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Bringing Love & Understanding When Faced With Hate

Updated on March 21, 2013


Media manipulation
Media manipulation

There has recently been a spate of hate stuff appearing on my social media wall from my own friends and family. I see how easily one can fall into the trap of believing what we are told, someone paints a certain picture of a convenient truth for us and we sign up to it because it takes no effort and absolves us of responsibility.

So I would like to take the opportunity to paint a different picture of the same subject matter…but I’ll just be standing a bit further back as I create.

My Nephew's Picture

My nephew has been painted a scenario wherein there is a pile of money available for helping people. This pile of money has been allotted to Mohammed and his family leaving the starving and sick pensioner Mary Smith with nothing.

Mary cannot get the operation she needs because there is no money and even if there were all the hospital beds are filled with Mohammed’s family. Mohammed of course only just recently arrived in the country whereas Mary has lived her whole life there and paid taxes.

It appears to be enough to make your blood boil.

A Personal Scenario

I would ask my nephew to imagine this scenario: he is at home late one night and there is a loud knocking on the door. He opens the door to find Mohammed lying there, terrified, starved and desperate. Mohammed begs for a place to stay for just the night and perhaps some food because he hasn’t eaten for days but he would also like some respite from the abuse he has been getting from the group of men standing at the end of my nephew’s path.

In that circumstance I’d like to ask my nephew, what would you do? Would you point out that your neighbour Mary Smith is sick and ill and needs help too then slam the door in Mohammed’s face?


My Picture

Notice that the men standing at the end of the garden path waiting to continue abusing Mohammed get assistance (directly and indirectly) for arms and power by the same governments which decreed that they have no money to help Mary.

Notice that the dividing lines of the world are not just the borders of countries. There are whole groups of people whose interests lay in the acquisition of power and profit, whilst there are other groups of people who are interested only in helping other people. And then there are the large herds of people who are controlled and used as pawns in a game.

The boundaries of these groups are not always so clear, especially close up. Some folk believe themselves to be interested in people when they are actually not and there are also some folk who believe they pursue power and profit when they really just care about people. We have all been in each group at some point in our lives and will continue to do so therefore do not begin an internal battle to decide which is the “right” group to belong to!

These groups occupy a lot of the same time/space reality interlinked and reliant on each other.

Mary and Mohammed are being used by the gatherers of power and profit. My nephew is being used by the gatherers of power and profit


The Power & Profit Plan

We create factories and offices for the herds to work in so that they have money to spend on profit products but obviously don’t tell them that is what you are doing as they won’t like it.

Get some other human resources to market the products in a constant media bombardment from cradle to dust so that they clamour with each other to get the newest and the shiniest and the trendiest of all items, discarding the old and jeering at their peers if they dare to keep last year’s model.

First they buy a red kitchen because that is the fashion, then it changes to yellow and grey and then back to the old fashioned wooden doors. The whole system is self supporting as neighbours despise and gloat over their own family and friends who still have last year’s colour in their kitchens and last year’s fashions on their backs.

Buy your own houses so that you can stock it with all these wonderful items which will show the world how successful you are…..and even better you can borrow large amounts of money against that house so that you can buy bigger and better cars and holidays in order to increase your standing in the community.

What about those who needed help with housing? Where do we put them? We herd them all into the places that nobody else wants to buy or live in creating ghettos of the so called work shy, lazy and undesirable people.

See how those who are deemed to be the lowest of the low fight to get into the game of possessions and materiality, they believe in the hype that if they could just steal enough to get a house/car/holiday/bling/whatever then they will rise to the top of the pile.

Who notices that whether you are at the top or the bottom the fact remains that you are in a pile? You are being successfully manipulated to stay in a pile, be happy about it and fight to stay there!!


The Perpetuated System

We are born into the system, our parents try to get us into the best schools so that we are given the right facts so that we get the right certificates so that we get the right jobs so that we can buy the big cars and the big houses and then have children that we can get into the right schools so that they get the right certificates so that they get the right jobs so that they can buy the right cars and houses and so on it goes…..each of us too scared to stop for just a moment and wonder if this is what we really want because when we sit still for a while we are derided and called lazy, and when we sit still for a while we can’t help but worry that we are dropping behind in the race for those scarce resources….the risk is too great.

Those people who shun this system are shunned by the society then taken to pieces by the media, humiliated by comments, videos and photos on social media. There are no defences against this as the power and profit people create and run the social media, integrating it further into our lives until we begin to believe in it and completely lose the ability of our own discernment.

Those who create this system sit back and evaluate their power and wealth safe and secure in the knowledge that the masses will never notice what is going on.

To ensure the masses never notice we keep them entertained with video games, deeper and wider fantasies for any imagination. Reality TV shows, game shows, model shows (yes you are how you look), talent shows (yes you are your abilities), gambling, porn, the list is endless and the herds are kept occupied lest their true spark of humanity should ignite and cause them to notice their own imprisonment.


Bring In The Fear Factor

If the endless media bombardment isn’t enough then feed them with rubbish, take away their natural strength and healing ability. Call it food hygiene; make everything sterile so that they are safe from germs.

Ah, germs. The great war of fear, make them fearful of everything, educate them about how susceptible they are to being infected and killed by unseen enemies then step in as their rescuing champions with antibiotics and potions which will gradually deplete their remaining natural healing abilities even more until they are totally reliant on you and stare adoringly at you as their beautiful and bountiful benefactors and saviours….for then they will quash any rebellion that may rise up to challenge the desired world view.

The masses police themselves and keep themselves in prison. It is a perfect system because they do not even recognise that they are in prison and so they never consider breaking free. When they see someone who doesn’t belong in this system they deride them and call them insane…….locking them up in institutions where they can be made better…..that is they can be made to see beauty of the system of power to which they belong wholeheartedly.

So yes, they make Mary reliant on their drugs, then they cry scarcity and point the finger at Mohammed and people respond with hate, never looking up and outwards to the true cause of human suffering, never noticing the self created prison bars.

The system is complete, the system is self perpetuating and the top power people sit back and smile to themselves.


We Are All In The All

Do not spend time looking for the people at the top because they are not people as such, they are ideas and strategies, fears and defences neither belonging to a distinct person or group rather being more states of being to which we all subscribe at times.

We all care about other people and we all become fearful at times, that is human nature.

If you see a brother responding in fear reach out and hold their hand, remind them that they are not alone, they are not misunderstood even if they may be misunderstanding.

When you remind them of the truth you remind yourself.

This is the picture that I see, so that when I paint anew I take care not to make more prison bars by judging folk (including myself). Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not.


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