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Bowe Bergdahl, An Army Deserter/Traitor Walks Free….

Updated on November 3, 2017

Bowe Bergdahl, President Obama, Susan Rice, Rose Garden, Taliban, Afghan Theatre, Army, Justice, Tap, Tap, Traitor, deserter, Leavenworth, Dishonarable Discharg

Bowe Bergdahl, An Army Deserter/Traitor Walks Free….

Today, a Military judge saw fit to let Bowe Bergdahl free, an Army deserter/traitor who abandoned his Army post in the volatile Afghan theatre, taking refuge with the enemy, the Taliban. We are told by Mr. Bergdahl’s lawyers that he suffered PTSD and was abused when he was a young man, which, I suppose, made his desertion and traitorous betrayal ok. What makes this specious verdict today so grating is the fact that there are fellow soldiers, from Mr. Bergdahl’s unit, who were hurt in the Afghan war theatre, for trying to rescue him. One particular soldier was shot in the head and now he cannot walk or speak and is confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life -- to that military judge, such Solomonic wisdom you displayed today in letting Mr. Bergdahl go free… dripping sarcasm intended!

It was years ago, when President Obama traded five terrorists -- who were being held at Gitmo -- for Mr. Bergdahl’s freedom. From any objective vantage point, we know that most of these terrorists who were exchanged for Mr. Bergdahl will be earning or have earned their Recidivists' stripes because, more than likely, they have gone back to their murderous, Jihadist ways of killing and maiming innocents… and I know that those who are going to be killed or have been killed in the interim, by these terrorists, that these victims’ blood will be on Mr. Bergdahl. President Obama must also be held responsible too because he allowed Mr. Bergdahl’s parents to be paraded from the Rose Garden , and moreover, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was permitted to make the rounds on the morning shows… parroting the lie that Bergdahl was a ‘hero’ and not the Deserter he was. Incidentally, Mr. Bergdahl’s lawyers said today that they are appealing part of the verdict that recommended a Dishonorable Discharge because they say that it would prevent their client from finding gainful employment.

There are Army brothers and sisters serving time in Leavenworth for selling drugs or for engaging in proscribed behavior far less egregious than what Bowe Bergdahl, a traitor who walked free today, for abandoning his post and taking traitorous refuge with the Taliban. These men and women will serve their time -- but Bergdahl will become the darling of many on the Left (Democrats); and while Mr. Bergdahl is giving his copious interviews in the biased precincts of the Liberal Media and living off the largess of the his pending book, I will be reflecting on a time in our storied History when 'justice' for traitors like Bowe Bergdahl would have been had summarily… with the last thing he hears is the familiar tap, tap! I have included Kid Rock’s -- Born Free -- to help flesh out the themes of this blog… drill down into the hyperlink to follow and enjoy.



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