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Breaking News: Mitt Romney Doesn't Care If You Live or Die - As Long As Cannabis Remains Illegal

Updated on January 15, 2012


In recent breaking news spreading around the social webs like a disease, Mitt Romney's campaign took a punishing blow when Mitt Romney allowed himself to be filmed during a conversation he had with a medical marijuana patient.

The video was heart felt and shocking, and I am surprised that a politician who had already come so far to gain so much positive attention from voters, would do such a horrible thing as he has done in this video.

Do either of them really have a chance?
Do either of them really have a chance? | Source
Your little miracle may not be marijuana, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. Do you think Romney would care about your cause?
Your little miracle may not be marijuana, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. Do you think Romney would care about your cause? | Source
Mitt just doesn't care! You can go shrivel up in a jail cell if marijuana is your life saving medicine!
Mitt just doesn't care! You can go shrivel up in a jail cell if marijuana is your life saving medicine! | Source

You shouldn't have done it Mitt...

I don't know about you, but the sheer audacity Romney had to blow off a HUMAN BEING in the way he did, just because he didn't agree with him, is absolutely atrocious. That man is somebodies son, somebodies lover, somebodies friend and probably somebodies father. He has clearly been through a lot, which he could never have accomplished unless he had been using medical marijuana. Yet, Romney doesn't care if cannabis saved this mans life and continues to allow him to have a better quality life than he would have had otherwise.

Now Mitt may not have said it in words, but to me, his clear disgust for the man once he knew he was a pro-medical marijuana supporter, and the fact that he refused to answer one simple question "if medical marijuana has true medical value, would you still arrest the patients and doctors using it?"

The man didn't ask if Romney would legalize cannabis, he didn't ask if he was for cannabis, he simply asked if his small miracle would still earn him and his doctors jail time if Romney were to win the presidential election in 2012.

To me, his lack of even treating the man with dignity and respect, and his stupidity at not even answering the question, leaves his actions open to interpretation by the votes. And being that I am a voter, this firms up my resolve to never vote for Romney. even though I had no intention of that in the first place, I definitely would never vote for him now.

His actions clearly state that he doesn't care if you live or die, so long as you are obeying "the law". Even if that law is clear wrong, outdated or unfair. Even if it means that by choosing to be lawful you choose death or a horrible life.

I wonder what other people he would so easily dismiss as "beneath" him, simply because he didn't agree with them. What if it was you? Asking him to allow you to live and be happy without the threat of arrest or loss of liberty?


All human beings deserve, even Mitt, someone who clearly doesn't understand the principle of respect. Although I disagree with him, and feel that his actions warrant my public expression that he shouldn't not be president. He is human as well (at least until proven otherwise), and I hope that he learns from his mistakes, because after the actions shown on this video, he has just lost the votes of a very large culture carrying millions of votes.


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