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Brexit, The Religion Of Austerity And The Labour-Tory Grand Coalition

Updated on March 12, 2017

The Bue UKIP and Red Tory parties, the Labour-Tory Grand Coalition against the SNP, the coalition that cannot speak its name, voted to approve triggering of Article 50 in March provided The unelected Theresa May, known anagramatically as May The Arse produced a Plan for Brexit. The mood of Brexiteers and The Red Tory pavlovian reflex that dictates voting with the Tories on every possible occasion the plan will probably be a single A4 sheet bearing the words “Brexit Means Brexit so suck it up plebs, I am the Prime Minister and never forget it. Argue with me and I will bring about an early General Election” and, if put to a vote would get a landslide victory in Parliament.

The supreme court is protecting the people, whatever Brexiteers think
The supreme court is protecting the people, whatever Brexiteers think

Supreme Court now Redundant. Mostly

This makes the current supreme court hearing on whether the government MUST have a vote of approval from Parliament for Article 50 largely redundant, though there is still be the question of whether the Scottish Parliament could block Brexit entirely to be decided. If the Supreme Court decides they cannot it is possible for the Scottish Government to appeal to the European Court of Justice. If they decide Holyrood could block Brexit, then either Holyrood will block it, with the. Greens, SNP and possibly the Liberals, who would be torn between their desire to stay in the EU and their opposition ot Independence, voting to block it, which would cause a constitutional crisis that can be exploited to accelerate independence, or it will not (possibly as with the Synod of Whitby in 812, some anti-Brexiteer MSPs would suffer an “accident” before the vote took place). However to do so would be to deny the will of the Scottish people as expressed in the June 23rd Referendum and at the very least boost support for independence.

INdyRef2 and Labours rewrite of the constiturion

The Unelected One offered Scotland a second independence referendum after Brexit. Not after article 50 but after Brexit. The elected First Minister rejected this saying that this suggested the Tories secretly supported independence. Since Westminster is steadily eliminating all options but independence by pushing for a hard Brexit, such a theory becomes less and less incredible every day. Such a scenario could boost the chances of a successful YES vote since the pro-EU NOs who want to stay in the EU would, if promised a second EU referendum soon after independence, almost certainly vote YES and the anti-EU YESsers would have no reason to vote against independence is they were confident of winning.

The Scottish branch of the Red Tory Party proposed a new act of union which would have been a good idea for unionists had it not required total rewriting of the constitution. Like almost everything from the Red Tories, this is best for entertainment value especially after a bad day.

Tories prove David Icke Right

Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg continued to provide supporting evidence for the theory that we are ruled by lizard like aliens.

Rees Mogg said that after Brexit Britain could slash environmental and safety standards to match those in India. Shortly afterward Indian standards will become dramatically higher than those in Britain. This is probably the real motivation for Brexit: keeping the workers in their place while dragging the country, smiling at the idea of expelling all the Poles in the UK in return for cheaper workers from third world countries, back into the worst and least humanitarian part of the 18th century with the reintroduction of serfdom, public hangings of anyone criticising the government, and revival of the feudal system not far behind.

Neoliberalism as the Tory Religion

In the Ballad of the Holy Grail Perceval sees the procession of the Grail and fails to to ask the vital question Whom does the Grail Serve? As a result the land is blighted

The news that Benefit Sanctions cost some £132 million pounds more than they saved revealed that Tory policy on the poor is not based on Economics but is now a religion with its own dogma and theologians like Ian Duncan Smith, Damian Green and Phillip Hammond always ready to expand on their doctrine with mantras like Making Work Pay.

As in the Ballad of the Holy Grail the response to the Priest of Neoliberalism and Austerity to the mantra of Making Work Pay should be For whom should it pay? Plainly it is not the workers as wages have slumped. Plainly it is not the government that is losing £132 million pounds, though they will say this is a drop in the option worth spending in order to get people to take jobs that do not exist on Zero hours con tricks contracts.

Similarly government claims to be serving the people remind me of the story of the discovery of an alien book entitled How to Serve Man. Having translated the title humanity made a great effort to create a fleet of spaceships to find these benevolent aliens. Just after launch the translator sent a note saying the expedition should be stopped saying It’s a cook book. Alternatively by claiming to serve the people they may be thinking of themselves as stallions on a stud farm.

Way back in the mid 1990s the Tory Government of the day proudly proclaimed that they were having a crackdown on Benefit Fraud which they claimed was costing some £600 Million pounds a year (this was on BBC radio). This was much less than 1% and I told my then MP, a Tory of course, that supermarkets would be delighted to have such a low level of loss from shoplifting and staff fraud. A few weeks later another crackdown was launched claiming Benefit Fraud was costing £12 BILLION pounds a year. Either the original figure was wrong, the crackdown had educated people on how to carry out benefit fraud or both sets of figures were plucked out of the air.

Repetition of mantras and adjusting published reality to match what the government wants is not the action of rational economically motivated policy makers intent on managing the economy. It is the action of religious fanatics who deny reality in the name of Faith and a supposedly higher truth which takes precedence over reality.

And they call the SNP a cult!!!!

Westminster claims it can ignore its own laws

Back in the supremely soporific but supremely important Supreme Court hearing the government tried to claim that despite the Sewel convention being included in the Scotland Act it was totally irrelevant, Westminster could dissolve the Scottish Parliament any time it wanted, and effectively that it could do what ever it liked (presumably including abolishing elections, as the Toried did with elections for the Greater London Council before it was abolished in the hope, partly realised, of rendering London Mayor Ken Livingston politically dead). It is hard to improve on this quote from the Auld Acquaintance Blog

So, my Lords, the Sewell convention is a political

13 convention concerning the legislative functions of the

14 Westminster Parliament. It is, as I say, essentially

15 a self denying ordinance on the part of Parliament. It

16 was never intended to be a justiciable legal principle,

17 and as my Lord, Lord Reed has already correctly

18 observed, it is a political restriction on Parliament’ s

19 ability to legislate in respect of devolved matters.

20 The correct legal position is that Parliament is

21 sovereign, and may legislate at an y time on any matter,

22 and that is specifically set out in the devolved

23 legislation itself, section 28(7) of the Scotland Act,

Add to that the comparison of Scotland to the former colony of Rhodesia, with the subliminal effort to brand Scotland as a white racist country and the way that Northern Ireland has been granted concessions denied to Scotland shows the real attitude of the Westminster Oligarchs to Scotland.

Independence is inevitable: don't delay it

All this is driving Scotland towards independence. Independence is certain because all things, including the Union between England and Scotland eventually end. All this is uncertain is when and whether anyone alive to day will see it. All we need do is avoid any mistakes that will delay it. It’s a road paved with banana skins dropped by an infinite number of monkeys typing random arguments against Scotland


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