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Bob's Bulletin: Issue 2, December

Updated on April 21, 2015

Where's Pippa's Prince??

Bob’s Bulletin: 2nd. Issue, Dec

*Pippa Middleton. *Europe *The Strike

*Clarkson *Robots

Pip, or pip pip, unless it applies to the seed of a citrus fruit, (pitt in American English), is an uppah-clawse exclamation for the British. It is used as goodbye “Toodle-pip, old chap,”

Therefore, Pippa, normally a diminutive of Philippa, is a name for those of breeding in most cases…and few other girls would wish for a name so unattractive.

It is doubly difficult to bear this honorific if your name happens to be Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate, the royal bride.

I saw Pippa at the ATP Tennis Finals at the o2 arena on Sunday, Nov 27. She had (of course) a front-row seat and her whole expression reflected the overweening responsibility and status of just being her! I mean, she has no suitor of note, never mind a prince. It was thought that Willy’s brother, Prince Harry, might have had a swing at her, and well he might during the wedding reception and the high jinks. But, despite her jutting derriere - or after a surfeit of it - Harry headed off with his mates and left Pippa somewhere back with the royal femmes carrying out her bridesmaid duties.

Since that day, her name has been mentioned as being coupled with several of London’s gay bachelors (gay as the word was originally intended), her obvious attributes are regularly touted in the society pages and most expect her to snare some man of note (read feelthy rich).

She is hardly of blue blood herself as her parents were airline personnel, although there are some famous faces in her lineage and she had a good education. She is 28, Kate is a couple of years older, so she has plenty of time. Her bonafides are impeccable now.

Her aforementioned face was taking on something of a rictus, or so it appeared at the O2 Stadium. She favored Fedderer over Tsonga and applauded every effort he made. But her mind was perhaps elsewhere; maybe with Harry as he caroused with his army mates and then the girls of the night in Annabelle’s; or mentally scanning the eligible bachelor’s list.

Poor old Pippa Middleton, her sister got the crown-jewels and will one day be queen of England; poor old Pippa, she was really pipped at the post; whomever she snares, he will be a bauble made of paste after her sister‘s glorious conquest.

Europe. What a week we are having here with our French and German cohorts. They are making it plain that things haven’t changed between us and they hate us with the ease they have always displayed (and vice versa). They are royally pissed because we, by accident, made the right choice in not joining the Euro. Regardless, the Franco/Deutsch strongmen (and woman) want us to pay to help bail out the Euro (read, the banks again). They are muttering about “nosey little neighbors who have more problems than they do telling them how to run their own affairs“). I could have told them the EEC would never work; it’s like putting about 15 dogs of mean dispositions in a cage and leaving them to their own devices. But now, like a mating dog, we have got in and we can’t pull out!

The “General” Strike. Our much anticipated strike came and went without much disturbance. The government is crying poormouth again (read it needs to save a few bucks to invade Iran), and the teachers are complaining because, as was forecast years ago, no one can pay for their high pensions and bennies. No one can get on its high horse better than a high school teacher, “We are seen but not of it!” Guys, this won’t get you there, you need to shoot a few kids and get noticed!

Jeremy Clarkson exhibited the same kind of sick humor when asked by the BBC to stimulate the viewing audience for his crummy show, “Top Gear” again, which he did by suggesting on prime time that the “strikers be taken outside and shot in front of their families.” The usually idiots who like to protest at buffoonery like this fired off a salvo of complaints and the unions are talking to their lawyers; meanwhile, Clarkson and his two stooges jetted off the Beijing to flog Aston Martins to the Chinks, and he issued a half-hearted, insincere apology. Job done, BBC.

Robots Haven’t Evolved Much. At least, not in Europe. I was watching their show on TV this morning. They can still only perform rudimentary tasks like taking a rubber ball from your hand or moving around to your facial expressions. Pah! When will they have one capable of bringing a bloke to climax? I could use a robot like that while I’m watching The women have all the fun; shops full of devices for them. Perhaps they have them in China which is why they insisted in exterminating rhinoceroses in their search for powdered horn for their flaccid little dickies.

And I don’t care if Google adds ads or not, it’s only them who loose!


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      lost my rating as the editors here said that my hubs were to personal - but I just read two that talked of the horrors of having aids from a personal viewpoint - so England, EU are not the only ones in trouble.


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      It is a shame again principles will be forsaken for money. TV and the press should set an example.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      It's all a storm in a teacup Hanna...and Clarkson has far too much money to get thrown out of anywhere, (he's worth close to a billion!). He's a weak bloke constantly attention getting, I feel sorry for him Bob

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      That Clarkson should be thrown out. When the sport presenter made off the programme sexy remarks they thrown out. I personally this his is far worse. Same as Blatter should be thrown out. The things he got away with.

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      LOL to both of you. bread and cheese will do, but only if it's cut. My day is now made....tomorrow may be a challenge, but today is made and I can do one day at a time. Thanks.

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hi Kim. Read Writer on line's comment (above) it will make your day...Bob

      PS No cake...bread and cheese??

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hilarious WOL! I'm still chuckling, talk about too much information gagging the source. Bless ya Bob

    • profile image

      writeronline 6 years ago

      Go Bob! All the key bases covered; sex, money, politics. All from a sensible real-world perspective. You realise you will be banned.. Pity, I'm starting to anticipate the Bulletin.

      Meantime, here's a little story I know you'll like, because it traverses those issues journos love; famous people, philosophical leadings, moral uncertainty, rumour and inuendo. However, this one is set in Ancient Greece, so more allegorical than actionable..


      To Bear In Mind When Repeating Rumours.

      In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom.

      One day an acquaintance ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about Diogenes?"

      "Wait a moment," Socrates replied, "Before you tell me I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."

      'Triple filter?" asked the acquaintance.

      "That's right," Socrates continued, "Before you talk to me about Diogenes let's take a moment to filter what you're going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

      "No," the man said, "Actually I just heard about it."

      "All right," said Socrates, "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about Diogenes something good?"

      "No, on the contrary..."

      "So," Socrates continued, "You want to tell me something about Diogenes that may be bad, even though you're not certain it's true?"

      The man shrugged, a little embarrassed. Socrates continued, "You may still pass the test though, because there is a third filter, the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about Diogenes going to be useful to me?"

      "No, not really."

      "Well," concluded Socrates, "If what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even useful, why tell it to me or anyone at all?"

      The man was bewildered and ashamed. This is an example of why Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem……

      …….It also explains why Socrates never found out that Diogenes was shagging his wife.

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      Yikes Bob. I just had the worst day ever. It sounds like it's that bad everywhere. Got cake?

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hi Dusty and Bobbi.

      I'm not really into HP at the moment, just marking time. Thanks for your visit. Actually, when we write about any set of events, they are mirrored across the pond and all over Europe. We're all mired in banker doo-doo...Bob

    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

      We have a GOP President (Rick Perry) wannabe, who has no idea what America's voting age is. Wow! Could anyone Not want a President That out of touch? Great hub about antics elsewhere.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Bob, a great article on your social classes and their antics only obamer can beat, voted up, Dusty


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