't more power to tax could do any good? And then there is fraud which nobody really knows how much of our tax money is wasted on.

      The best solution to problems is never to give more money to the government but figure out ways for the people through capitalism to solve problems and Bill Gates and his company are a prime example of how this works. Shame on him for ignoring his own intellectual capacity in suggesting robots pay taxes.