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Bogus Fundraising Organization

Updated on May 23, 2011

Are you kidding me??

Opinions are like ______.  Well, I have one.  This hub is purely about my 2 cents.  Loose change is welcome in the comment sections.  

The Celebrity and Sports Entertainment world does not entice or bother me.  The skewed perspective that society has been groomed to accept about the Entertainment world, does not bother me.  Everyone wants to be entertained and so it is a widely accepted custom to pay someone outlandish amounts of money to work out, play a sport, make a movie, etc.  I am o.k. with all of that.  There are opportunity costs to getting mixed up in the entertainment world and nothing lasts forever.  So I am not convinced that the people in front of the lights are without their problems.

My husband likes to watch ESPN while working out at the gym or here at home.  I am a curious wife, so when something is interesting, he will share it with me even though I am not what you would call a 'sports wife'.  Last week, he comes home with news of a foundation that raises funds for players who suffer a career altering injury.  I am sorry, I had to burst out in exaggerated laughter.  Really?  Honestly, someone thought of all the needs in the world that can use charitable funds, and an injured player was what they came up with?  Meanwhile, he is telling me this while ESPN is on (different day) and I am listening to a very young cocky male, toot his own horn, making statements about how he is going to carry the team to the championship if he is recruited and he is the one ingredient that has been missing from that team.  I listened to these comments and told my husband that this guy was the reason that I never dated sales people or jocks.  I couldn't deal with a night listening to this amount of useless crap from a guy that puffs his chest out so much he becomes the envy of the worlds large bra wearing community.  The reason, this young athlete, full of testosterone and self adoration, was boasting was to earn a multi-million dollar contract with a multi-million dollar sign on bonus right out of college.

So, this guy makes more than most neighborhoods put together and you would like to ask the people who save up money to watch him play to pay for his future injury too?  I understand that he will no longer be able to make money or renew contracts, but the sign on bonus alone is more money than most of the country will have seen in their entire lives!  That some players get drunk, cheat on their wives, get involved in public altercations or drugs.  None of that really bothers me.  You have an amazing opportunity and talent, if you give it up because you are stupid, I am ok with that.  It is not ok, however, to ask anyone for financial help because you mismanaged funds, overspent, or did not think about saving for your own future.  Honestly, how could you not know that you may get injured?

What is next, an organization that helps ex-celebrities in need.  The Lindsey Lohan foundation or the Whitney Houston Fund.  I loved their work, don't get me wrong, but that does not merit a foundation.  I guess the people at St. Jude Hospital and other reputable fund based organizations should just go into sports and wait until they get injured so they can qualify for the fundraiser.

Do not misinterpret my message.  These players put everything they have into the sport.  The companies that make money off of these players can and should sponsor programs to help those extreme cases of sports related injury.  A player should be able to live in a normal community, in a normal house, with all normal needs met including health care and if they are not able to, for no other reason except their medical issue, than they should be supported by the very people who benefitted financially when these players were at their peak.  This means that they loose the mansion and the glitz but they are not in need.  This is not something that is paid for by the fans.

How do you feel about it?

Many Blessings!


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