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Brexit is About controlling the populace not Immigration

Updated on July 25, 2016

Boris and the Three Brexiteers

A week in which the view that Boris Johnson’s Bumbling Buffoon act masked a shrewd political operator was replaced by the view that Boris Johnson’s Bum- bling Buffoon act masked a... bumbling buffoon and a useful idiot for the Leave campaign hid dangerous trends in current politics.

The Three Brexiteers who oozed into the running for the top job show all the qualities associated with the Tory stereotype and threaten to make Nigel Farage look like an ageing hippy. None of them are fit to run the proverbial whelk stall let alone a country. All have firm views against immigration unless some rich Tory donor wants to import cheap labour to undercut native workers:

A woman apparently possessed by the spirit of Margaret Thatcher but without Thatcher’s compassion, empathy and concern for the poor and who appears to have taken Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual and seeks to deport EU migrants from Britain. Her views on Human Rights make Enoch Powell look like a bleeding heart liberal and her concern for privacy extends only as far as offshore tax havens.

A human goldfish with a heart of stone and ice hidden in a chest buried on an Island guarded by a fleet of Welsh(?) dragons in a distant ocean in a parallel universe who shafted his ally Boris Johnson and tried to suggest his lack of charisma that makes used toilet paper look like a successful populist demagogue made him the best person to be Prime Minister. He also wants Immigrants out. He wants the UK to leave the EU - ideally Scot free, though he cannot say so.

A nothingness with a face only a blind mother could trust who is even less mem- orable than the goldfish. He hates doctors, many of whom are immigrants and attempted to ensure that instead of being paid less per hour than a shelf stacker in poundland they earn much less per hour than a shelf stacker in poundland

and work longer hours for nothing.

A beard who believes homosexuality is a disease that can be cured, doubtless by referral for assessment to Atos or one of the other firms that donate large amounts of money to the Tories (At least in this he is more progressive than Daesh. Just.) He appears to hate the poor, unemployed and the disabled, prime qualifications for his current role in charge of the poor, unemployed and the disabled. Immigrants are just something else on his list but he seems to be against them.

Brexit is for bosses not workers
Brexit is for bosses not workers

Controlling Immigration in Broken Brutal Bosses Britain

Never mind what they say. Brexit was never about immigration: immigration was a dog whistle decoy to attract voters. The aim was to control emigra- tion.The establishment want to control and exploit the workers, the little people who pay taxes and make the non tax paying rich richer and destroy the little peoples’ rights, working conditions, holidays and wages and drag the country kicking and screaming ”send them home” into the 18th century and Blake’s Dark Satanic Mills.

A secondary aim was to prevent the working class becoming wealthy: just as in Imperial China merchants were the richest people in the country but socially well below the impoverished aristocrats who looked down on them, the capitalist Nouveau Riche were looked on with disdain by the landed gentry and efforts were made to stop them acting like their betters. Nowadays the Nouveau Riche have become part of the Establishment.

Until 2010 the Establishment could rely on Labour passing laws that prevented the serfs from inheriting too much wealth from their parents, laws the Tories could not hope to pass without a backlash. Since 2010 they have had to rely on other tactics, and Brexit, attempting to trap workers in the UK, is the latest tactic.

The establishment have always been against working class mobility feeling that it gave the serfs ideas above their station and risked them finding they could earn more elsewhere and work fewer hours or face fewer dangers. Similar motivations underlie the dumbing down of education since the 1970s.

Since it is impossible to stop workers learning about conditions and salaries

elsewhere now so many people have an internet connection all the elite can do is make it harder for the workers to escape Broken Britain.

Once the UK is out of the EU workers, especially unskilled workers, will largely be trapped in the UK. Even skilled workers such as computer programmers will find it far harder to escape newly Brutal Britain where the Bosses can reduce wages and increase hours without fear. Tory claims UK workers will be able to enjoy the freedom of movement they currently enjoy while the UK prevents EU citizens coming here to work are pure and utter fantasy.

And once the UK is out of the EU the Tories will be free to destroy workers rights, leave the European Commission of Human Rights and will start working on ways to dissolve the Scottish Parliament.

Freemarket economics old style
Freemarket economics old style

Consequences: Goodbye UK?

As Brexit moves slowly towards Article 50 despite back pedaling by the Three Brexiteers and others the movement to make London a separate country, originally a joke, is gaining ground, Scotland and Northern Island are moving closer to independence and even in Wales there is renewed interest in Independence. Only Cornwall seems happy to remain a county not a country.

Brexit seems to be turning out a classic example of the law of unintended consequences and the folly of not being careful what you wish for. The disintegration of the UK, like the Soviet Union in the 1980s has become more likely, the EU is getting tougher with the UK while flirting with, and perhaps subtly courting Scotland and, perhaps most terrifying to the establishment, the people of England are beginning to wake up and re-engage with politics.

Brexit will not stop employers importing cheap labour to undercut the native workers: Employers will bring in such labour as they did in 1918 for dock workers, 1948 for transport workers and, in the early 2000’s for IT workers.

One can hope, however that Brexit will see the death of neoliberalism, at least in the UK.


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