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Boris: The Partying Is Over!

Updated on February 3, 2020

My generation has grown up with the European Union, we have never known a UK without being in the EU. All of sudden, we are no longer a member of this bloc, and obviously, leavers felt jubilant, whereas, the reverse is true for the remainers.

I was a reluctant leaver, I went into the ballot box in 2016, not knowing what I was really doing, I voted to leave, once I put my x in the box to leave, that was it, there was no going back. We have all experienced days or times when seemingly we were doing something but cannot remember what we did, why we did it or how we got there in the first place. But what I voted for, is done, 2016 is gone, now its 2020 and the UK, whether we like it or not, has officially left the EU.

The clown at No 10, Boris Johnson, known as the Prime Minister, implored the nation to come together, on Brexit day, this Friday gone. After this, so it is reported on Sky News, Boris then toddled off to No 10, to enjoy a party and a few glasses of wine (perhaps - hopefully a glass of English wine?).

The partying is now over, no longer can we blame the EU (neither can Boris) for all of our ills, in the nation. 52% per cent of the nation wanted the freedom to make our own policies (this was replicated in last years general election which gave Boris a thumping majority) so now, for better or worse, we have that destiny in our own hands. After 47 years of being in the European Union, we are once again a nation on our own, with all that that, entails.

Boris, with an 80 seat majority in parliament will be in power (presumably) for 5 years. In that time, Boris has the power to shape and change, our nation no Prime Minister has had in a long time. This gives Boris the chance to change things for the better, especially those voters from the North and Midlands, who lent him their vote and returned Tory MPs, in constituencies that had been Labour for generations. Boris has actually said he wants to "level up" the nation, in other words, bring improvements and prosperity to those parts of our country that have been forgotten.

The hapless Theresa May promised to help the forgotten, but didn't have the numbers, forgot it or didn't care anyway. Boris will probably rise like a phoenix over the 5 years of his premiership or sink like the Titanic, on his promises, to the nation. At the end of the day, all eyes are on Boris, in what he says and deliver for the nation. His successes or lack of, will be judged at the ballot box, in any future elections and ultimately at the next general election. In that time, Labour, who will presumably still be the biggest opposition party, will have got its act together, so Boris, you are on notice!

Meanwhile, it appears the EU negotiating team is squaring up to the UK's negotiating team, in hammering out a trade deal. Also, though we have officially left the EU, we are for 11 months still under Brussels laws and regulations. In that time the UK and EU will also be negotiating the uncoupling of the UK from the EU bloc.

So if you thought the UK merely leaving the EU, on 31st January, was the end then this is clearly not the case. There will be further developments, shocks and surprises along the way no doubt, in the future relationship between the EU, UK and indeed, the rest of the world.

Better or Worse Off?

According to some economists in 2016, if the UK left the EU, we would be worse off per capita. Apparently so they said, the UK's trading with other nations, would be more empowered as part of the EU and we would suffer economically as a nation standing alone, outside the EU.

Being a member of the European Union apparently makes the UK more attractive to trade with to other nations, being together (with 27 other European nations). It enhances our standing in the world as a group of nations together, not on our own.

That said, it could be argued that the above is just speculation by people who are at heart remainers. So they would produce figures to show the UK would be worse off economically speaking outside of the EU. Or they may have been genuinely concerned, with real fears. However, predictions and speculations produced on supposed or real evidence, do not always come, true, ask Nostradamus about that, (if he were still here!).

Many say usually on the leaver side, say such talk is talking the UK down, but then, again, some would say they would say that anyway. But perhaps they have a point, the UK leaving the EU, maybe the best thing since sliced bread.

Five years from now, come to the next general election, the UK may be that incredible trading nation with a buoyant economy. On the other hand we may not,, only time and those making policy, will tell.


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