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Bought Any Guns Lately?

Updated on December 28, 2012

Another Out of Control Government Agency?

Right now our Constitutional Rights are under the boot of our own government. We really don't have too many rights left as the rights we supposedly have as Americans citizens are subject to the whims and arbitrary decrees of government. If you live in the Midwest, the Southeast or Northeastern states, you probably are off the hook, for now anyway. But...if you are a gun owner who resides in any border state with Mexico, guess who may come calling? The BATF may show up at your door and demand to see your guns and check the serial numbers on your guns. How's that for violating your privacy and gun rights?

It seems someone or some group within our government feel they have the authority to do this as Mexico's drug war and violence gives the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms the supreme mandate to confirm your guns are actually physically in your home and in your immediate possession.

Every American gun owner has to remember government registration of gun purchases started in earnest in 1998 when the National Instant Check System(NICS)became Federal law. Since then, all citizens who purchase firearms from an FFL or Federal Firearm Licensed dealer/retailer have had to fill out a Form 4473 and then the FFL calls it in to the FBI in West Virginia for an instant background check. This quick govenment check is supposed to not be construed as any form of government gun registration. But.. the Form 4473 is never destroyed and remains a permanent government record forever of every single firearm FFL transaction. So, how is that not Nazi style government registration of citizen owned firearms?

Well, since the government says the NICS is absolutely not gun registration, then you should believe that and accept that our government is not in the business of telling lies over and over to American citizens. On the other hand, our government is now in the business of taking orders from a corrupt foreign country at the expense of our unalienable rights guaranteed in writing by our Constitution.. It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

With that in mind, it is easy to connect the dots and see how an anti-Second Ammendment Administration can use the hard copy Federal Form 4473's to have BATF agents intimidate millions of American gun owners and collectors. If you sold one of your guns to a private party or bought one of your guns from a private party, then what do you do when and if the BATF come calling? You may be in deep excrement if some of your guns are gone or you have new guns that don't correspond to the BATF Form 4473's that the agents will have when they accidentally show up at your door.

What if the BATF Agents find guns that you own which don't have serial numbers? That is a very good possibility as many American manufactured guns produced before the 1968 Gun Control Act do not have serial numbers., the citizen have done nothing wrong under current Federal Law. Now, because of these expanded BATF abuses, the NRA is presently suggesting that one should hire a competent attorney, familiar with gun laws, if something like this happens to you at your residence. How many citizen gun owners and collectors have deep enough pockets keep one or more of these attorneys on retainer?

The BATF, just like many other government agencies has for some time labeled all of us as criminals unless we can prove otherwise. So, just as in Nazi Germany and in the old Soviet Union, the average person is considered guilty until he or she can hopefully prove themselves innocent. How is any of this Constitutional in any way, shape or form? Again, read the government's lips..."There is nothing to be afraid of if you have nothing to hide and we, the BATF have the corresponding paperwork to back you up because what we are doing is actually protecting your rights. It's so simple that anyone can follow the rules. Again, we are here to help you."

How simple and easy to understand is that? We, the People have nothing to fear from our warm and fuzzy government. Didn't a past US President say we have nothing to fear from government, except nasty old fear itself?

I and anyone with half a brain know that the nice BATF Agents are really paying friendly visits to the homes of American gun owners to help win the war on drugs, but this time, it's in Mexico. This new BATF mission is simple: They only want to take away our guns that most of us are going to be shipping to the Mexican drug cartels in Mexico...Well, duh! And, I'm also prepared for other contingencies. They might be looking for my moonshine still and my untaxed tobacco plants, not to mention my explosive 4th of July fireworks. Their acronym keeps growing in length and scope as this seriously out of control Federal Agency has recently been upgraded. It's now formally known as the BATFE or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and....Explosives!

Over 65 years ago, during the Great Depression, this agency was part of the IRS, hence the term "Revenuers". These Revenuers came for untaxed moonshine and home grown untaxed tobacco. But now with this Explosives thing, I am certainly getting rid of my firecrackers and party snaps.'s a done deal as I will be drinking up my untaxed moonshine which I distilled in the old radiator hidden in my backyard here in Minnesota. By the way, if you didn't already know, Minnesota is fast gaining on the traditional moonshine state's reputations, due in no small part, to those two infamous lawbreaking Minnesota bootleggers, Sven and Ole, who always seem to be one step ahead of the nasty "Revenuers", the BATFE. Unfortunately, I am not as crafty or as slippery as those two Minnesotans.

That's the end of this lesson in American Civics 101 for now.'s too damn bad this is reality. What you had previously learned in High School Civics class is not reality. Sven and Ole know that and now you do, too.


BATFE...We're Here to Help You Out Of Your Guns, Perhaps

Obey The Rules That The BATFE Can Change On The Fly...


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