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Bullet Control is Bunk: The Real Case for Addressing 'Round' Violence

Updated on September 21, 2016

Is Rock Right?

Bullets Kill People....

It’s cute to think that making bullets more expensive would halt the constant shootings in the United States. Comedian Chris Rock even joked about this. But would such a measure actually limit and possibly eliminate the next mass amount of casualties felled by gunfire? Such a move would only exacerbate the issue of brute force being perpetrated against rights-respecting individuals. That groups with guns (and rounds) who seek to kill or maim anyone in their path points to the inefficacious bureaucrats who decide on these laws. By making bullets pricier, the bandits and terrorists and lunatics would get there hands on them the same way drug manufacturers, pushers, and users find their product. In the same way that drugs ought to be legalized, weapons and drug laws ought to be stiffer, (and for the same reason: to protect individual rights).

With the implementation of laws that would force those who violate the rights of law abiding citizens to do more prison time and incur more fines, the problem of mass shootings in America may become a rarity. But bullets being more expensive would do just the opposite of the intended goal. On the streets, the black market would rule the day. Any set of rounds that would cost a few dollars or tens or hundreds of dollars would be available for cents on the dollar (as they are today). The phrase “guns don’t kill people, bullets do” illustrates the tandem relationship of firearm to rounds. What it doesn’t show, however, is that without one the other is useless. What it also fails to demonstrate is the fact that the warped mind of the sole gunman or groups governs when and where and who and what to shoot. It is up to the individuals who value life to take a stand against allowing would-be and actual attackers to carry out such heinous crimes. The psychology of a killer has been studied and volumes of knowledge have been recorded. Why does such events occur in this country? Why is it that the conversation shifts from protecting individual rights to restricting gun owners (and ammunition owners most likely) their Second Amendment rights. If bullets could be bought at exorbitant prices, sure there would be gun enthusiasts who would be able to afford such items. Criminals, though, would discover new ways to get around the laws obtain rounds anyhow. To prevent mass shootings or any other types the gunning down of people, the solution is not to perform a price hike on projectiles. Greater attention ought to be paid the mental state of gunmen. The probes for felony records ought to be ready to be viewed by sellers of bullets and guns. More focus ought to also be applied to the police force.

Bullets for sale....
Bullets for sale.... | Source

Respect their Authority

Though they might be high on authority, most of them, cops still stand as defenders of rights. Their job is to make certain that the lives and property of rational individuals receive the utmost respect. Bullets directed in the way of police officers injure and cause death against them as well. Would it be wise to increase the purchasing rate of rounds when they would become inevitably obtainable through shady ends? Law enforcement ought to regard the consideration of expensive bullets as a threat to the overall well-being of the citizenry. The

When the hail of bullets falls upon victims from an aggressor’s weapon, why is the notion of making bullets more expensive even put on the table? The results would be disastrous. Imagine a country, already plagued by gun violence, ramped up to the levels of the most basket case nations of the Middle East. Picture the cities and towns overrun by rounds manufacturers who produce bullets on underground terms. The gun owners who would have been able to afford rounds to protect themselves and their families would be forced to illegally seek and find clandestine merchants of death. Most of the individuals who do not own guns would be at the mercy of any thug who decided to open fire. The case against expensive bullets is clear. To make concessions for assailants only emboldens them and lets them feel as if they can get away with their crimes. The tougher sentences and fines and further punishment against those who initiate coercion against people ought to blast away any ideas of expensive bullets. The protection of individual rights involves the constant recognition of lives and property. To combat the onslaught of mass shootings, the rules of the game ought to change. Rather than bringing the bullets to the price of a latte at Starbucks all the way up to a used Toyota Camry as Mr. Rock asserts, the real plan ought to consist of quelling the start of savage force.

Bullet TIme

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Preserving Freedom

For individuals who wish to lead rational, productive lives, it is imperative that they know their rights and to be on constant vigilance against any threats. The bullets killing people theory ought to only apply to the attacker or attackers in any incident. Even if expensive bullets became the law du jour, the safety of Americans would still be in jeopardy. The rounds that would be fired upon officers would be in greater numbers as the attackers would have access to the latest and greatest bullets. The dark deals and underhanded “trades” would outnumber the capacity of law enforcement. Now, the machine guns and multiple round drums haunt the schools, churches, office buildings, theaters, and other places that have witnessed murder and mayhem.

Though Mr. Rock posits an interesting idea about “Bullet Control,” the fact remains that the costly rounds theory is bunk. The real sense of the matter ought to be on the capability for psychiatric professionals, law enforcement officials, and other individuals to assess accurately any threat and to stop another mass shooting before it happens. The only control that ought to be focused on is the control of criminals who possess and present a viable menace to the safety and well-being of Americans. For the gap to close on the gun violence that occurs in this country, it requires the due diligence of those who wish to preserve freedom.

The Position on Rounds
The Position on Rounds | Source

Biting the (Overpriced) Bullet

Would you support the price hike in bullets?
Would you support the price hike in bullets? | Source


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