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Bug out bag checklist

Updated on December 5, 2015

Do You Have Your Bug Out Bag Checklist Ready?

What you should have in your bug out bag
What you should have in your bug out bag

How To Make A Bug Out Bag Packing List

You should learn how to make a bug out bag packing list. It will make sure that you do not forget any items that should be pack ed in your bag. You can even have a bug out box with various items that will help you survive and get to your next bug out location or make it too your bug out shelter. Also if you can you should have different size bags. I don't want to be hauling around a bag that I am not really going to need at that time. If I have to get out of dodge then I really must travel light.

What do you do if you have to leave your home and never come back? What would you take? What would you eat? What would you drink? The most important question is, how will you survive? If you are on foot, you and each member of your family will need to have items on hand to survive for at least 3 days. I can't stress how important this is. Here is a list of products available for purchase to help you get ready.

Your first thing that you need is a good bag. You can go to the goodwill and find a nice bag for the low until you get you money saved up for the bags that you need. Everyone in your family need to have their own bag packed with a least the minimum items in it. This should last your for 3 days. Do you have what it take to be part of the Survivalist Nation.

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

2. 3 liters of water

3. 3 packs of freeze dried meals.

4. Pair of boots

5. Pair of pants

6. 2 pairs of socks

7. Jacket

8. Sunglasses

9. Hat

10. Rain poncho

11. First Aid kit

12. 2 Plastic Tarps

13. Sleeping bag with bag roll

14.Small pot with cup for boiling water

15. Flashlight with batteries

16. Knife

17. Weapon with cleaning gear and ammunition.

18. Firestarter

19. Survival energy bar

20. Water purification tablet

21. Weather radio

22. Any medications that you need

23. Multi-Purpose Tool

This bag is just in case you had to leave in a hurry. Or you have just enough supplies to make it to your safe house location? If you feel that it is safe to stay in your house than do that. Don't leave unless you have to. You should make sure you have a good steel door and you have bars on all the windows. Also you should have your some food stockpile in your home. Have you thought about hiding your food?

You could bury it on your property or you could build a false wall in your home an hide food in it. It would be up to you to survive. I would hate to have to leave my home and I had a stockpile of food at that location. I would dig a whole somewhere and bury some food in the ground. If I had to leave the best believe i will be back and hungry at that. If you have to travel and venture you then do so. If you use a meal in your bug out bag then make sure you replace it every time. You want to make sure that you have food and water to last you for 72 hours at least. You should be an expert now on how to make a bug out bag packing list.

A Bug Out Bag Checklist Item That You Need Is Water

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Why You Need An Urban Bug Out Bag Now!

Will you need to have an urban bug out bag
Will you need to have an urban bug out bag | Source

Making a Get Home Bag To Get Back Home

The choice is really up to you. You should have at least three meals and water for sure. Then the rest is up to you. If you live in a place where you may need more water then pack more. If you are in the dead of winter and you need more food then add more food to the get home bag. That is all that you need to do. If you plan then you can make it back home. Go over your list and plan for what you need.

You will quickly learn what it takes to be an urban survivalist. I would hope I would have enough supplies to get to the safe house. Once I am at the safe house then I would start a stockpile of items and plan another bug out bag just in case I have to move from that safe house location. What to put in your bug out bag depends on you. There are no right or wrong items for you bag. It is only what you think you need to survive. A lot of survival is physical but a lot of it is also mental. Take the proper steps to make sure you and your family are prepared. Start with the list above and you will become part of the Survivalist Nation.

What Should Be In A Bug Out Bag

You Need A Survival Checklist In Your Bug Out Bag

What is on your bug out packing list? Do you have more or less items? Do even know anything about packing your bag? Have you really sat down and thought of all the things that you may need in your bag. I know some people will try to stuff the pack with all kinds of things, then when they try it on they realize they made a mistake and packed too much. Are you gonna go Rambo and just take an empty bag and get the items you need from mother nature? When you make a list then you come prepared. You have time to have a plan B if Plan A does not work out. I would rather plan to fail then fail to plan.

I bet that most people do not have the skills to get items from mother nature. If you make a plan then you will be in a lot better shape. I would hope that I would not have to start over and live off the land. If I had no choice I would be in a better position than many people. What you need to do is to take the items that you need to survive for a least 3 days on your own? When are you going to make your bug out bag checklist? Make it so you can Survive Anything at least for 3 days if it was really bad.

Basic Bug Out Bag Checklist

Bottled Water
Cooking Tools
Sleeping Bag
Fire Starter
All Purpose camping tool
Guns/ Ammo/Repair Kit
Med Kit/Fishing Kit
You Can Start With This Bug Out Packing List Anything Else That is extra!! Survive With Survivalist Nation!

Is Your Bug Out Bag List Ready For Martial Law

Make sure you have a bug out packing list before Martial Law sets in.
Make sure you have a bug out packing list before Martial Law sets in. | Source

How Many Days Until You Run Out Of Food?

How Many Days Can Your Family Survive On Your Food Stockpile?

See results

You Can Get A Jeep As A Bug Out Vehicle

Jeep Cherokees make great bug out vehicles.
Jeep Cherokees make great bug out vehicles. | Source

Bug Out Vehicle or Bug Out Truck Which One?

Do you have a bug out vehicle? Would you have a bug out truck or a bug out SUV? If I could have my own way I would have a 4 door truck that I could store things in the back. The hard part would be getting fuel to power the bug out truck.

You could even take it even further and have a bug out trailer. I think that the bug out vehicles would be used early on but when fuel gets scarce I think i would be come a target for thugs and thieves. If you call yourself a urban survivalist that you should have or have plans to have a bug out vehicle.

If I had to have a bug out bag checklist I would include bug out vehicles also. If the SHTF then I will get in the vehicle and then drive to the bug out location that was planned ahead and set up shop. I would also hide my vehicles and conserve gas. That is what I would do if i had to bug out fast.

Would You Be Able To Get Out If You Had Too

Now is when you need your bug out vehicle.
Now is when you need your bug out vehicle. | Source

Would You Be Able To Cross The Border With Your Bug Out Vehicle?

Borders and Bug Out Trucks
Borders and Bug Out Trucks | Source

What would you do if you had to Flee the U.S?

Could what is going on in the Ukraine happen here. Would Canada get mad or mexico turn on us. I hope that would never happen but what if if did? What would you do if you had to flee the U.S. because a country has invaded the US. What would you do? If you don't have the money or connections to get out you could be in for a world of trouble. Get a bike if you don't have one. Travel will be one of the first things shut down. You can only get gas to run local errands and that is it. Kiss your guns goodbye. You will have new identity made for you. This is the time you need to start saving your trade items. Get your Barter and Trade on. You use to do if for "fun" and know you are doing it for survival.

If you follow the directions you should be able to make it out or have enough supplies to take back control once the rest of America wakes up. While they wake up you wait. Stayed tuned.....

Can You Live In An Off Grid Home

Living off the Land At You Bug Out Shelter
Living off the Land At You Bug Out Shelter | Source

From Bug Out Bag To Living Off The Grid

What are you going to to do when the dust clears and you go back to living normal? There will be no Amazon. Only this time you had to do it without electricity. Could you survive? I would first go into the woods and see if I could cut down any trees or branches to start making a shelter. I would hope I would have a gas powered chain saw somewhere and still have a little gas left to use it to cut down trees and branches.

You should have one at your emergency shelter. I hope I would live somewhere where the winter is mild. If it is spring I should get a garden started and try to keep out animals and deal with pests. I should have a stream of water nearby or at least not too far from a walk. I should be able to fish, hunt and store food that was caught. These are the steps that I should do. If I have more people with me then we can get a lot done in a little of time.

Many people would simply not make it living on the land. They would be the first to die in couple of months. You won't have your fancy grill to cook a meal on it will be some wood and charcoal if your lucky. One thing that we know is certain that if you do not eat and drinkand have shelter you will die. If these basics are covered you can and will live off the land until you take your last breath. The sooner or later that you realize that you are responsible for yourself early on then the better you will be later on.

If you ever had to bug out again you could do it, and do it better than the last time. All of the drama should be over and you should be living off the grid. Still keep and maintain all your bug out tools and keep them as a reminder of how things were and how things are now.

Great Land To Start Over With

Colorado, USA

get directions

Starting Over after Chaos

Bug out in the Wilderness
Bug out in the Wilderness | Source

Now You Have A Bug Out Bag Checklist Get To Work

Now you know how to make a bug out bag. You have no excuses. I don't want to hear anybody saying "Oh I was tired and I forgot to make one, or I did not have time, but me and you can share your bag". Yeah right. I hope you learned from this hub that packing a bug out bag was easier than you thought. I am glad I have made a bag for every member of my family.

It really made me think of what was really important and what we really needed to survive. I love to hear peoples amazing survival stories and they don't even have half of the gear we tell you to put in your bug out bag. We are so spoiled when it comes to things in life and we take it for granted everyday. What if it came to a halt? How many days will you live? You have already taken steps to survive on your own by reading this. By packing your own bug out bag you have just become a member of the Survivalist Nation. Welcome.


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    • SurvivalistNation profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Midwest

      @TxMongoose you so right about having various bags ready. I am gonna check out Dave Canterbury setup.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Excellent article. I have tried to incorporate my items for almost any possile event so that I can take off any moments notice, either with all or even portions of my gear.

      Duty belt with a FA kit/water canteen/folding shovel/EDC pouch

      Thigh rig for pistol / extra mag along with flashlight and fixed blade knife.

      Drop leg ammo pouch for ammo/cleaning kit/small odds and ends for hunting/trapping.

      Duty vest for fishing kit/sewing kit/fire making kit/binocs/compass/small food items/water purification items/warmers/er blanket/SAS book/etc...

      Backpack for the larger items: clothing/tent/tarp/boots/large FA kit/

      sleeping bag/Kukri or machete/other items space permitting.

      This helps distribute the weight, as well as knowing where specific items are while travelling.

      If everything was in one bag, and you could not carry due to weight or even had to leave it behind for some reason, it would suck. Definitely have various bags ready, and even try to have them geared up so they can be grabbed easily.

      Whatever bag or setup you have, I believe that the 5 C's stated by Dave Canterbury is a must have in each one so you would have the ability to survicve, even if you don't have evertythign you want with you.


    • SurvivalistNation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Midwest

      rye my 72 hour bug out bag weighs about 27lbs. I can carry about 10 more pounds but I would not want to.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      how much did your bag weigh?

    • Team BOBA profile image


      5 years ago from Missouri

      Nice article. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

      I like how you hit the various elements of bugging out. At Bug Out Bag Academy, we put together a similar list to educate people about the need for emergency preparedness, placing emphasis on redundancy. It's important to always have a backup in case your go-to item/plan fails.

      For that reason, we recommend carrying several different tools for water filtration/purification and fire starters among other items. As the saying goes "where there's two there's one, where there's one there's none."

    • SurvivalistNation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks for visiting faythef and jericho911.

    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 

      5 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Love it. I can't help but love Doomsday Preppers show. They talk about the bug out bag all the time.

    • faythef profile image

      Faythe Payne 

      5 years ago from USA

      Good hub..we all should have a bug out bag..I have been thinking a lot about this,,but didn't know where to start..thanks for the info..


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