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Boris: Speaks to Trump.

Updated on April 22, 2020

Dominic Raab has been running the show at No 10 since Boris was taken ill with COVID-19. Boris spent 7 nights in the NHS hospital 'St Thomas' and is now recovering at his Prime Ministerial retreat.

Although officially not doing government work, it is reported that Boris has contacted Trump and other world leaders. Boris and Trump have discussed making a joint effort in tackling the global pandemic of COVID-19. A trade deal, with the agreement of both nations, was also discussed.

Boris is also due to speak to the Queen, later this week. The Queen usually has a face to face meeting with the relevant Prime Minister of the day. On this occasion, the meeting will be by telephone because of COVID-19.

Other details of the Trump-Johnson conversation was that Boris thanked Donald for his "get well" wishes.

Boris though officially not doing government work yet, is being kept abreast of political goings-on.

Before getting ill, Boris was chairing the daily press conferences from Downing Street. Boris was stood at the centre podium flanked by medical experts on COVID-19. Now until Boris is well enough to attend the press briefings again, other government ministers have been covering for Boris.

We have seen a number of cabinet ministers taking the helm of the daily press briefings. Obviously, Dominic Raab, who has been, as reported earlier, Acting Prime Minister, has been holding court at 10 Downing Street daily press briefings.

Other ministers chairing the press briefings have been the 37-year-old, new boy on the block, Rishi Sunak. Sunak is the rising star of Boris' cabinet and was promoted by Boris to Chancellor after the departure of Sajid Javid. Some see Sunak who opened up an emergency budget for furloughed workers, the self-employed and companies, as a future leader and probably a future Prime Minister. One of Sunak's biggest mistakes though was rejecting UBI or Universal Basic Income. Other ministers chairing the briefings have been Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Home Secretary Priti Patel.

The press briefings are the same old daily routine of reporters from various media questioning the minister present and the two medical people flanking the minister. These reporters are not present in the room they are often working from home via Zoom or some other internet screen communication. Robert Peston from ITV questioned the three people assembled when someone came into the room, he was working from. Whether this gaff was meant to happen is best known to Peston himself.

So today at 5, a government minister will take the press briefing along with two other people from the medical world, as usual.

Meanwhile according to the latest information from Health Minister Matt Hancock,, we may be passing through the peak of COVID-19.


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