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Brett Kavanaugh Is Not Not Guilty

Updated on October 4, 2018

Millions of Americans watched the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings regarding her allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982 at a party. The assault forced her into a room and he tried to rape her while he was very drunk. The only eyewitness is Mark Judge, his close friend, who was in the room and laughing as Brett clumsily tried to silence and remove her clothes. That laughing is the lasting impression she still has before she was able to escape into a bathroom. She is 100% certain Kavanaugh was the boy on top of her. Luckily for him, he was unable to have sex with her.

Watching the two adversaries testify was like night and day with the only agreement is that both are 100% sure it did or did not happen. But, at the end of Kavanaugh's testimony, many felt he might be not telling the whole truth. When asked if the FBI should be called in to investigate the matter, he hid behind the Republican committee saying," it is up to them", repeatedly. When asked for his personal opinion about involving the FBI, he simply froze, unable to answer. In contrast, when Ms. Ford was asked this, she insisted and welcomed them to investigate. She had no problem with the question. Kavanaugh did giving the impression he knows something he is not admitting. When he was asked whether Mark Judge, the sole eyewitness, should be questioned by the FBI, he stated Judge had already provided a six sentence denial to knowing anything about it. Kavanaugh never answered it. Mark Judge's two denial letters provided are NOT the same as sitting in front of a senate committee or the FBI. For the Republicans to claim it is sufficient is a rush to confirm his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh and his Republicans claim that the four other people at the party know nothing about the Ford claims. Well, duh, it was a two-story home. The others at the party were down stairs and not aware that Kavanaugh, Ford, and Judge, had gone upstairs and tried to rape her. When she tried to yell, Kavanaugh covered her mouth, according to Ford. So, the others at the party could never had known what was occurring.

At times, Kavanaugh acted out of judge-like character showing biases, political sides, and emotion. Traits that judges should not have. Ford has nothing to gain, per se. She tried to flag concerns before he was a final nominee. Kavanaugh has much more to lose, if it is found out he has lied about this event. Anyone in his shoes would do whatever it takes to make it go away, even telling lies. While it is a risk for him, he has no other choice, admitting to the attempted rape is out of the question. He could request the nomination be withdrawn or decline confirmation. He could gamble with Judge's testimony if the FBI or the senate committee questions him. However, being that they are close friends and Kavanaugh defended him, Judge's veracity can be questioned also. This is because if Judge lies about the event ever happening. There is no one else to ask by the senate or FBI. It still ends up a he said\she said. It comes down who do you believe?

Unless Judge's testimony somehow casts doubt on Kavanaugh's testimony, what else should be done? Even if the FBI finds out that Kavanaugh did lie about his drinking and blackouts, finds out he was aggressive and belligerent towards certain girls he liked, yet, nothing to support Ford's allegations, his nomination will occur most likely.

The key is Mark Judge. I doubt if he will turn on his good friend. But, the there are other women claiming sexual attacks. In the end, the vote to confirm him has been delayed one week and rightly so. Now, the FBI will investigate but this is being directed by the White House and Republican committee. Many feel this will be a sham just to get the hesitant Republicans to vote for Kavanaugh!

Let the chips fall where they land. Both Ford and Kavanaugh cannot both be 100% correct.


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