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Boris: Revelling in Brexit Day.

Updated on January 27, 2020

British PM: Boris Johnson.

Four years ago people voted 52 - 48 to leave the EU, since there has been delays, shenanigans, etc, but now the day is fast approaching when we leave the EU. We have had Theresa May and her doomed Brexit deal, but Boris took over, developed his own Brexit deal. He won the general election in December and now his Brexit bill has been passed in parliament. The Queen gave it royal assent and the EU are expected to approve it (if they have not already!).

So Brexit Day, to leavers (like Nigel Farage) it is independence day, will be this Friday, 31 January. The day when the United Kingdom will leave perhaps forever, the European Union.

Brexit has divided the nation like no other for generations. The ramifications will not disappear overnight, remainers cannot stop Brexit now, but their ire may continue. Leavers will be in party mode when Friday comes round, no doubt there are events planned.

Boris wants the UK, whichever way people voted, to move on. Optimistically Boris has declared that the UK will be a global country and a trailblazer in the world. Certainly, the US has said a trade deal between the UK and itself, is certainly doable.

Boris went on that, the UK leaving the European Union, will be an important day in British history.

Not everyone, however, is happy with Boris' assertions. One leading Tory Grandee, one Michael Heseltine, has commented about Boris and Brexit. The language Boris has used to describe the UK leaving the EU, according to Mr Heseltine, is rubbing remainers nose in it. In other words, perhaps gloating that the UK is leaving the EU, humiliating remainers in the process.

Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the Lib-Dems, has also attacked Boris' language. Ian Blackford of the SNP has also spoken out against Boris' seemingly triumphant language over the UK departing the EU.

Big Ben is supposed to bong on 31 January, when we leave the EU, whether it will is another thing. Also, Nigel Farage is supposed to be holding a Brexit leave party in Hyde Park.

Will leaving the EU, for Britain, be a good thing? Those who support Brexit will undoubtedly say "Yes, of course". They will have their various polls and forecasts as evidence of this. Those against will produce facts and figures to the contrary, all of this is to be expected.

So, the good ship 'Britannia' weighs its anchor, from the EU port and will sail into the unknown. What happens after Friday 31 January to the UK, will certainly be a journey into the unknown, for better or worse.

Nigel Farage:  Possible party in the park over Brexit.
Nigel Farage: Possible party in the park over Brexit.
Big Ben:  Supposed to bong on Brexit day.
Big Ben: Supposed to bong on Brexit day.

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