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Britain must learn from Australian immigration policy that REALLY works, writes Roger Maynard

Updated on June 10, 2016

Australia is a land of immigrants. The country’s major part is dependent on immigrants for its prosperity since 18th century. The number of Australian immigration has seen a gradual increase especially since 1945.

Immigration requirements for Australia are effective, robust and easy to follow. The processing timedepends on the priority of the category you are applying against. Australian skilled immigration is the most reliable way to enter Australia if you are eligible for the skill you are applying against.

For many years, Australia has been operating a points-based system for immigration. Australian immigration points calculator defines the eligibility criteria for lodging an application for migration. Brexit’s Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Priti Patel are planning to adopt a similar system in Britain outside EU. They are of the view that it will provide an appropriate mechanism to test the applicants against their skills.

The points calculator gives score against an individual’s age, English language capability, academic qualification etc. The minimum score required by the applicants is 60. Though the 60 points makes you eligible to apply, your application’s approval is not guaranteed.


Asylum seekers on the other hand are processed against a separate humanitarian system. Australian immigration 2015 records to intake around 13,750 refugees.

The process is still rigorous as the government considers thoroughly whom to allow and whom not to. Illegal migrants are sent to detention camps and after a detailed processing the results are declared whether or not they are eligible to enter the country.

In the past 5 years, a number of refugees have landed on the shores of Australia. Most of them have come from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and surrounding countries. Australian government issued a strict no tolerance policy in order to discourage people smugglers.

UN and other humanitarian organizations have criticized the detention camps at Nauru and Manus Island, but the government is determined to keep the refugees there unless they are proved eligible to enter the country.

Best Australian Immigration consultant website:

For further information, you can visit Australian Government website:

These hard-line policies show that Australia knows who they need and whom to reject. It has also reduced the number of illegal immigrations in the past 2-3 years. Australia has successfully spread the word that although it needs people from other countries for flourishing its economy, still there are proper checks and procedures that should be followed.

Unless and until you have a skill set, immigration consultants can prove a great help to let you enter the country under various skilled visa categories. These visa categories help you to live, study and work in Australia.

Common visa categories among applicants are subclass 489, subclass 189 and subclass 190.

The Australian government also invites applications for Australian immigration for Pakistani skilled workers. The skilled occupation list 2015 had numerous opportunities for people who want to move to Australia from Pakistan and worldwide.

With illegal immigrants landing on the shores of Kent beaches, British immigration authorities need to learn from Australia regarding the matters of high value immigration.


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