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Boris' Address to The Nation.

Updated on May 9, 2020

There have been calls from people like Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, for an exit strategy, out of the current, COVID-19, UK, breakout. A total exit strategy, would-be risky, to say the least.

The prospect of a second wave is causing much concern, as Japan, recently found out, when lifting lockdown too early. Although a lot of research is being done, into finding a vaccine for the virus, and its DNA, has been sequenced, there are still many scientists, who don't know, about COVID's activities. Viruses are known to mutate and why would the coronavirus be any different?

Speculation has run wild in media circles, as to what will be in Boris' address to the nation, tomorrow, regarding the partial lifting of lockdown. Cabinet Minister, Brandon Lewis, when speaking to Sky, said people shouldn't be carried away, with any hope, of a total lifting, of the lockdown.

Groups such as Males, Blacks, Asians, the Elderly, those with underlying illnesses, have all fell victim, in what can only be, described, as a plague. 30,000 and counting have died, in the UK, in various settings. Although the virus, appears to have been checked, thanks to things like social distancing, the menace remains.

Some see the partial easing of restrictions, coming into force, from, this Monday, coming. Some industries have carried on working through this outbreak, namely, farming, some retail outlets, such as supermarkets and construction.

It is widely known, that Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, wants to gradually wind down the furloughing scheme. He has stated that the funding of furloughing, is costing as much as 6 billion, and in the long run, is unsustainable. Currently, there are in the region, of 6 million workers, who have been assigned, to the job retention scheme (furloughing), by their employers. The scheme is to be reviewed and possibly, extended, in the end, of June.

Boris has stated that he wants workers to return to their place of work, so they can feel, worth, something, as they can, (his words not mine), "earn their pay packets". Pay packet is such a redundant way of describing, how, most workers, are paid, today.

Offices, cafes, pubs, restaurants and any industry, where people mix closely, will have to observe, the 2-metre, rule. There will have to be clear, defined, rules of engagement in these industries, such as markers on the floor, to tell workers, how close to get, to one, another.

Boris said, on the subject of face coverings, that asking people to wear masks, would make people feel safer, returning to work. For those, dependant, on public transport, the wearing of masks, it appears, will be encouraged by the government.

During the daily press briefings from 10 Downing Street, reporters have tried, to get ministers, to let slip, about what Boris will say tomorrow, but mostly, the ministers have remained tight-lipped.

Employers and trade union, plus other interested or associated parties, have been given copies, of the partial lifting of lockdown. This should be made known in Boris' speech, (to the rest of us), on Sunday.

When history looks back at this critical juncture, in our history, what will future historians say? Could the government have acted earlier? For example, the Boris administration knew this was coming in December because they were warned. Whatever administration, would have been in power, mistakes as well as good things, would have come about.

Let us hope, that when, Boris, does announce (as he surely will) the partial lifting of the lockdown, they know what they are doing, for all of our sakes.


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