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Brexit: Ensuring Independence

Updated on August 14, 2016
Guess what Brexiteers forgot to do
Guess what Brexiteers forgot to do

The SNP cult is ruining Scotland pushing for independence. Independence will make everyone in Scotland thousands of pounds a year poorer The Brexiteers who managed a narrow Leave vote are taking control of ”their” country so the predictions, by experts, of whom we have all had enough according to yesterday’s man the Govefish, that everyone in the UK will be about 2400 pounds a year poorer are just anti-British scaremongering by ignorant left wingers who know nothing about reality and we will become part of a trade area ten times the size of the EU and twice the size of the global economy. The only way these fantasies might be true is if the trade area included Organised Crime, Terrorism and other Black economies.

So say the great and good. Reality begs to differ. Jobs are already being lost through Britains Brexit Catastrophe in manufacturing, Academia and even the finance industry as the Big Banks Rattle their sabres and plan moving overseas. Government and Reality are living in parallel universes with occasional points of contact when Government sees the opportunity for further social cleansing of the poor, unemployed and disabled. Still we don’t need academics, they are just experts and we are all fed up with them.

Now Brexit is causing leading academics to think of quitting the UK, either because it will ruin their job prospects or they look and sound foreign and are facing Brexiteer sanctioned racist abuse the BBC is, perhaps as part of a campaign to dumb down the nation even more than Reality TV and Talent shows have managed, beginning to question the value of a degree. Presumably their political masters have decided the electorate is still too educated to manage easily and people will still struggle to get a university education they shold be persuaded it is not worth it by focussing on the economic cost not the non- economic gains such as the ability to think critically (subversive, extremist).

Naturally no mention is made of free university education in Scotland since that would be hard to spin into SNP Bad. Of course the Scottish Tories are against Free Education, Free Care for the Elderly, Decent, or indeed any pensions, and Free prescriptions, even though it cost more to collect the prescription charges than was raised.

It is increasingly clear that the Westminster government does not want to trigger article 50 and Brexit may never happen. Perhaps the only way out for them is to put it to a vote in the House of Condoms and try and twist the arms of as many of its supporters as possible. This would of course put the SNP between the rock of voting against Brexit, which 60% of the population of Scotland voted for, thus delaying Independence again, or voting for it, which would be spun as anti democratic. Abstention would probably be the worst of both worlds. Fortunately it seems unlikely this will happen thought here is a supreme court case that may result in forcing a vote. However if a vote did happen and the SNP vote in Westminster was the turning point for remaining one can perhaps see the Brexit faction, Red, Blue, Orange and Purple Tories, calling for the expulsion of Scotland from the UK and a second referendum.

The De-Facto Labour-Tory grand coalition continues with Labour pursuing its cheese-grater suicide having won a legal decision that says they can choose who votes in their leadership election. To paraphrase Brecht, if the party members have lost the confidence of the leadership it is necessary to choose a new membership”

Westminster and Scottish ”Labour” have both said emphatically that the union is more important than democracy and justice by ruling out an SNP-Labour coalition that would deny the Tories power - assuming the Tories do not find an excuse for abandoning elections, as they did with the GLC election shortly before the Greater London Council was abolished. Various academics ( those tiresome experts again who insist Reality, truth and impartiality MATTER) complained to the BBC about their anti-Corbyn bias. This, like the anti-independence and anti SNP bias in the media will not be publicised outside social media.

Meanwhile a government think tank proposed the introduction of ID cards and two tier citizenship as part of the ongoing campaign against human rights, civil rights and democracy in general. On the other hand a welcome step came in the suggestion that voters should be required to bring a passport, driving licence or for the large number of people who have neither, a utility bill, to the polling station. This could of course be seen as a way to disenfranchise the homeless and make utility bills something to be disposed of carefully.

Recent events may not have brought Independence any further forward but it is increasingly a case of when and not if. However it is important that those proposing independence show the Scottish people they will not be poorer under independence. Brexit will make everyone in the UK poorer so it may be enough to show that staying in the UK will make the Scottish people a lot poorer than being independent, and that after a few years of struggle Scotland will be richer than the rump of South Britain, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar: Oh and by then Cornwall may have woken up. After all even if the price of oil collapses we will have IT, Whisky, Tourism and the Financial Giants that fled South Britain to name but a few. And we will not have to pay for Trident or the rest of Westminster’s surrogate penises such as a high speed rail that does not reach Scotland.

We also need to convince those in Scotland who voted to leave but want to be out of the EU as well as the UK that Independence comes first then arguing about the EU. Voting against independence because of hating the EU is voting for continuation of the union between England and Scotland.


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