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Brexit and Project Farce

Updated on June 29, 2016

Things are happening faster than anyone can type about them.

The people running Britain are finished and unfit for purpose. The same is true of the Opposition. This leaves a power vacuum that will hoover up the Brexit Gang. It would be great to think the Labour and Tory party are finished but look who is wanting to take their place. In the meantime the headless chickens operating on the second dinosaur brain are in continued meltdown. Hopefully this will stop before the reactor blows.

The clueless wonders were out in force this week. The men without a plan who created chaos were trying to claim it was not them but a bunch of immigrants disguised as Brexiteers. Every denial of their promises was almost instantly matched on social media by pictures of the denier sitting under a poster with the promise loud and clear. They should have been singing Shaggy’s song It Wasn’t Me. Fortunately for music lovers everywhere they did not.

Either they were lying, living in a fantasy world where the past is malleable, illiterate or considered the public too stupid to remember their promises. Since they are Tories it is impossible to decide which.

Every time George Osborn or Boris Johnson made a statement intended to calm the markets and boost the pound both of these fell further. They should have been singing Rastaman’s Because I got High These two are now toxic to the markets and the pound. On Monday George Osborne said there was no need for an emergency budget and on Tuesday he said tax increases in his autumn budget were inevitable. Of course he meant tax increases for the poor and middle classes not the rich. The pound and the stock market rose slightly as the richest people in the country started counting their likely tax cuts.

Boris Johnson said:

It is clear now that project fear is over, there is not going to be an emergency Budget, people’s pensions are safe, the pound is stable, markets are stable. I think that is all very good news.

A few minutes later trading in shares of Barclays and RBS was suspended as their shares crashed.

The Tories have become C. Northcote Parkinson’s ”South Pointing Compasses” - invaluable organisations that listen to what they say and do the opposite. Whatever Johnson says, the most likely outcome is the worst possible outcome for everyone earning less than Boris Johnson.

Real people tend to be a bit short in the overflowing offshore fund department and will pay for Boris Johnson’s terminological inexactitudes. But never mind, he promised to apologise if the economy crashed and will doubtless promise to promise that mortgage lenders, utility companies etc will accept his apology as valid payment. Perhaps he should go down in history next to that other great maker of promises, Gordon Brown.

Labour, having decided they preferred intrigue to power, and possibly feeling that the promised release of the Chilcot report next week would leave them hung out to dry, mounted a coup against the leader who had dared to support some of the principles of the founding fathers of the movement: it is not clear whether this was an an objection to his principles or just principles in general. Half the shadow cabinet decided to live up to their name, rather than attack the Tories, and faded away as the light improved. Their leader lost a vote of confidence among MPs but an immediate rally of some 10,000 party members shook the rebels to their now shadowy cores. The newly vacant position of Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, is currently being regarded with rather more alarm than a radioactive industrial strength laxative laced with anthrax and labelled DYNAMITE.

The Scottish twig, of the Tory party tried to pass a motion ( the laxative theme again) stopping the First Minister discussing Scotland’s relationship with the EU in Brussels. This was soundly defeated by all the other parties. The Scot-

tish accounting branch of the Labour party seem to have Labstained, probably awaiting orders from London, which was paralysed by their MPs playing an extended game of Diplomacy while resigning in a predetermined order. Or they could just have been caught between two stools and wondering whether to attack the SNP or break free of London and attack the Tories.

The EU president asked Nigel Farage of UKIP why are you here? while an- nouncing an Open Door policy for the First Minister of Scotland and a Scottish MEP got a standing ovation in the European Parliament. Farage went on to make exit negotiations easier by claiming most of the MEPs present had never done a real job so demonstrating his total unsuitability for any form of public office higher than a cleaner of public toilets.

On the streets hate crime, particularly racist hate crime, soared up by more than half, not reported by the Mainstream media for whom the only racism worth reporting is alleged anti-English Scots racism. Almost all the racist incidents reported come from England. It seems unlikely this is genetic, more likely a byproduct of a neoliberal culture and an elite that has tried to turn the English into George Orwell’s Proles. The fear of ”Immigriaunts” as one graffito called them, stealing English jobs from those rendered unemployable by turning education into a tool for producing factory fodder just smart enough to operate the computers that run the machines as part of the race for profit for the one percent was fed by the Brexit campaign and the Brexit vote now threatens to decimate the ranks of the NHS workers thus leaving it in a good state for privatisation. All according to plan then

So chaos rules as the plan-free evidence-rejecting government continues to fly by the seat of their pants, operate on gut feeling, even after six pints and a vindaloo, and play everything by ears deaf to anything except the sound of party donations. The only good thing is they did it to themselves and are continuing to do it to themselves.


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