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Billybuc and Bill Holland. an Interview. a Life Changer! How

Updated on March 14, 2020
Ericdierker profile image

Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Stop looking for some great mountaintop experience or a great Ascension

A smile is all Billy is asking for but do much more.
A smile is all Billy is asking for but do much more. | Source

My bent or slant so we are clear.

So since I first wrote this things have changed. The movement and the man remain. I do believe that through this encouragement specifically I have touched about 100 lives in person, and hopefully some through my writing. I will interview him again.

(And now I 2020 again)

So I am a lucky guy. I smelled something funny going on here around Hub pages. I sniffed out the instigator. And then I fell in love. Agape love to be sure. All of us have something good in us. This guy Bill shines in such a way, that we can see our good in him and get inspired.

Bill Holland is bigger than himself. He uses a push pull approach to people. He will lead and pull them by example, and he will push with support.

So I asked Bill if I could “interview” or ask him a few questions. Of course Bill was cordial as he did not know me but granted the request anyhow. But now I know he would have given me his shirt also without even knowing my name. Bill is not famous yet so probably this interview with him will not be successful. It was my first publication interview in over 30 years so I made mistakes. I am a lawyer by trade so my questions are meant interrogate. I believe if a man is going to hang himself he should do it by his own words not fancy questions.

However I think within my amateur approach, I ended up not interfering with Bill, and that is a very good thing. I hope you enjoy this little insight into H.O.W. but more importantly into Bill.

I don’t much care for rap music, but this one bridges a gap and gives love its’ do, just like Bill does: Listen to it and apply it to your life and Bill.!

The format will be in the way we did it. I could improve but I might change a meaning.

Give some wind and sunshine

Q1….what prompted H.O.W.?

How much time do you have? There is no simple answer to that my friend. I was raised to care, so H.O.W. is sixty-four years in the making.

My parents believed in helping others, and I was raised to see the wisdom in doing that. I’ve been doing service work a good portion of my life, and so when I turned to writing full-time, part of my writing ventures naturally turned to discussing the quality of life and raising awareness about injustices.

Specifically about H.O.W……as the Presidential elections neared, the realization came to me that it made no difference who won the election; no sizable change was going to happen in this country. The poor were going to increase in numbers, rights will continue to seep away, and complacency will grow.

Since I was also raised to believe that one man can make a difference, I wondered how much of a difference many men and women could make, if they all wrote about the same subject. What if we all concentrated on one cause (H.O.W.); could we make it go viral, and by doing so could we actually bring about some sort of change?

It seemed like it was worth a try, and so I started it, and asked my writing friends to join me. The response has been heartwarming; whether there will be a quantitative result of this movement, only time will tell.

What beauty we see in a strong tree standing by itself in the sun.

What patience it takes to bring out the beauty in others.
What patience it takes to bring out the beauty in others. | Source

Q2 HOW parallels a great many religious goals. Do you intend for HOW to be aligned with any particular religion or spiritual path?

There is no doubt that H.O.W. parallels the teachings and goals of many of the religions. I think that is only natural, don’t you? Most religions are based on love, compassion, etc.

I was raised Catholic and taught in Catholic schools for a number of years. The basic tenets of Catholicism were bound to raise their heads eventually in my writings and philosophy.

To answer your question, though, no, this movement is not aligned, nor should it be aligned, with any religion. The whole point is one world….one human race….people coming together for a common purpose, to love one another and just get along.

When I meet someone on the street, my first thought is not what religion they belong to; my first thought is what kind of person they are. I am truly color blind, as I am religion blind and any other label you want to attach. I simply see a human being in front of me, and as a human being they deserve my respect, at least until they have proven, through their actions, that they have not earned my respect.

I want H.O.W. to be all-inclusive, and as such it cannot have any religious ties. J

It sounds like you are saying HOW is to be blind in judgment and yet all seeing in love. Do you have a goal of how large you want this movement?

Well, that is indeed what I am saying, although the realist in me screams when I say it. LOL A goal for how large? I never thought about it....let's just say global and whatever that entails. :)

Q3 Mechanically for the less than sophisticated, how does one “post” an article in HOW space?

I don't really need to attach this answer; it won't be that long.

There is a Facebook page where most writers post their H.O.W. articles. That page can be found here Once it appears there it goes automatically to the H.O.W. website. If one does not belong to Facebook, then it is best to send the article to me so I can get it posted on the website. I'm not sure there is anything more problematic about the process.

Q3 Followup Bill you are really doing this personally. Straight up - are you enjoying it or is it more a burden. I got to tell you I am enjoying it!

Is H.O.W. a burden? No way at all; I love helping people, and I'm on a personal crusade to make this world a better place. I won't go down in history books for this movement, but I'll know that I did what I could do and didn't stand on the sidelines talking about change and nothing else.

Q 4 What is this next step we are hearing about?

Well indeed, what is it?

We need to move to the regional and national level. How we do that is to come to the attention of news agencies and/or television shows, so that’s our next step.

Our whole thing is about raising awareness. We do not try to gather contributions to build schools in Africa. We do not try to adopt orphans in Thailand. We are simply trying to get our message out to the world, that we all need to come together as one race, under one flag, and end the insanity before the insanity ends us.

My concern is not that some mad man will get hold of a weapon of mass destruction and obliterate part of the world; my main concern is that we will lose our humanity and become just another species with no redeeming attributes.

It is time to move to the next level in this movement. We can grow slowly doing what we are doing, but I prefer to speed things up a bit using whatever media I can attract.

Q4 follow up

So it is not the building blocks you want to change but the hearts and minds of people?

Exactly! We need to start out focused on one goal. If the time comes when we think we need to branch off in other directions, fine; right now, I just want people thinking more in terms of kindness and compassion.

When I think of Bill I think of the mustard seed

One man, one seed can grow a mighty movement.
One man, one seed can grow a mighty movement. | Source

Q5 Just assume this movement goes viral, are you prepared to give up your day job and hire people just in order to handle the massive attention?

That would be quite a nice dilemma!

My day job is writing, and it’s my passion, so no, I would not be willing to give it up. This is what I do; I am a writer. I am a cheerleader. I am a rabble-rouser who shouts from soapboxes and stirs up the status quo.

I happen to think that society is in trouble and has lost its way, and I’m just trying to bring awareness to that fact. I am tired of the negativity in our world today, and I’m tired of the fear and distrust. I have a vision of a better society, and this is my way of bringing about change.

If this movement ever reaches the point that you suggested, then I’ll deal with it then. I have no trouble delegating responsibilities to those I trust, so that’s most likely what I would do; that will free me up to continue knocking over windmills.

Q6 Alright then. Now I get it. After watching all your videos and reading many of your hubs I can see that the H.O.W. movement is a logical extension of you. W

Eric, there was no one moment when something clicked. I have been doing service most of my life. I was raised to do service, and it helps that I believe it is vitally important.

We are not alone on this quest. We all need each other, and it is our responsibility, each of us, to do everything we can to help one another.

I started a reading program when I was in college for underprivileged kids. I joined VISTA when I was twenty because our President asked us all what we were going to do for our country. I became a teacher, and taught for eighteen years, because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids.

Now I do this! H.O.W. is a natural extension of my life, and if it wasn’t for H.O.W. I would do something else, but one way or another I would find a way to help mankind.

Sorry but that is the end for now.

If you want Bill and I to do more just let us know. An update might be cool. I had to leave this in the can until we saw momentum. An interview should just relate, not motivate. Or maybe not!

any errors herein are mine and mine alone. If you see something wrong it is my fault. If I violated anybody's anything I am responsible. If you do not like this hub, again my deal,,, let me know.

Bill Used To Teach These Kids

Leave It Alone

I says to myself, "redo this Dierker". Then I says to my own self "leave it the hell alone"

Somehow it may be just a bit of history. Maybe on my end a history that is in a shadow. The shadow of a "good" man. I would for ever stand tall in that shadow. By golly jingles under his tutelage I do stand taller.

Weekly now for about 6 years he has taught many of us well. I breathe a deep breath. Not to breathe out but to breathe in his remarkability. (I know that is not a word, but he taught me to bend the rules)

Probably A Favorite of Our Leader of Our Band


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