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Updated on April 4, 2012


Fr. Kenn: Paying the price for freedom.
Fr. Kenn: Paying the price for freedom.
Letter Sent.
Letter Sent.
Partnership Request Letter Sent to the U.S. Embassy in Abuja.
Partnership Request Letter Sent to the U.S. Embassy in Abuja.

Chief Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo and the Search for the Soul of Nigeria



                                                                      Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

                                                                          Flat 24, Block 6, Road 12

                                                                          Federal Housing Estate, Woji

                                                                          Woji Road, Port Harcourt

                                                                          Rivers State.

                                                                          December 17, 2011.

           His Excellency

 Chief Mathew Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo.

 Subject: The Search for the Soul of Nigeria.

 Dear Sir,

  It is not a hidden fact that politicians talk about “permanent interests” and not “permanent enemies”. Also in a period of national crisis and the upload of a civil war, while bigots strip themselves naked and dance cowardly under the hot afternoon SUN to the sarcastic tunes of commandeered sentimentalism – tunes which have been found to be an umbrage at the illumination of the truth, patriots and nationalists strip themselves of every personal or parochial interests and courageously go to war on behalf of their nation, armed as it were with the sword of truth otherwise it is an unjust war. However it is only a true and committed fighter of freedom who undertakes a painstaking effort, as risky and frustrating as this may prove to be, to locate the soul of the nation with a view to building greater security around it. This commitment to freedom, I believe, is rooted in self-discipline, transcends politics, finds reliable companions in the patriot and the nationalist, and while savoring some significant developmental moments in activism, it then journeys on to the point of critical self-evaluation and comes to rest finally on faith - absolute faith in God.

 Faith constitutes the basic structures of life in its innermost consideration. The body of this life is hope. Its soul is love. Man lives his life in hope. Without hope, the inner structures of life as constituted by faith are not experientially made manifest but remain highly idealistic thus epitomizing a fatal dichotomy in the believer since the human person is made up of body and soul. Hope therefore translates faith into action. A faith-action driven by hope is two dimensional: temporal and spiritual, or to use a more adequate term, eternal. A faith-action that does not have an eternal dimension does not merit to be called on action of a believer. However, in as much as the complimentarity of faith and hope is very decisive for identifying the action of a believer, it is love that is the legitimizing factor as well as the crown of that action. It is not a disputable fact that someone who has taken a mistaken step into fundamentalism is a better neighbor than a satanic terrorist who hides under the cloak of religion or ethnicity.

 There cannot be an authentic and adequate appreciation of the concepts of faith, hope and love, whether these affect the believer, the politician, the patriot, the nationalist or the freedom fighter except if they are confessed and experienced by one who is standing on the ground of freedom, justice and equity. Whether in an effort to build institutions or individuals as sustaining ingredients of national growth and development or in an attempt to defend class or institutional illegalities too notorious to be ignored, the neglect of freedom, justice and equity has always resulted in a shameful detraction and total depreciation of the twin but fragile edifices of peace and security. This currently explains the moral burden and the diplomatic eclipse the U.S Government is facing with regards to Mr. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. This equally illuminates the moral burden you are carrying presently as a patriot and nationalist turned politician with total commitment to the Peoples Democratic (Demonic?) Party, PDP.

 In our struggle to evolve a true democratic culture and build a credible and sustainable political platform that can positively evaluate, unify and address our chaotic interests both as individuals and as a race; in our efforts to enthrone the true spirit of patriotism and nationalism; in our sworn commitment to the cause of freedom, justice and equity and in our sarcastic assertions of the miraculous character of faith, hope and love, two diametrically opposed domains have always been invariably  confused with each other: a lavishly furnished mansion with an evil dome in which totems, statues and effigies are well clothed and comfortably housed on the one hand, and the platform - any platform at all - where a true model stands on two feet in total self expression on the other hand. Either ways whether traditional, political, social, intellectual and significantly, religious, one need not confuse evil totems and statues - another form of a white painted sepulcher - with models on whose behalf it is not only permitted but also imperative that memorials or lasting remembrance be raised on their behalf so as to keep alive and re-live always the timeless values their life and struggles hold. Is it not the fact that, lost in this kind of confusion and upgraded by a well orchestrated propaganda, terrorists in the guise of jihadists and philanthropists have been awarded the titles of a companion of Prophet Mohammed or of St. Peter, or His Royal Majesty as the case may be?

 Fellow patriot and elder statesman, the thought of a Third World War is frustrating. Its reality is catastrophic. The neglect of the lofty challenges which the 2011 elections present to us, both national and global, promises an enabling environment for the speedy incubation of the bigots’ enchantments on the Nigerian political horizon generally believed to have been entrusted into your care. The 2011 elections place Nigeria on the path to a careless civil war which will eventually lead to a third world war. An avoidable, unnecessary, careless civil war in Nigeria “is going to spread like a wild fire in the Harmattan” to affect the precarious situation of global peace and security. The United States and the whole of the Arab world will be reduced to debris unfit for habitation.  Africa, Europe, China, India, North and South Korea will be subjected to the Hiroshima or Nagasaki experience of post-war Japan.

  For the security of my sources; to score a point in forgiveness; to create room for Amnesty; to contain an epidemic whereby people will be forced to manage their shame publicly, and as a philosopher, a theologian and a student of International Affairs ,and above all, a priest who is convinced that information needs to be managed and that it is meant to build up the society and not to destroy it, I hereby down play my indisputable status as a private investigator, but yet insist and unequivocally state as follows:

1.      To develop and as well make operational through the United Nations, a Global Ethic – a prototype and an improvement on the global ideals conceived and nurtured by Prof. Hans Kuhn, founder and president of Global Ethic Foundation in Switzerland is the only effective remedy against a Third World War. This holds great significance for the Church.

2.      To convene a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) under a pseudo – name, for example National Elders Forum, is the only way out of post-election civil war in Nigeria.

3.      Unreserved implementation of the recommendations in the Sacred Deed (published as www.Hubpages.An Appeal and a Body of Defense. com) will show a road map to national growth and development. On the part of the Church it will save her from serious embarrassments and as well detonate a time bomb that will have the effect of a Tsunami if it is allowed to explode. Already every arrangement has been put in place to this effect and all the materials sourced first hand.

 Definitely, P D P has no role to play or any contribution to make in the renewed search for the soul of our nation as it has only succeeded in unleashing terror, corruption and total deception on the Nigerian people specifically targeting their consciences. The fact that it is the largest party in Africa attests to the strength and force of the evil at work in Nigeria. And it is obvious that a dead conscience is a seed bed for the rapid growth of a nuclear disaster. PDP is a party of slavery, by slavery and for slavery. Slavery is the total or partial surrender of the bodily senses and mental faculties, consciously or unconsciously, to the dictatorship of evil. This is the definition of spiritual slavery. And a victim of this kind of slavery is always inflicted with total paralysis, blindness, deafness and dumbness while in confrontation with the demands of freedom, justice and equity, and this does not hold any promise for peace and security. In this regard, and with the PDP virus spreading across party lines in a very rapid manner, Nigeria has been sold again into slavery. Granted that repentance and forgiveness are catalysts in the extraction of justice; and that at another level, they are affective ingredients of amnesty, is it not also the case that the injury sustained by a soldier at the warfront or by a security man at the duty post does not hold the same degree of significance with the wound inflicted on the enemy or on the armed robber in the evaluation of casualties during the time of war or violence. In as much as you will hurriedly claim that this statement mitigates the great post-civil war imbalances that were visited upon the Igbos, you must also appreciate the fact that the present situation in Nigeria re-echo the very factors that led to the civil war and as such go to re-position MEND and MASSOB in the light of true nationalism and patriotism if the values they are holding on trust for Nigeria is not wrestled out of their hands and realistically made the central focus of national agenda. A Gani Fahwehmi or a Wole Soyinka in physical chains and in prison for defending human rights and fighting against oppression is not a slave but a freeman and a freedom fighter. On the other hand, a Barack Obama occupying the Oval Office in the White House but dictated to and helplessly yielding to the satanic demands of the World Union (666 or the Anti-God) as regards murder, Satanism, corruption and terrorism is the greatest threat to peace and security. This analogy definitely compels you to re-evaluate your former stand with regards to the above statement in connection with the Igbos. Some criminal elements may have crept into the Niger Delta struggle and the legitimate agitation of the Igbos for inclusion and integration into the mainstream of national life, but the abode and axis of evil in Nigeria is to be found in PDP- in all its satellite parties, its institutions, its operations and its activities. In this regard, I assert that, more than the secessionist attempts of Biafra and the global threat of a nuclear disaster or holocaust, the greatest threat to national security and individual lives in Nigeria lies in P D P.

 Any attempt to lay the foundations of nationhood and erect the structures of peace and security without due regards to justice is an intolerable pretension. Satanic politicians or, to use a more adequate phrase, protagonists of evil cannot build a nationalist government and a true democracy. They can only build oppressive and genocidal structures and as well fortify and widen the axis of evil. The most powerful, influential and popular of these terrorist, oppressive and genocidal brands in Nigeria today is babangidarism –the spirit and soul of PDP. And so after a very long reflection on the significance of your person for the evolution of a modern Nigeria, I have come to the conclusion that your emergence as a civilian president on the platform of PDP vitiated and largely corrupted your vision and mission in government for our dear nation. To believe that you handed over the baton of leadership and nationhood only for history and posterity to latter discover that what was received was a satanic walking stick will go a long way in fulfilling Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu’s call for you to be confined to the “ZOO” thereby leaving your children and friends to roam the streets of Nigeria as “bastards.” That you have a professional zoologist in power as a godson does not detract from the fact that a world team of professional mystical zoologists has all it takes to tame the wild “animal called man”. At this point I want to let you know that, as far as PDP is concerned, you have been sent to the “ZOO” (See the PDP vocabulary).

  Today, the person of Major General Mohammed Buhari (rtd) presents a strong lead to the Soul of Our Nation. To be precise, the Soul of a nation is the conscience of her own people. Again, the undying will of the people – people with living consciences and not beasts in human skin, is the reason for, as well as the legitimizing factor of government. The immunity clause is the people’s property that is meant to protect their will from abuse and ridicule. And that the immunity is managed by the peoples’ representatives as manifested by the machinery of government underscores the height of trust the elected office holder enjoys - a breach of which is a conscious fatal stab directly on the heart of freedom and an encroachment on the Sovereignty of the nation.   With the 2011 Elections around the corner, Major General Mohammed Buhari (rtd) is a rallying point for Nigerians with a conscience. If this is an appointment, he is already appointed. If it is an interview, he has already passed it. If it is a job, he is the most qualified. If it is an honor he deserves it. If it is a promotion, he merited it. If it is a crown, it fits him. But if it is an injustice and a fraud, Nigeria and her teeming population, not Mohammed Buhari is the unfortunate and irremediable victim.

 A credible democratic platform sustained by an atmosphere of religious freedom and people with living consciences avails each and everyone of us an opportunity to, once again, evaluate our tested convictions as well as determine their level of applicability. This is the reason why a Sovereign National Conference must predate a Buhari presidency.  Thus as a typical unapologetic Ukwa/Ngwa man who is proud of his origins; also as an Igbo man who is stubbornly and unrepentantly convinced that Biafra then, and now (understood as the liberation of Igbos in the context of one Nigeria) is a legitimate action courageously placed on the side of freedom, justice and equity;  but more importantly, as a Nigerian who believes and is as well unreservedly committed to the unity, growth and development of this country, I feel obliged to enclose copies of the homilies I preached on the Palm Sunday of 2004 and a recent letter I sent to the coordinator of the Owerri Province of the  Justice, Development and Peace Commission, JDPC of the Church in Nigeria, and thus, hereby, cease this medium to appeal to the Soldier, the Patriot and the Nationalist in you and other prominent Nigerians to “arise and obey” the call to duty for “the labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain”. In Buhari, with Buhari and through Buhari, not only that millions of honest and hardworking Nigerians who have been eclipsed and discouraged will be reassured – not made millionaires overnight - but also everybody within and outside Nigeria will be convinced that honesty, hard work, dedication and patriotism, not corruption and evil commitments, are also among the operating and regulating factors of our national life.

 In this age when people’s biometric information have become matters of urgent state interest and when micro – chips can be effectively and inconspicuously planted in the body of human beings; and whereas I was abducted on the 9th of July 2006 and on the 27th of May 2008 respectively by the same people with the same satanic beliefs and political roots ; whereas my name has been carefully and systematically struck off from every significant official document in the Catholic Diocese of Aba since the year 2000 for no reason whatsoever; whereas there has been unprecedented impersonation of my person and that of my family members; whereas Nigeria and her people including myself and my family members and associates deserve a new breath of life; and whereas an olive branch has been extended to all those in this heinous game against God and humanity in the form of the “Amnesty of the Sacred Deed”, I insist on these reports including those published in the www. Hubpages. com under the username “evurulobi” or “marysrose” and on  the Facebook under the username RevfrKenneth Evurulobi (1 &2) respectively, and hold them to be true and indisputable. Concerning those who feel umbrage against the contents of these Reports, especially those whose names were mentioned but who reject the offer of Amnesty, I publicly challenge them to boldly come forward and prove me wrong. However, if in the process of self-defense – a legitimate debt which I owe myself – such a person is fatally wounded, and whereas this defense is very necessary so as not to loose the message that has been entrusted to me to deliver or diminish its quality, then let it be stated here and very clearly too, that I owe nobody any apology.

 On your part as someone who has made monumental contributions to national unity and stability as well as to her political, economic and social growth and development but whose efforts, like mine, have been greatly frustrated and marred by conscious wicked human designs more than by personal idiosyncrasies as often blown out of proportions under the hot afternoon SUN, these Reports, it must be noted, are not to be used as a tool of violence or vengeance against enemies, but as a working instrument in the hands of fellow democrats, nationalists, patriots, freedom fighters and traditionalist progressives. The entire Reports, wherever they are scattered – and this is intentional, form a unity and is meant to present you with the opportunity to forgive and to re- launch you back into the mainstream of patriotic engagements and nationalistic debate and as well, place you again on the road to assume your rightful place in the midst of other world leaders.I salute the resourcefulness, resoluteness and resilience of Professor Wole Soyinka, Tam David–West, Mr. Femi Falana, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Tunde Bakare, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Dora Akunyili, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chinua Achebe, Ledum Mittee (whose struggles in the Niger Delta, together with that of Prof. Tam David-West, represent the most matured approach to the Niger Delta cause) etc. I extol the nationalist struggles of Dele Giwa, Gani Fahwehmi and Pa Anthony Enahoro. May God rest their souls. I hereby launch an appeal on behalf of the cooperate efforts of former CEOS of union Bank, Oceanic Bank and Intercontinental Bank and intercontinental Bank respectively and as well raise a strong protest against the Management of Texaco/ Chevron in relation  to the abuse of Human and People’s Rights, and tie all these to the Sacred Deed.

 This message comes to you through the virginal hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Nigeria and the Our Lady of Fatima on This Day, December 2010.

Power Belongs to God. And to God Alone Belongs Power!



·         Some persons or groups have presented themselves as mediators, advocates and peacemakers between me and my traducers/ killers only for me to discover latter that these meetings and interventions were mere charades. A cabal which hides behind the Catholic Church and wears the mask of the Knighthood of St. Mulumba even as it maintains a strong hold on the hierarchy wants me dead. I equally cease this opportunity to inform you of this in case anything happens to me. For this same reason, my elder brother Mr Charles Chinyere Enyereibenyem Evurulobi has been poisoned.

·         If you disregard these reports, you may not be alive to witness the inauguration of the new government, likewise Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 


·         In line with the above, and two weeks to the Presidential election, this report will be highly manipulated, turned up side down against you and published in favor of IBB, Orji Kalu and as a strong propaganda for a false and deceitful Igbo liberation. Intensive pressures have been on me to deploy this report to this end as a plea bargain for my life and ministry but then this will not only amount to total subversion but will also greatly undermine the liberative significance of these reports. My only concern is that these documents be not surrendered to terrorists.

I continue to entrust you to the care, protection, and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, and remain,

 Yours Sincerely,



Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi.



(Excerpts of a Homily preached by Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi on Palm Sunday, 2004)

 The first statement from the Reading preceding our procession into the Church today reads: “Jesus resolutely made his way towards Jerusalem…” The word resolute means showing great determination or in Igbo,” ikata obi”. In other words, Jesus was determined to go to Jerusalem at all cost, so As to offer the last but most effective sacrifice to the Father for the redemption of humanity. The determination of God to save you and me, our families, our diocese, our state and our entire nation has always been the persistent kernel of the history of salvation. For instance, he resolutely smote and sold the first born of the Egyptians into the grave as a compensation for the slavery, bondage and loss of the identity of the chosen people, Israel. Jesus himself had to watch two thousand swine drown in the water in his avowed mission to save a lunatic who gave his name simply as “Legion” .The Father himself spared nothing, not even his only son for the salvation of man.

 In chapter fifty-two of Isaiah, He says that “my servant shall himself succeed in his mission”. Driven by a loving obedience to the will of the Father, Jesus today set out resolutely to Jerusalem, despite the threat of a shameful death, the collapse of a flourishing Galilean ministry, and of the loss of a divine name. After all, he reasoned, “it is not the case that a prophet should die outside of Jerusalem”.

 When you have an incontestable revelation (cf. Amos 3:6), which builds up a vision (Proverbs 29:1b) so as to send you out on a mission (Mtt 28:18-19), the only attitude which saves you from failure and chronic defeat is only that of ‘resoluteness’. The situation may demand that everything - transient values, be sacrificed or else there is a record of divine defeat. Unfortunately, the mark of a divine defeat is one of the most dreaded mystical marks which only Lucifer and his surrogates incubate in the chambers of their chronically deficient imagination. The question arising here is- Have you ever bore this mark?

 As Jesus was resolute in going to Jerusalem so must every Christian man and woman, young and old, laity and clergy, priest and religious, bishops and popes – everybody, in fact everything, including the entire created existent, be resolute in the accomplishment of the mission and tasks which our faith has called us to. Our faith may demand that the whole of what we are be resolutely put on the way to Jerusalem; on the altar of sacrifice as Jesus did. And every attempt to distract this must be seen as a satanic inducement. After this reading, the main gospel of today is called “Passion Narrative”, that is to say that what follows after the resoluteness is a narrative of betrayal, excruciating pain, shameful crucifixion and death. And without these there is no Easter, no resurrection. For, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it shall not germinate and bear fruits.

Jesus’ resolute entrance into Jerusalem brought to an end the age long agitation about the war between good and evil, between justice and oppression, between freedom and bondage. Unfortunately, one hidden fact about this battle - the only secret of success – is that the battle is not fought with physical weapons. It is a spiritual, astral and mystical battle. This is the fact which Satan, under the façade of the Jews, could not fathom. Radically given to this avowed mission, Jesus dismissed every item of fear as a satanic strategy for distraction. Soaked in the power of the consciousness of God’s abiding and eternal presence, He resolutely took the way to Jerusalem. Lost in the zeal for the work of the father, he cleansed the temple for God’s habitation. Determined to do the will of the father at whatever cost, he prayed that the Father’s will be done. Demonstrating his unshakable love for the world and his own, he gave his flesh and blood as a memorial offering in the Eucharistic banquet. Sympathizing with the human situation, he gave up his own life. And, proving the power he possesses to save, he entered the grave for battle.

 As Jesus was resolute in going to Jerusalem so must the Igbos become resolute in the pursuant of the Biafran cause. Every attempt to distract this must be vehemently resisted. Our liberation as a race demands, however, a certain shrewdness in the handling of national issues today. The lot of the Igbo man since Independence is an unacceptable one. Far more unacceptable is that of the Ukwa Ngwa; his fate is all the more unfortunate. I strongly believe in Ojukwu’s Biafra. I dream it. I visualize it. And I work tirelessly everyday towards its realization. But this dream is only realizable today within the context of one Nigeria, and not outside it. Anything outside this is an irrational engrossment in a defeated objective; a will-o’-the-wisp; a mission in suicide or even genocide; a utopian expedition very much cut off from the threshold of hope. The discovery of our slavish condition in a land that is ours is a factor which demands the creation of a new awareness about our history and condition that must have the power to coordinate the chaotic diversity of our individual interests as a race.

A correct awareness of, and a mature approach to Igbo cause must resist a violent action that is not expedient at the constitutional and diplomatic table. Over and above all, it must have to have to begin to nurse an extra-ordinary hatred for pretensions and commandeered sentimentalism. And so, while the Igbos should all be carried along by the revelations, vision and mission which have done much violence to Ojukwu’s imposing personality, we should also continue to respect the wide horizon which has informed Alex Ekwuene’s commitment to dialogue and his eventual but gallant withdrawal. That the new status of Adophus Wabara is as factor that has refused to fit into the categories of Igbo thought is not, in the least, surprising. For now, it remains an issue whose authenticity is left at the mercy of critics and opinion poll. However, any critic or an opinion poll that refuses to be educated by the Ukwa/Ngwa predicament and the politics of ‘divide and rule’  in Abia State lacks merit. I consider Ekwueme, Ojukwu and Wabara as different prongs of the same force, even though the possibility of reconciling these three Igbo men is an even which is better left to the discretion of an evolving praxis. This is one side of the story.

On the other side, sincere and committed Igbo’s must acquire the courage to rebuke and rebuff the antics of a political acrobat which has incarnated in Orji Kalu and his cronies. Such orjian antics have been discovered to possess a bilateral character whose expediency lies in a flamboyant display of flagrant betrayal and blackmail even though it wears a coveted messianic disposition. This is a wrong pedestal for a man to stand on and no race can afford to count the prospects for its success and liberation on this. The only fruits this can yield are accusations and counter-accusations as well as threats to life, whether real or imagined. And all will agree with me that the fruits are bitter indeed. It is against this elusive background that an unbiased evaluation of the Ukwa/Ngwa predicament clearly evolves. Enyinaya Abaribe personifies this predicament. And Abaribe’s predicament, I dare to say, is an Ukwu/Ngwa predicament which must be attended to immediately.

 There is, however, a certain curiosity which Abariabe’s resoluteness has drawn from all who have regard for facts. It demonstrates a strong and unshakable solidarity with the poor, the marginalized and intimidated people of Abia State who have been to man-made-hell and have not yet found words to express their awful experience. Chief Abaribe and his wife had this experience but instead of being silenced and intimidated, they had gallantly fought on, albeit bare handed, and scarcely aided, against the key operators of the highest satanic empire in the South East. They have done this while “Ndi Eze” had dined and wined and betrayed Abia sons and daughters; they have done this at the face of the mockery of a class of religious leaders turned devourers over the flock; they have done this shunning the shame of being labeled a dissident and a greedy dwarf. And for a long time, adversity has constantly knocked on the door to their lives. But recently, God revealed to me how adversity is only but a pretensious collaborator in the fight against greatness. And as Shakespeare would have it, it is only the eyes of childhood that can fear a painted devil.

 The resoluteness which Jesus exercised and the attendant passion narrative which must anticipate Easter is an experience which Abaribe is re-living today in Abia State. Between Abia State (God’s own State) and Satanic kingdom, between Mrs. Abaribe (this imperfect symbol of a Marian personality) and that perfect externalization of an occult Jezebel at Nweke street,; between Prophet Elijah and the prophets of baal, the struggle between good and evil, righteousness and sin, truth and falsity has danced to the demands of the final whistle blown by the impartial referee and supreme controller of the store of providence. Of course, the flag of victory is already hoisted and flying in lullaby speed at the right hand side of the Father. Guess who sits there – JESUS and all those who are on his side. The scale for the measurement and award of worldly honor is a highly detestable instrument in a divinely constituted environment. The fact that Jesus has been given the name above every name, supplies a proof to this. Of course, he says that the Spirit will come to prove the world wrong about sin, about righteousness and about judgment (Jn 16:8)

 I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow. He is the “I AM”, The Alpha and Omega; the Sole Maker and Supreme Controller of the Store of Providence, the astute finisher of Abacha’s fate, and the silent initiator of Abiola’s destiny. He is the author of our national history.

Lord, you have never failed, and can never fail. Even when it seemed that the duration given for the achievement of victory by your servant and gallant warrior Joshua was about to expire without any victory at sight, he commanded the sun to standstill over Gibeon and the moon to stop over the valley of Aijalon. Of course the sun stood still and the moon did not move until the nation had conquered its enemies. The sun stood still in the middle of the sky and did not go down for a whole day. Never before, and never since, has there been a day like it, when the Lord obeyed a human being. The lord fought on Israel’s side (Josh 10:13-14)

I cease the opportunity offered by the Holy Mass of the Palm Sunday to divinize further the cause which Abaribe represents at the state level, and which Ojukwu Ekwueme and Wabara are fighting at the national level. Every gesture, movement standing up and sitting down, our going out and coming in, your anger or support – these are now being woven into the fabric of a mystical accent and permission for this great men, who though sinful, had tried to erect the pinnacles of justice and liberation even against their own nature. God, director of providence, you give to those who worship you a burden that is easy to bear and a yoke that is light to carry.  May you be resolute in achieving the victory which you have ordained through your unworthy servant and priest for Ukwa/Ngwa and Abia State in general, Amen.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi,

Flat 24, Block 6, Road 12,

Federal Housing Estate

Woji, Port Harcourt,

Rivers State.

December 13, 2010.


The Co-ordinator,

Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC),

Owerri Province,

No. 5B Orlu Road,


Imo State.


Dear Co-ordinator,




On September 15, 2009, I wrote the then Head of State, President Umaru Musa Yar’dua on the deteriorating security situation of the Nigeria specifically focusing on Aba city and the Ukwa/Ngwa area of Abia State.

As of 2009, many of our people wanted to come home for the Christmas and New Year festivities but the place was not safe as it had then been turned into a killer/kidnapper’s den. This year, many also are desirous to come home for the Christmas and the New Year but most of our homes have been pulled down and burnt by the occupying soldiers in search of kidnappers and armed robbers. In one of such raids, Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Akwarandu was assaulted, arrested and detained, and the Blessed Sacrament desecrated by the soldiers. That the case of Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Akwarandu escalated to the extent of raising regional, national and international concerns is very instructive.

The strong PDP hold on the Catholic Diocese of Aba (I have made rewarding efforts to define and identify members of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. See my interview with SCROLL Magazine on the Internet, or one of the documentaries “My Story: Why They Want Me Dead” equally published on the Internet in to the extent of determining which priest is posted where and which one holds which post, in total disregard of canonical and diocesan statutes as well as the monetary inducements that greeted all, including priests who paid blind obedience to the State House in Abia State, and behind this, the Ibrahim Babangida secret political organization for the presidency which is coordinated from Aba have not only contributed to the erosion of discipline from the priesthood and the pastoral ministry in the catholic Diocese of Aba but have also been largely responsible for labeling those of us considered” non-conformists as “disobedient priests”, with our funeral orations already prepared even as we are still alive, and our names put on the death-list and handed over to the Abia State Vigilante and the different kidnapping/armed robbers’ camps.

 I must not fail to assert here that Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Akwarandu (a.k.a High Tension – a nickname he received from peers during the seminary days even before ordination and which all of us repeatedly saved from phasing out by sticking it on him) was my assistant when I was the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Umuagbai, Obohia Road Aba between September 1999 and September 2000 before he was posted out to S.S. Anthony and Jude’s Parish, Umungasi, Immaculate Heart Road Aba as an assistant to Rev. Fr. John Iheanacho while I myself left for St. Pius X Parish, Obohia Ndoki in Ukwa East L.G.A  from where I had to enroll as  a student of Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port Harcourt simultaneously. Rev. Fr. Akwarandu has one character that stands out above all – his determination to survive and succeed without violence. In other words, he would do everything possible to keep out of open confrontation with anybody. My point of departure with him is located at this very point. And in this regard, I pitched tenth with my former parish priest, Rev. Fr. (Now Barr.) Ignatius Onyebuchi Nwoko who, currently, is the Parish Priest of St. David’s Parish Uratta (not St. Margrets’ Uratta Road Aba where we worked and lived together between 1997 and 1999 and from where I was posted as Parish Priest to Our Lady of Fatima) Village, Isiala Ngwa North L.G.A of Abia State who is stubbornly convinced that priests, despite the weaknesses that scream loudly from the backyard of humanity, have the avowed mission to inform, educate, influence and direct positively the course of history in every society they happen to find themselves. And he strongly believes that if such a society is a perverse one, then the task is a very risky one. But then the difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it. And of course, to my admiration, Rev. Fr. (Barr) Nwoko is courageous and outspoken once it comes to the defense of the Truth and issues relating to justice and equity.

 Lost in this conviction about the prophetic role of the priest in the 21st Century, and having seen the lot of Rev. Fr. Bonaventure whose only sin is rooted in the fact that he shut his mouth for peace to reign, and even as I attest to the fact that Rev. Fr. Bonaventure, the much I know him, is not and could not have in anyway been involved in kidnapping, and as I am equally vindicated by Wole Soyinka’s assertion that “the man dies in him who keeps quite at the face of oppression”, I can only say that  Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Akwarandu is only a branded product of the grossly deficient “diocesan spirit” which has been strategically positioned to, deceptively,  subversively and equivocally govern the entire life of the Catholic Diocese of Aba. It is not his fault. I sympathize with him and pity him. But then, I must confess, it is our collective guilt, our shame and our failure as a Church  - the Catholic Church in Aba.

 Now that the fate of those who keep silent is not different from those who are outspoken but instead presents  a picture of sarcastic mockery of the Church, I am encouraged to bring to the notice of the Catholic Church in Owerri Province that:

i.        The “Anti-terrorism and Kidnapping Brigade” being proposed by the Federal Government as “its strategic response to the heightened insecurity in the country” (Saturday Sun, December 11, 2010; Vol.7 No. 415) is PDP’s gimmick to track down and effectively silence perceived opposition in the forthcoming 2011 Election during and after the election.


ii.       The Anti-Terrorist and Kidnapping Brigade is the materialization of the plan of the World Union to silence the South East and the Niger Delta through military occupation of the region.


iii.      The World Union, hiding behind PDP is preparing a chronically compromised platform in favour of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Presidency where crude forms of terrorism and corruption will be elevated to an art, and where the silencing of perceived opposition will be handled by the State through the Special Service Squad – a terrorist military squad that has been used to infiltrate the Nigerian Military Command.


iv.      There is an advanced stage of the plan of the Islamic resurgent (who are under serious deception by the World Union about the inauguration of a Supreme Regional Islamic Kingdom to cover the whole Northern States) to exterminate Christianity from the Northern part of the country  starting first with the Catholic Church. While the “SSS - Special Service Squad” is designed to assist the Islamic Resurgent in the North, one of its secret assignments is to gather intelligence against the interests of the Southern Nigeria.


v.       To go ahead and conduct the 2011 election under the present arrangement is to help Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, who believes he owes nobody nothing but that everybody owes him some form of gratitude, to achieve his life long Satanic ambition to rule Nigeria as a military Head of State but disguised as a civilian.


vi.      There is the plan of the World Union to cause serious religious and political unrest in Nigeria before the election so that many Igbos in the North will be forced to return home. Through a well orchestrated propaganda, they will be encouraged to insist on Igbo Presidency come 2015 which can only be guaranteed by Babangida. Behind this, and secretly, they will be deceptively made to believe, just like the Islamic resurgent, that the target come 2015 is not Igbo Presidency but rather the Sovereign State of Biafra. The Ukwa/Ngwa land and the entire Obigbo L.G.A in Rivers State have been mapped out by these renegades as no man’s land for the returning Igbo refugees. And this informs the remote cause of the ethnic cleansing that is going on in Ukwa/Ngwa land. The Abia State Government, Chief T.A Orji is privy to this arrangement. The plan for the Sovereign State of Biafra has been programmed to fail and this will result in a very heavy casualty for the members of the MASSOB. The “Special Service Squad” that has been used to infiltrate the military will oversee to the planting of bombs at very strategic and sensitive places and locations in the South East and the Niger Delta. Responsibility for the bomb blasts that will follow will be laid at the doorstep of MASSOB and a secret and faceless MEND resulting in the persecution and silencing of perceived enemies. In this regard. Our Blessed Virgin Mary has advised the Igbo race and the Niger Delta to:

1.      Opt for a pseudo – Sovereign National Conference.

2.      Heed the provisions of the Sacred Deed.


3.      Resist the military occupation of the South East and the Niger Delta. If the “Anti-terrorist and Kidnapping Brigade” becomes resident in the South East, there is no guarantee that the compromise, corruption, infiltration, indoctrination and inefficiency that have marked the police, the vigilante and other security operatives in the region will not metamorphose into a monster. This concern has great depths now that there is a secret plot by world terrorists to impose Babangida on the nation. (The military occupation of the South East and the Niger Delta that is coming with a false promise of Igbo presidency in 2015 is one clear way of beating the old civil war drum that will eventually lead to the Somalisation or Burundisation of Nigeria. Just like the inefficiency that has rocked the police and the vigilante group, and coupled with inadequate funding, it is obvious that a criminal and oppressive government cannot guarantee an unpoliticised and uncompromised resident “Anti–Terrorism and Kidnapping Brigade”. Our security problems hinge strongly on the escalating corruption rate in the land and the desperate effort by those responsible to cover their tracks). Right now, there is an unreserved appreciation of the military efforts in Aba and in Ukwa/Ngwa land. It is critical as it is urgent. Be that as it may, our prayer is that they finish their assignment and go back to the barracks, and not to stay.


On behalf of my Ukwa/Ngwa brethren, and since it will be strange to put our signature in a document we do not properly understand and which at long run has been discovered to be a suicide note, I strongly insist that::

a.      The Ukwa/Ngwa Ethnic Clan and the people of Aba City have not endorsed Chief T.A Orji unanimously for a second term in office. And it is important to point out that under a democratic dispensation, an endorsement of this type can only be real and legitimate through a free and fair election. However, I must not fail to acknowledge the fact that each person or group can adopt any strategy to remain politically relevant so long as such a strategy is permissible and does not constitute a breach of peace, law and order.

b.      There is no longer any vacancy whatsoever in any of the elective positions in Ukwa/Ngwa land including the City of Aba for non-indigenes of Ukwa/Ngwa land. This is to enable us overcome the great betrayal which we have suffered in the hands of our own neighbors on whom we have re-posited much trust. We need some breathing space to nurse our wounds and evolve an elastic programme of accommodation for all and sundry.

c.       The Security operatives including the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should investigate the level of the complicity of Chief T. A. Orji, Governor of Abia State in the complications of the security situation in Abia State. This should put the  Abia State House of Assembly on an alert to take the necessary action not excluding initiating an impeachment process against him should it be found out that he is involved.

d.      The immediate resignation of His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. V.V. Ezeonyia CSSP, the catholic Bishop of Aba as he is one of the unrepentant beneficiaries of the willful destabilization of the city of Aba and the entire Ukwa/Ngwa land.

 Finally, but in a demonstration of Marian Solidarity, it is necessary to let the Yoruba land realize that pyrrhic victory is what has been handed on to them via Bola Tinibu’s Action Congress of Nigeria. As the many appointments via the different Electoral Tribunals have seemingly succeeded in wiping out every traces of Obasanjo from the West, the many celebrated impeachment exercises that will greet the various ACN governors after the 2011 elections is the enthronement of Babangida in disguise. Tinubu’s ACN shares the same mandate with Orji Uzor Kalu’s P.P.A.  But that Bola Tinubu has managed to accomplish his assignment in a more tactical and expertise manner does not detract from the fact that Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has won the Yoruba land even before the election. I am only moved to great pity for such committed democrats like Prof. Wole Soyinka as well as Mr. Ayodele Akinkuotu, the Editor of TELL Magazine – this Dele Giwa of our time.

 While united in the prayer of intercession with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima I remain.


Yours sincerely,


 Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi


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