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Why our Nation is broken, will it change anytime soon?

Updated on September 27, 2012

So, to get things kicked off the right way...I'm not a very political person. I won't debate democrat or republican, who has the better view or more stable goals. I focus on the key, and in my opinion, an unbiased opinion, the most important factor in today's day and age. Results. Overall, bottom-line results. And whatever claims may be made in papers or news about "employment looking up" or "new jobs being made to turn around economy" what good does it do if the people who need these opportunities have already lost everything they need them for? I feel that no change will happen anytime soon, and with the way jobs are being handled...if anything it will encourage the unemployment choice over taking on a new job. Jobs are expecting people to be able to support off 7 or 8 dollars an hour...since when has anyone been able to accomplish such a task? I'm great with financial control, but I'm not a damn magician and unless you have some skills I don't...I see no other way of making it on such a wage.

I remember a time when we were far above this and that was when Bill Clinton was in office. I don't know a single thing about what he did in office, other then his personal matters which to me, who cares. The man picks and chooses how he wants to morally be, that's his choice, what I know is the country was actually in an economic upward slope. There were more jobs available then people and everyone was able to make it if they were willing to work, that has all changed. And again I focus on whats in front of a country we suffer in so many ways yet we are still trying to help everyone else with their problems. Isn't it time we just focus on our own and make sure we as a country are where we should be?

As a family man 27 years of age with a wife and 3 children I view the ability to survive in today'd world to be getting more difficult by the day. The land of opportunity is changing face linking millions to a pit of broken dreams and gradual suffering. The offices in control of granting support, financial aid, food stamps and cash assistance put too much bearing on certain paperwork that takes time to get a hold of, or people without transportation have a very difficult time getting a hold of. They will have people in front of them breaking down, a view of starvation based on the way the body reacts from lack of nourishment, the children will be cranky on account of not being able to eat, and here you will have one of these representatives tell you they can't help you because one piece of paperwork is out of order. For a place that built its name on helping the hard-worker, taking care of its own, and setting high standards as a whole, our entire country has fallen under the word hypocrite.

Maybe I'm ranting, but maybe it's a rant more people need to think about, and actually consider. If this keeps up, how many people are gonna lose all they have until a turn around actually presents itself?


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