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By Now I Expect President Obama To Be A Coward - But Traditional Christians Too?

Updated on April 22, 2015

By Now I Expect President Obama To Be A Coward - But Traditional Christians Too?

Years ago, down in Law School, a Japanese classmate of mine approached me and told me how brave she thought I was; I thought that she were lauding my bravery because of my tendency to challenge the law professors, practicing what they call in Law School the Socratic Method - but no... my Japanese classmate thought that I was brave because I wore a cap that said: "I love Jesus." Mind you, this happened way back in the year 2000 and, perhaps, it was a clue and a precursor as to what Christians would face and are facing now. If that student genuinely thought that my wearing a cap that I said I love Christ Jesus was bravery, it gives you a clue now as to the growing persecution in America and the ongoing Holocaust being perpetrated against Christians around the world, especially in Africa and the Middle East by Muslims. We are living in era beset by perversions of the Word of God... whereby those perverting the plain Words of the Bible have worldly fame and much Midas influence, accounting for President Obama (politician (s)) being a coward - but also Traditional Christians too?

No one is more hated than a Christian that parrots what the plain word of God says about certain social issues (Abortion & Gay Nuptials); it is why we are known pejoratively as Fundamentalist, Christian Right or Jesus Freaks. Writing in this forum, I have had many of my blogs published without the adverts and it is to the point now that the powers that be at Hub-Pages no longer, for the time being, bother me anymore because I cannot be bribed. I have little followers because no one wants to be associated with a Jesus freak, but those who write for this forum know that there is a button that tell you how many people read any given blog and many read my blogs. I say this not to boast, but to show that there are those who want to hear the unvarnished 'truth, ' even though they cannot admit so openly.

This is the problem whereby the Christians are so quiet that President Obama and the Secular lobby can get away with murder. As a matter of fact, we have armed President Obama, out of demonic racial pride, to carry out the very actions that are hurting us physically and spiritually. How many Christians must die before President Obama uses his "Bully Pulpit" to at least show Christians his moral support. My God, imagine if Christians were murdering Muslims at the rate they are doing in certain areas of Africa and the Middle East? Think of the irony that recently Muslims running from Muslim persecution in Africa and the Middle East... by boarding boats to come to Europe and then these same so called persecuted Muslims throwing overboard a dozen or so Christians simply because they prayed to Christ Jesus during the treacherous sea journey.

If President Obama is a Christian then Hitler must have been Jewish. I have read certain excerpts in books that say Adolf Hitler was partially Jewish, as if to lessen the atrocities done to the Jews, but unlike the uncertainty of Hitler's ethnicity, President Obama has assured us that he is a Christian. Well Mr. President where is the love? You know the kind of love you seem to have for the gays when they come out of the closet. President Obama recently berated us - Christians - at the recent prayer breakfast... but oh physician, heal thyself ! You who is an advocate and have signed laws to kill babies; and you who pervert the Word of God when it comes to homosexuality.

In the social media forums (Face-Book, etc), the Black Christian preachers say nothing, much less the laity, about the utter destruction that President Obama has wrought upon the churches because, apparently, 'race' trumps Christ Jesus' teachings. No matter how President Obama perverts the Word and watches and play golf as the Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims, Black Christians have nothing to say; instead, we address the pabulum like the fact that President Obama spoke Patios in his recent visit to Jamaica. Those who know your History, tell me that President Obama's deadly silence and lack of action is much different than what Emperor Nero did in murdering Christians, including the Apostle Paul, while Rome was burning and the latter played the Fiddle? At least, this may be worst because Emperor Nero thought that he was a god, but President Obama is a professed Christian. If President Obama is mere flesh and blood, and we have chosen him over Christ Jesus then how are we not going to worship those demons who appear as Angels of light... who are going to come with lying wonders and Satanic gifts?

If the secular world and President Obama do not and cannot understand Traditional Christianity - I expect their persecution, subtle as it may be now... though the lethal persecution is coming to America soon. However, when Christians domiciled here in the relative peaceful confines of the USA are silent in the face of what President Obama is doing or not doing, it is troubling to say the least. We have become a bunch of Pontius Pilots... washing our hands to no avail for the affronts we have seen and our support of President Obama and his secular hordes are committing against the Living God. Many of us Christians are guilty because we voted for this man, twice. Those of us who know our Bible think how similar we are to the Children of Israel who chose King Saul over the Lord (1st Samuel 8:7).

Jesus knows that I am not perfect because were I walk down Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, every fiber of my 'Old Man,' as The Apostle Paul calls the flesh, would be beckoning me to go back to my vomit of engaging in Fornication/Adultery when seeing the beautiful women. Even if I were to succumb, Jesus forbids, it would be a Sin though the flesh may like it. I say this to say that it is not about what I or you like or what the President says or Hollywood says about behaviors that contradict the Word of God. As a matter of fact, my Christian brothers and sisters if there is a social issue that the world supports... then more than likely it is morally wrong - case in point is the gay issue.

It was a little over three years ago when I was compelled and then I decided to accompany my blogs with my picture. Before that Divine Epiphany, I was afraid because of what I was writing, incidentally, belying what that Japanese law student had thought of me all those years ago. The Lord had to chastise me and let me know, via the Book of Job, that when a Christian dies it was because He permitted it. In case you are wondering: what did the Lord say to Satan in their wager concerning Job? The Almighty God commanded Satan not to kill Job; moreover, because Christ Jesus raised Himself up from the dead and walked out the grave after His Resurrection with the Keys to Life and Death is an apt illustration that everyone who dies must have permission from Christ Jesus.

I thank Christ Jesus that He has spared my life, yet I have been audited twice by the IRS though I am not a wealthy man, at least yet. I have been call all sort of names, even by some Christians, and even now there are many who are going to curse me silently for the contents of this blog. I say with all humbleness, If I am supposed to suffer a chronic case of Saint Peter's Disease (Christian Martyrdom) - so be it! I leave you to ponder, especially those who call ourselves Christians, asking, what will it cost us to support our Christian brothers and sisters who are dying physically or those who are alive and dying spiritually, as we watch President Obama and politicians lead many of us to the ditch?


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