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What Is President Bush Doing About Global Warming?

Updated on December 16, 2012

It seemed the whole world except President Bush believed that global warming was being caused by the burning of fossil fuels and therefore increasing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. There were documentaries made about how President Bush was wrong, and how he was doctoring scientific reports to make them look more attractive.

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Actually I Think It Was Just Al Gore Getting Back At President Bush Because He Lost The Election.

And Al did make excellent an global warming video. When it seemed President Bush had the whole world against him he abruptly changed sides. Now he is in the same camp as everybody else and they believe that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide. Since he has changed now the whole global warming controversy has started to dim and it is not front page news anymore. I think they were all holding out trying to prove President Bush wrong. After he changed he took the wind out of their collective sails and the whole movement just stalled in its tracks.

One Thing The Global Warming Movement Has Very Successfully Achieved Is They Have Started The Race To See Who Can Produce The Next Best Global Warming Video.

Just to give the people on the overpopulated planet something to watch. At the moment I think the best are Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle, which tries rather successfully I think to pull apart the theory that human activities cause global warming. I think the media loved it when President Bush was the lone voice in the wilderness saying there was no real proof that human activities caused global warming. Now it seems that Al Gore was using junk science to prove that CO2 was causing so President Bush might have been right all along.

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