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Brexit Breakdown

Updated on December 17, 2017

Brexit fascinates me on many levels, and I have been examining it, as it unfolds, and noting the changes on our society it has already caused, the polarisation of people behind their opposing 'banners' of belief, the revealing of our inner desires, the opening of much deeper debates about the divisions in our society that are no longer suppressed, and in general how this momentous event is affecting all our lives.

To clarify my position, I had no vote, having lived in Europe these last 30+ years, and as a UK expat in Spain, could be badly affected by Brexit.

Having stated that, I support 100% Brexit as the right thing for the UK to do.

Here's why...

The whole decision made, when 52% of the country voted out, was based upon the growing discontent the working class Brits feel at this time, this dissatisfaction comes from years of progressive governments completely ignoring them, in particular there seems a feeling that the following things are not appreciated by those working Brits...

Immigration from countries or states where the 'cultural differences' make those arriving unable or unwilling to adopt the local rules, customs and traditions.

That's the politically correct explanation, but the plain and simple truth is they do not want Islamic people in their land, and the fact that successive parties have allowed them in causes dissent.

The Brit's are a sovereign people, an island race who accept most anybody who arrives, provided they 'fit in'.

Islam can NEVER 'fit in' to any culture or nation it engages, the whole aspect of Islam is subjugation to their system, not assimilation into other systems.

There is no point in calling Brit's racist, because the evidence is obvious as all previous influxes of emigres have been assimilated into society, and in most cases, by the second or third generation are indistinguishable from the 'native' Brit's, apart from visual differences, i.e. a Sikh will always wear a turban... (but will not require YOU to wear one) and unless you are in front of them, you would never notice any difference.

This is good integration, we do not require the Sikh to wear a cross (or a crash helmet) and they respect our ways, whilst enjoying total freedom to enjoy their own traditions and culture.

The working class Brits do not consider being part of a Federal European State a desirable concept, especially one run by unelected bureaucrats from countries we have either fought against or liberated in the last 100 years.

Most working class families still remember those family members who died protecting the right to make our own decisions, they are not going to willingly pass their decision making process to other nations.

To a younger person, influenced by a whole life under EU domination and, dare I say, indoctrination, leaving the EU seems like leaving home, to live in a big bad world filled with a reality they would rather not face.

I understand this, they have been led to believe that 'nanny state' is the best solution, they have been disincentivized by a mantra that there are no losers, and that the state knows best what their lives should be.

Unfortunately a massive nearly £2 TRILLION debt shows that something is VERY wrong with how the state runs things, and the workers seem to have noticed.

As I write the UK debt is £ 31.378 per citizen and £ 53.970 per taxpayer, so a family of four owes £120,000 more or less to the Central Bankers who hold that debt.

Not many workers hold those assets currently, in fact the median household wealth is just about £220,000, which means that unless you are in the upper income group, you probably have less assets than you do debts.

Not surprisingly, when the UK workers realised this, they also realised they had nothing to lose from leaving the EU.

So one division, the main one, is between those that have and those that have not, and this division is insurmountable by any measure that the logic and 'intelligentsia' of the haves produces.


What does that look like?

Let's look at some statistics, based upon actual turnout and votes cast in the referendum.

Out of 381 constituencies polled, 260 voted to leave and 121 voted remain, so constituency wise the division was 68.25% voted leave, i.e.; MOST people wanted OUT.

If this had been a general election, disregarding party lines, focused on leave or remain, it would have been a landslide result to leave.

The remainers state that the referendum should have needed a 60% majority, but when you reverse that statistic, there are only 78 seats that managed a 60% majority vote over the leave vote, so in total 338 seats from a total of 381 clearly voted to leave by current remain demands that we had a 60% division.

The overall majority vote by population was 52% to 48%....

But the majority vote came from many more constituencies than the Remain vote did.

Remain did well in big liberal cities with lots of voters, able to survive in those cities, voted to remain, but as another report showed that to survive in London, one apparently needs a £70,000 income, those Remainers have something to lose, however; most of the workforce, employed or otherwise, do not have that income level, indeed most are nowhere near that income level.

Leave outnumber Remain in not just numeric terms, but also in geographic terms.

Look at the blue areas; the workforce is located there, by workforce, I mean those people most people never notice, they do the mundane low paid jobs that keep everyone else able to function as a society in some degree of comfort.

They deliver your flowers or fix your car, clean your windows, drive a truck to deliver your goodies to the shops, they are at your service, but most folk are too focused on themselves to even know they exist at all, except to serve.

I've been on both ends of this scale, victim and perpetrator so to speak.

One thing I have done these last 50+ years is observe people, read how things are moving, what they now call the 'zeitgeist' is something I do instinctively, after 50 years practise, but we now have algorithms to do our research instantly.

Social media sites allow anyone to examine what the current thinking is, and having spent time on both sides of the Brexit fence, listening and discussing various opinions, I see that the division here is that Remain folk are normally nice people, who for whatever reason, dislike having their lifestyles or future changed by circumstances, especially circumstances that they thought they could control.

It's an insult to them; that the 'plebs' managed to gain control over something which will affect their middle class lives. I say plebs because unfortunately most people view the 'invisible' workforce as somehow lower than them.

But the second area of Remainers that counts are the 'entitled' section, who have grown up coddled into a belief that they ARE entitled, rather like previous generations of establishment children were taught, except whereas the rich kids just took from their family, until they made or inherited money, the new 'entitled' just expect that the state will provide everything.

The leave camp are generally more focused on concepts that go beyond personal comfort, they tend to be older, giving them a memory of how the UK used to be in some time hallowed rose coloured past, which we all mostly hated when we lived it, but now yearn for, because dismal as those years may have been, today's world has a nasty taste to those oldies, it's demonstrably worse than they had when growing up, there is both a concern for those growing up now, at the same time as a disdain for the way the younger generation basically behaves.

What passes for entertainment today, would have been hidden away as hard porn when they were young.

Can we ever get back to those times?

Highly doubtful, however Brexit may regenerate a spirit of adventure and hope in the UK citizenry, if it starts easing the austerity of paying the EU banksters and the UK starts prospering, that spirit could bring forward new innovation, especially if it comes from necessity.

It may well come from that necessity, because the EU are obviously intent on punishing the UK electorate for disrupting their plans for a Federal Europe, controlled by them.

It's a 'throw the cards in the air' situation, where vested interests are trying to decide whether that can get away with another 'snow' job and reverse the Brexit model, but frankly, they should realise that this will NOT work.

The British Bulldog has barked, and even if our politically elite leaders have no backbone, the ordinary working man does, so forget just trying for another vote and coercing the workforce to accept EU tyranny.

Mess with Brexit much more and you will face a revolution that will throw most politicos out of power for ever.

I suspect you will not like the political parties that will replace you if you continue to prevaricate and delay our departure from the EU cabal.

Have you changed your opinion on Brexit since the referendum, and if so what would you now vote?

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Which would you agree to:

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© 2017 John Harper


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    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      3 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Thanks Benjamin, glad you agree with the article...

    • Benjamin McQuaid profile image

      Benjamin McQuaid 

      3 years ago from England, United Kingdom


      A good look at what provoked the public to vote leave. I feel that you are right, the working class has rightfully had enough of not being listened to and this is the result of the government's neglect. Hopefully Britain can pull through this and come away from the EU with a deal that suits both parties.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      3 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      amanda jjj,,,, as you should, always follow your beliefs.

      Thanks for responding, hope the article overall assisted you.

    • profile image

      amanda jjj 

      3 years ago

      i voted leave and i voted labour and i would vote leave and labour again.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      3 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Chris57, I see it differently, the Brit will always make do, find a way, and their leaders now know that they will not put up with anymore globalist elite manipulation... the EU will end up faced with a straight deal, or no deal, and whatever anyone thinks, the UK leave in 2019, deal or no deal.

      Only the EU will lose, if they force the UK to walk away, and current thinking shows that Joe Public will not allow the political elites to snowjob them AGAIN, and elites want power more than anything else, but the natives are restless and the drums are rolling.... interesting times.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      3 years ago from Northern Germany

      From the very beginning of entering the EU, the UK was always reluctant to actively participate and play an active role.

      Today i have the impression that Brexit is only a sidenote in continental attention. Possibly that is the retour for always and only complaining. People simply don´t care any more.

      Anyways that gives EU administration a much stronger and undisputed position, while in the UK every little bargain raises hot discussions. Didn´t parliament just recently jump in and request its share of decision making? Not a strong picture of a dedicated nation, isn´t it?

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      3 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Many thanks for the comments Eric and Ashutosh, and pleased you felt the article was relevant.

      If anyone was suggesting a United States of Europe, based upon the American model, complete with a solid Constitution equalling the US one, maybe I could handle it!

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 

      3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Since day one, it's been publicised as an ignorant decision. I clearly remember the fuss in the media and on SM platforms. Since then the move has been painted in different colors, some quite apalling too.

      Nonetheless, I guess eventually, it all boils down to how the political class takes this forward when the divorce finally concludes and the alimony is settled on either sides. More importantly, how the EU lobbies act post having lost their strong fortress. I say more power to May, tough road ahead!!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I like this breakdown. It is very interesting and well done. It made me do some self reflection. By percentage of the world I am in a .2 % group in education. I think I battle against being a fraud snob. This or that makes us better?

      But I would rather suck on a beer with mates than hold a pinky out sipping champagne or tea.

      I really wish that cultural differences could be addressed rather than, "whoever categorizes different cultures is bigoted".

      In my home we are mixed race. And we are adamant that international mores do not ruin our heritage.

      My country is putting the screws on the UN, EU and Pacific and NAFTA stuff not to mention NATO. Some whine, common people should have the say.

      Great article.


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