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Breach in the wall

Updated on August 6, 2015

Why this hub?

One of the main problems with the world and the US is the individual person. When we are more concerned by the shooting of one animal then the thousands that are killed by violence and abortions. When we burn down communities when criminals are accidentally killed due to their own actions while police and servicemen are murdered and no outcry is heard.

Glenn, back Aug-4-15 after a month of recovering from heath problems, told of his realizations where most of the people got their news and views from. It was not his radio or TV programs or the news. Most got their views from facebook, twitter and the popular TV shows: Jimmy Fallon, Late Night, Today, The View and others. He used to watch or read the news a lot. When recovering he did not do so. He kept up via Facebook and watched TV like the average person did. And realized this is the main source of info for most of them.

Glenn says if you want to make an effort you should be like an Israeli when the call went out to rebuild the Temple wall. It fell upon the individual who's back yard, in some cases, was where the wall was to be built. The other groups that lived in the area did not want them to succeed. So, maybe with a little help from above, he or she did the part of the wall at their home site. So, not to be a breach in the wall it was left to the individual to do his/her part.

It is the individual effort, more so then the herd mentality, that is more important. I, as an individual, shall attempt to make a difference. Since it is unlikely I will be on TV or radio, I will use the internet.

My Beliefs

I remember, when age 6, thinking about living for ever. I did not want to because of hard times and having to live forever under those conditions. Later I was told things are much better in the after life. I grew up Christian. I believe in karma and reincarnation. Most Christian religions do not teach reincarnation. That was squelched about 326 during the Council of Nicaea. The banned view was that Jesus was not the only begotten and was not unchanging. Books that taught reincarnation and other views were burned. The new view is Jesus is the only begotten and unchangeable. I believe the first view. Jesus said: "Don't you know that you are all sons of God". Evan Satan, was or still is, a son of God.

It just does not make sense that a person only has one shot. We would be born pretty much equal in all areas. Health, looks, wealth, etc. There has to be a reason why there is such a vast difference in quality of life. Reincarnation and karma both explain this.

I would like to see the original writings of all the scriptures. Those that were burned too. The Bible today is still the most respected work even with the things left out or even changed over the years. Even Gandhi, a Hindu, used the Bible and it's principles.

My beliefs are somewhere between Gandhi,s and the present Christian one. I don't go along with all that deity stuff. I do have a couple problems with some things in the New Testament.. At the end it says: whoever adds words to or takes away is condemned. So which version is condemned? There are whole verses and groups of verses in one and not the other. My belief is that these words were added by the Nicene Council to put fear into those who held a different view. Another point is in Hebrews some interpretations say all the profits died. Well, that is a direct contradiction to: Enoch was translated that he should not see death.Here again I believe the word was misinterpreted. The original writing probable meant "mos"t died.The Old Testament has the same misinterpretation. All will die from all the nations. Who will be left if the word meant all as we interpret all?

I believe in the akashic records. These are a record of everything in existence now before and and what we call the future. We can go along it and relive any part of it like it is a play. Meaning it is subject to change. Just like a movie that has parts added to or parts left out. Or like one of those that have multiple endings. Prophecy, written many years before the event, is merely what can seen or heard by those who are permitted access and are allowed to write about it.

It is up to the individual to change his/her bad thinking This can take many life times. You would think if you knew your past lives it would make it easier to progress. One probable reason is: if you didn't like this life you would end it to go on to a better one. So, it is better your not knowing till after you die. Or in some cases you are sent back from death to continue on what you learned were born for.


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