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Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Movement Aligns with Islamic Terror

Updated on January 5, 2016

BDS and Terror

"Boycott , Divestment and Sanctions" (BDS), a socio-economic movement, was co-founded by Qatari born, Omar Barghouti. Barghouti, who grew up in Egypt and later moved to Israel, has reaped all the benefits Israel provides its citizens, whether Muslim, Christian, Arab, Druze or Jew.

BDS is a political-warfare campaign conducted by rejectionist Palestinian groups in cooperation with radical left-wing groups in the West. BDS leaders and organizations are linked to the Palestinian Authority leadership, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and other terror-supporting organizations.

BDS does not officially enlist terrorism in its charter but aims to hit Israel in the wallet through "retail Jihad". Barghouti is quoted as saying "armed resistance is considered one of the most important forms of direct resistance against military occupation during revolutionary periods. In principle, this is a legitimate option according to international norms, but must be executed responsibly. It must also be subject to international law and ethical principles, and object to deliberate harm to innocents." Despite these statements, the BDS Movement recently published a notice explicitly expressing support for the “Palestinian Intifada", organizing a campaign for solidarity with the uprising.

While BDS members deny terror ties, when a group calls for violence against civilians, hiding behind a political propagandist movement, it is blatant terrorism. BDS in alignment with Hamas, hopes to force Israel to surrender and accept the demands of Hamas. However Hamas' goal is not about putting an end to Israeli "occupation," but rather about ending the existence of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state. Hamas feels that mere sanctions are not enough and needs BDS supporters to rise up to help achieve its goal of eliminating Israel, since Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even Syria have turned their backs on Hamas.

BDS boycott campaigns have effectively misled trade unions, academic institutions and international artists, most notably Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, who is as anti-Semitic as he is anti-Zionist. He and other BDS supporters have been led to believe that the combined pressure of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions will force Israel to withdraw to the 1967 Green Line, enabling a resolution of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The BDS movement however, seeks to eliminate Israel even before addressing the Palestinian issue.

Overall, the BDS campaign is contrary to the search for peace, since it represents a form of misguided economic warfare. It is directly in opposition to decades of agreements between Israeli and Arab Palestinians, in which both sides pledged to negotiate a peaceful settlement and a commitment to a two state solution, but only Israel has repeatedly made concessions for peace. Additionally, by focusing exclusively and obsessively on Israel, and not on many other countries in the world where actual human and civil rights abuses exist, the actions of those supporting the BDS campaign are, according to former Harvard University President Lawrence H. Summers, “anti-Semitic in their effect if not in their intent.” (SPME)

This latest turbulence known as the Al Quds Intifada led by Hamas, enlists young men, women and children to slay Jews on the streets, in schools, synagogues and playgrounds, with knives, cars, bricks and stones, and at whatever cost to eliminate all Jews. Since the beginning of this latest wave of terror, there have been over 1,200 attacks aimed at Jewish civilians; 14 Jews have been killed and over 300 injured.

Posted on the BDS website, supporters are urged to "join an international wave of action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle". Supporters are asked to organize events, teach-ins and creative actions and occupations against Israelis to educate about Palestinian rights through involvement in BDS campaigning.
 BDS has been in effect since 2005, led by Barghouti, who earned a master's degree in philosophy from Tel Aviv University, where he is currently enrolled through the auspices of the Israeli government, in pursuit of his doctorate. While there has been some international support for the BDS Movement, it has not proven effective nor has it made a dent in Israel's economy, the very economy funding Barghouti's education, at one of the academic institutions BDS aims to sanction.

The tiny country of Israel is a technology giant, among other marvels and contributions, and if those who support BDS were to lay down the computers, cell phones and other devices invented in Israel, used to promote the BDS cause, they'd have little means by which to communicate their maligned ideology. 


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