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Boris Asks for Division Over Brexit to End.

Updated on January 23, 2020

UK Prime Minister: Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is hoping now his bill to leave the EU, by 31st January will encounter no more problems. Also, he has announced that once the UK is out of the European Union, that 'rancour and division', will be, left behind.

Rancour and division there certainly has been, between those who wanted to stay in the EU and those who wanted to leave. The Brexit debate has been the most divisive schism to hit the UK, for many a while. Friends, families, neighbours, etc have been at each other's throats over this.

But, with Boris getting a massive majority, at last years general election, Boris's plan to leave the EU is done and dusted. Boris's withdrawal bill passed the vote in parliament and now it is set to get Royal Assent and become law.

However, the EU still has to ratify the bill, a day before the UK leaves the EU. There will then follow an 11 month transition period. Boris will not ask for a longer period, he expects everything will flow as it should.

Boris has indicated that at times, it felt like, the UK would never leave the EU. But now, it seems Boris once the UK has left the EU, is free to get on with what his Conservative majority wants to do with the country. His government will be looking to do trade deals with the US, Australia, China, etc and indeed the European Union.

Midlands and northern voters who voted en mass for Boris will have to re-pay their loyalty. Areas of the midlands and north of England, which had been Labour, for generations, turned their back on Mr Corbyn and Labour. Many were leaver voters who wanted Brexit done, and so voted for Boris and his leave dominated party.

Once Brexit is done, those who lent their vote to Boris will expect to see improvements in their lives and their communities.

Boris has five years to get improvements done in the lives of the people who voted for him.

Will Boris for example, end zero-hours contracts? Will, he scrap or improve the flagship benefit of the Tories, Universal Credit?.

Boris has a unique chance to improve the country and those who are suffering the most. If he reneges or doesn't deliver on his promises, then the voters will desert him in their droves.

Labour suffered its worst defeat at the 2019 general election since 1935. Labour has been asking questions internally where it went wrong? As this process continues, the party is currently in the process of holding a leadership contest.

One candidate appears to be ahead of the others, Keir Starmer, a former barrister and the current Shadow Brexit Secretary. Lisa Nandy, Emily Thornberry are two female candidates in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

So Boris, deliver for the nation and the poorest in our communities, or voters will desert you and Labour will be back.

Two Labour Leadership Candidates Who May be Facing Boris in Parliament.

Labour leadership and Corbynista:  Rebecca Long-Bailey.
Labour leadership and Corbynista: Rebecca Long-Bailey.
Favourite among the bookies to win the Labour leadership election:  Keir Starmer.
Favourite among the bookies to win the Labour leadership election: Keir Starmer.

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