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Black Widow Murderer , Stacey Castor

Updated on October 11, 2010
Stacey Castor was convicted of poisoning her husband and the attempted murder of her daughter.
Stacey Castor was convicted of poisoning her husband and the attempted murder of her daughter.

Infamous Black Widow Murderer Stacey Castor

Stacey Castor is a former resident of Clay New York and a convicted black widow murderer. In 2007 she was charged with second degree murder , attempted second degree murder , and offering a false instrument in the first degree.

She was charged with intentionally poisoning her husband David Castor with antifreeze in 2005 and attempting to poison her daughter Ashley Wallace with a toxic cocktail made of crushed pills , vodka , orange juice and sprite. In addition she is suspected of murdering her first husband Michael Wallace and he is buried beside husband David Castor.

It was on April 24th 2009 that an ABC 20/20 story aired about the Stacey Castor case and it was not long before the media started calling her a black widow murderer.

Stacey Castor had met and married first husband Michael Wallace when she was only 17. However after the birth of two daughters the couple grew apart and their was rumors that both were having affairs.

It was in late 1999 that Michael Wallace began to be ill from time to time. His family later said that he could not keep anything down on his stomach and that he acted unsteady on his feet , coughed all the time , and appeared swollen. His family encouraged him to seek medical attention but he remained ill through Christmas of 1999 and he died in early 2000 before he could get medical help.

Doctors told Stacey that her estranged husband Michael Wallace had died of a heart attack and even though his sister did not believe the heart attack story Stacey kept an autopsy from happening and said she believed the doctors were right about the heart attack.

Stacey Castor The Black Widow Murderer

it was in 2003 that Stacey married David Castor. In 2005 Stacey Castor called her local Sheriffs Department and told them that her husband David Castor had locked himself in the bedroom and he would not open the bedroom door or answer his cell phone.

She told the 911 operator that her husband was depressed and that he and she had an argument and David Castor had locked himself in the couples bedroom. She said he had been locked in the bedroom for 24 hours and she could not get him to answer the door or come out of the bedroom.

When the Police from the Onondaga Sheriffs Department arrived they could not get David Castor to come to the door so they kicked it open and found David Castor laying there dead. Near his body was a half glass full of antifreeze and a container of antifreeze.

The County Coroners report said that David Castor had committed suicide but there was a tip called into the police that Stacey Castor had killed David Castor and during an investigation and search of the home a turkey baster with David Castor's DNA on the end of it was found and the turkey baster had been filled with antifreeze. Stacey's fingerprints were found on the glass of antifreeze and on the turkey baster and the theory was developed that when David Castor had got so weak Stacey had used the turkey baster to force feed the antifreeze to David.

The Sheriffs Department investigators suspected Stacey in the murder of her other husband Michael Wallace and so they had his body exhumed and sure enough Michael Wallace had also died of antifreeze poisoning.

In September 2007 after discovering that police had exhumed her first husband Michael Wallace and found antifreeze in his body that she attempted to set up her daughter Ashley to take the fall for the murders of Michael Wallace and David Castor. She got her daughter drunk on vodka and prescription pain pills and typed out a suicide note confessing to the murders and left her daughter to die. Stacey left but seventeen hours later Ashley's younger sister came in and found her sister Ashley in a coma. She called 911 and police and an ambulance were sent.

When Ashley woke up she was questioned about her suicide note and she told police she did not write the note. She said the last thing she remembered was her mother making her one vodka drink after another and police found a glass under the couch where Ashley had been laying with remains of crushed pain pills and vodka in it. And once again Stacey Castor's fingerprints were found on the glass. It was at once evident to police investigators that Stacey had attempted to murder her daughter and frame her for the murders she had committed.

In 2007 Stacey Castor was arrested for the attempted murder of her daughter and the murder of husband David Castor. She was also charged with writing the suicide note that Ashley had supposedly had written. 

On February 5th 2009 Stacey Castor was found guilty of all three charges including the murder of her husband David Castor , the attempted murder of her daughter Ashley and for writing the suicide note.

A full court room watched as the verdicts were read but Stacey Castor sat there with her eyes closed. The Judge sentenced Stacey to one 25 year sentence for the murder of David Castor and another 25 year sentence for the attempted murder of her daughter Ashley. The way the judge sentenced her she will have to serve 51 and 1/2 years behind bars before she will be eligible for parole.

And so far Stacey Castor has never been charged with the murder of Michael Wallace. It is not clear if she ever will be.

What do you think of black widow murderers like Stacey Castor? What kind of sentence do you think she should have received? Post your comments below now.

(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost.
(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost. | Source

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