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Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden is still ALIVE

Updated on May 5, 2011

Is Bin Laden really dead?

News sources are relaying a viral video sent to the Arab News Network, Al Jazeera. In the video dated May 5, 2011, Osama Bin Laden appears alive and well. He curses America for attempting to fool the world into believing they had killed him. The video orginated in Afghanistan. Sources haven't said for sure if the video is real or fake. However, the United States is dismissing the video as a hoax.

Many groups have immediately taken credit for the video, but at this time it is unclear who was responsible for leaking it to the press. The video is grainy and hard to hear throughout most of the speaking. Here is the video clip.

The video comes as no surprise to Donald Trump and the Republican Party, who have always known that anything Obama says is a lie. The Republicans have actually displayed genuine joy upon hearing Osama is still alive. One RNC chairman said, "we'd rather have to deal with terrorism we can use to garner votes, than deal with the terror of taking care of sick Americans." Sarah Palin actually saw the video and began crying. She described her tears as "tears of patriotism." She explained that she knew Obama was lying when he said Osama had been hiding in Pakistan. "I've been to South America, and there's no way Osama could handle the humidity" Palin reasoned. Still many Republicans aren't sure what to do. They've bent over backwards to thank GW Bush for killing Osama, and hate to think he might not have had anything to do with it after all.

However, many Americans were disheartened to hear that Osama was still alive and well. Thankfully it turns out the video was simply made up by the author of this hub.


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