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Political solution? Why not try?

Updated on April 16, 2017
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Laura has an academic and personal interest in politics/ social issues. Her hubs are well researched and informative. Always entertaining.

Compromise is Key

separation is not a solution
separation is not a solution | Source

Polarized Agendas are never the Solution.

An endeavor to strive for bipartisan solutions is paramount if as a nation we wish to move forward into the future development of our country. Maybe this is the solution? It is no more or less ridiculous then many of the policies now governing us today. What if we as a nation try meeting in the middle. Unification seems to be a dirty wood in both parties.

It doesn't take a political genius to figure out many things are seriously wrong with our government. Working together as a unit accomplishes a high potential for victory in every battle America has ever fought. The adage: "United we stand, Divided we fall,” has never been truer. Americans working together historically is what has made us skilled leaders on the world stage. Do we jeopardize our future potential by continuing to build a house of cards destined to fall or do we combine our blue agendas and red agendas through non-partisanship and have the opportunity to achieve the governmental fix we so desperately need.

The Issues haven't changed.

a jumbled-up mix
a jumbled-up mix | Source

Nothing New.

These proclamations aren't new. What is happening today within our government coupled with civil unrest is history repeating itself. Similar to religious texts and, historical events political agendas can be twisted blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Senator Jim DeMint a representative for South Carolina and President of the Heritage Foundation while appearing on CNN had an eloquent argument against bipartisanship, When describing compromise between the parties.DeMint used terms such as “bipartisan cronyism,” and “lack of political purity.” I am not in agreement but I acknowledge the cronyism and a informed argument. Are we now a nation based on propaganda and greed not unity and informed choice?

Trump on Immigration

Learn About the Dangers of Hate Speech.

Anger Seems to be Increasing-

Continued governmental disdain is leading to apocalyptic theorists to take up power positions in our country. Total economic collapse leading to the need for every American to stock pile provisions, load-up and squat on federally owned property is now a norm. The standoff between ranchers in Oregon at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a perfect example. Hate-speech is prevalent in this election allowing many citizens to feed on their anger. Donald Trump has become the Poster-Boy for our discontent. A billionaire and reality show star is leading the polls. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

Even advertisers are jumping on the band-wagon. Every doomsayer has a DVD or commercial spot out currently detailing how citizens need to prepare for the upcoming civil uprising. We can cure our nation with survivalist solutions for only a minimum payment of $19.95. All avenues other than non-affiliation and compromise between the parties have been in the spot-light.

Poster Boy

Bipartisanship Anyone?

Do you believe more bipartisanship in government is good?

See results

Embrace your Power.

What then are the solutions? Civil uprising against a democratic process seems to be popular in the current election process. Unifying not abolishing our government seems a more logical move in the right direction. Before stock-piling bottled water and food and supporting hate speech the could we instead explore political agendas and seek out plausible compromise. Activism is something we have worked hard for. Freedoms we enjoy everyday are things many nations do not have as a privilege. If you want changes in government write about it, voice your opinions form a activist group based not on rage, write a letter to your state representatives and vote. Change does not come through passivity but action.

Change Comes Through Action

Do you want a better government? Then get up off the couch. Do something to bring about change. Let your opinions be known and your voice heard.

Satire can even be a start toward awareness.

crude but eye-catching
crude but eye-catching | Source

Things to Consider-

  • Come November paying attention to the media circus should not be part of your voting decision. Follow the GOP and Democratic Primaries and familiarize yourself with the candidates. Voting records are important also observation of the candidate’s track record while governing or representing their prospective States. An influx of “Political Outsiders,” running this year makes it harder to educate yourself but resources are available.
  • Many people born into poor or middle-class environments believe action coupled with unity speaks louder than empty words. The non-affiliated /independent vote does count. Yes the swing vote has its own merit and power. If more people would exercise this option in future elections the swing vote could perhaps turn into a major factor.
  • Educate yourself. Learn about the current mechanism of government. With knowledge comes power. You can help bring the three branches of government together to enact change.

Be an American Citizen-

Are you just part of the herd?
Are you just part of the herd? | Source

A Start.

Becoming a non-affiliated Independent voter is not going to change the problems our current government is in but it may be a start. In New Hampshire 44% of the voters are Independents these voters can have an impact. Voting under a party affiliation locks you into either a GOP or Democratic agenda. Allow yourself to explore all candidates then choose who you believe will be the best leadership. Young and first-time voters can pave the way. Young voters are going to be those that take government into the future. We all need to become more active in our government and avoid following a specific party blindly. Non-participation makes us part of the current situation. Choose to be citizens not sheep. The only disadvantage is that in some states you cannot vote in the primaries. Here is a list of those states:

-Arizona and California
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- District of Columbia
- Florida
- Kentucky
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- Nebraska
- New Jersey
- New Mexico
- New York
- North Carolina
- Oklahoma
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- Rhode Island
- South Dakota
- Utah
- West Virginia


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    • LauraD093 profile image

      Laura Tykarski 23 months ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I do as well...I'm in PA The circus this year forced me to choose a party but after the election back to Independent status. Thanks so much for reading my hub and commenting.

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 23 months ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      As a New York resident, I have to pick a party affiliation in order to vote in our primaries. I'm not particularly fond of being classified as a member of a certain party, but that is the way things are. In any event, people need to be proactive and, more importantly, they need to vote.