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That Advocacy group..., did What!?

Updated on August 23, 2014

Why do Organizations file complaints that have: "Zero Weight?"

Organizations. We all come into contact with several of these, one time or another in our lifetimes. But what are Advocacy organizations doing exactly, when they trample upon grounds they have no merit to do so?

I pose this question as I remember the ACLU filing a complaint, within the last 60 days, regarding how a Southern California Law Enforcement team "needed to perform" in a tactical situation, which had law enforcement facing death by a criminal/terrorist, which they stated was uncalled for. I beg to differ and I'm providing my comments on the facts and not giving in to conspiracy theories!

Whenever a person is acting out of control, this can be described as: Uncivil and the visual picture is vivid. So, why is it that an organization proceeds sticking it's neck out to refute Law Enforcement performing their job duties when they have been attacked and/or their lives have been severely threatened? Any person, who's been attacked or assaulted, can tell you first hand by testimony that, every second matters and many times, those seconds don't matter, because the attack or assault has already occurred in less than a blink of an eye! ("I offer my sincerest condolences for those who have NOT made it in these types of situations and to their families as well." Respectfully.) Police Officers live with this eminent situation (of Danger), day-in and day-out. It's a part of the grain in their job duties and description of assignments that mandate attention to.

Now, don't get me wrong! I know first hand about law enforcement and people in authority roles who don't fit the bill: as in, they fall far from having the 'caliber and reputation' that fit's the honorable authority figures who have and do exist. As a child, I remember a family member who had an authority role as a Pastor and Severely Misused that role. Then, there have been people I've been close to who have been in Law Enforcement roles and failed to honor their Legal Regulation codes. But the key factor I'm focusing on here is, organizations who want to advocate, file cases in court, bad-mouth a law enforcement agency and its employees solely for their image and financial gain.

Restrictions for Law Enforcement when they are attacked by assailant's

Should Police Officer's be restricted from protecting themselves?

See results

I'm providing a list below, stating why this is not in their best interest to continue to do so, when the facts don't match their mission and vision:

  1. When an organization opens up and its mission is advocacy for the rights of individuals, it does more than send the wrong message when they attack an agency who by all means followed the proper procedure: because No Officer should be killed just to please a criminal OR the agency who is speaking out of line!
  2. The entire purpose of advocacy is to foster community/global involvement. By an organization simply poking it's nose in where it doesn't belong, this communicates that the organization is not based on Integrity with it's mission, for it's mission here by example is showing it's to cause smearing of good, quality law enforcement, who are to provide protection for it's community. Which is proven to foster community involvement.
  3. When an organization proceeds to file court claims, they are pulling the resources of legal assistance from Legal Professionals and from the court in the jurisdiction where the case is filed. Which in turn wastes time for no positive purpose, wastes court documents, wastes employee hours and they take up court hours that can be given to other plaintiffs and defendants for their deserved court appearances.
  4. There is already a number of media outlets who crave slander material. Why is a organization choosing to add to the bad news that is spread? There's enough already, there's no shortage.
  5. These organizations ought to take a week or so, to structure a better and improved way to help out communities. Because the efforts that I'm describing here are dead-on target. to run a group into the ground.

Did you think of an advocacy group in your area that has done something similar? Please provide your feedback. I'm hoping to start a conversation on this subject matter, as it's a reoccurring issue here in the U. S. A. that gets ignored.


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