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Brainwashing 101

Updated on August 25, 2019

Antoinette Prepares Breakfast

Good Morning,Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, August 25, 2019. Our busy friend, Antoinette, is in the kitchen preparing Bloody Marys for breakfast. Forget the food, Antoinette has lost her appetite. Attending college is an expensive endeavor these days. Not every job requires a college education, but that truth has somehow gotten lost along the way. Parents scrape up money, go into debt along with their children and never once analyze the worth of a college education or calculate the harm it can do. After four or sometimes five years of higher eduction, the graduate marching across the stage to receive their degree may be a totally transformed individual. Most parents would hope that their children emerge from college with their heads screwed on straight and an appreciation for this country and all the opportunities awaiting them. In way too many cases, the hefty price paid for an education is a good idea gone bad. Please join us for breakfast this morning. Antoinette wishes to elaborate on the subject over drinks. We hope to see you soon.


Paying to be Brainwashed

Thanks so much for joining me this morning. A few of my human friends graduated from college recently. When they packed up their bags and headed to school they were young, anxious and uninformed about the world. When they emerged four and sometimes five years later, they were not as young, just as immature and uninformed about the world. Time and time again they encountered professors who were so far to the left that they make Bernie Sanders seem reasonable. While my friends were paying for college or having their parents foot the bill, schools like Washington State University were holding workshops for illegal immigrant students. This subset of students were being offered a tremendous amount of help to conquer their fears about being illegal. A program was created that will allow them to paint and engage in other activities to help them express their feelings. Rewarding illegal activity is now considered a must in our uber liberal society. There aren't any classes being offered to help students deal with their anxiety and feelings about illegals attending college. Americans are not a priority anymore, at least not to the left.

The president of Columbia Universityreferred to President Trump as "the mean and small-minded man in the White House. He describes President Trump, "This president who separates children from parents, attacks dead war heroes, and asks a foreign government to ban visits by members of Congress." When a university president is this misinformed, what can we expect of the students who attend Columbia?


Teaching Insanity

Michigan State University told its student employees to stop using expressions like "I apologize" and "no problem" when addressing customers. The facilities manager claimed that such terms could act as a "trigger" to customers because the language suggests that they could have been a problem. If you aren't already confused enough, the school prefers that forms like "sir" or ma'am" be dispensed with. Apparently, the world we now live in is a binary world and we don't want to misclassify an individual's gender preference and sexual orientation. I have no idea what tuition is at MSU, but these students are not learning a single thing that will help them or the rest of society. They should request a refund. Oh wait, they will already do that when they get the free tuition the Democrats are promising. I suggest they don't hold their collective breaths waiting.


Into the Frying Pan

The University of Houston, Clear-Lake, asked student government president Mohamed AbdelGilil, to apologize after he had the audacity to ask people to respect the free expression of opinions. Apparently, he did not get the memo from the left making it clear that freedom of expression only applies to views the left deems to be accurate and appropriate. Any student who has a conservative point of view is in hot water on most college campuses today. Parents of those students are advising their children to keep quiet, get an education and get out. Ugly disregard for the opinions of others is now the norm. Such toxic behavior has been institutionalized on campus, in the media and in Washington. This bug's advice is the following. If college is not necessary for the career you have in mind, avoid it like the plague. The life you save may be your own.

Antoinettes Song

Let's go children of the world

The day of reckoning is upon you

Against you tyranny's ugly flag is raised.


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