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C.I.A. and DARPA committing Treason with Echelon, Tempest, and HAARP

Updated on November 7, 2014

U.S. Government committing treason to control our minds

The United States Government is committing treason right now against the American people by allowing the C.I.A., DARPA, the NSA, and other departments to use multi-trillion dollar super computers, nano-technology, electro-magnetic energy technology(ELF), microwave technology, subliminal programming, and many other forms of technology to SECRETLY manipulate our minds against our will.

Yes, I realize this may sound just too awful to be possible, but it IS true. Just do a little homework for yourself and you will see. You can find literally hundreds and hundreds of You Tube Videos and articles on the internet about all of this.

What's worse is that the leadership of all three branches of the U.S. Government, which are the Executive, the Legislative , and the Judicial Branches are well aware of this treason yet doing nothing to stop it. This means the leadership of all three branches of our government are absolutely and totally corrupt and traitors of the worst kind.

They have sworn an oath to protect and defend you and me against enemies both foreign and domestic yet they are not honoring their oath. According to the U.S. Constitution, this is TREASON!

They are using multi-trillion dollar super-computers named ECHELON, TEMPEST, and HAARP against you and me in the most shocking ways imaginable. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Research and Development branch of the U.S. Military, along with the C.I.A. controlled MK Ultra Project, have developed incredibly sophisticated and super top secret mind control technology that our treasonous government is now secretly using against the American people.

If you have a cell phone, your brain has already been mapped. Our brains, are like fingerprints, in that we all have a slightly different Brainprint, resonating at our very own unique frequency. Your Brainprint, like your fingerprint, can be used to identify YOU wherever you may be. Using your specific Brainprint, which they already have stored in their trillion dollar super computer system, they can hack into your brain, electronically, and manipulate your thoughts and feelings against your will. This is treason of the worst kind.

Using various space based satellites, the electronic equipment in your home like your computer and TV, your home's electrical circuitry, the nano-technology engineered into the chemtrails, along with other forms of the most sophisticated nano-technology you can imagine (microscopic machines), all of us now have a significant amount of this high-tech and treasonous hardware residing inside of our bodies, functioning as little receivers and transmitters.

They can even activate the bar-coding on the products in your home to generate various frequencies to influence your brain functioning. Most of us remain totally clueless about the many treasonous crimes the U.S. Government constantly commit against us 24 hours every day, 7 days each week, and 365 days every year.

Check out some of these videos to learn more about this incredibly disturbing situation. I have been researching the criminal activities of the U.S. Government for about 10 years now and I just recently discovered a man named Deane Z. Ewing (AKA..Also known as)..Zakaos Breedlove Ewing.

I have listened to about 25 of his You Tube Videos now and I am convinced that he is for real. He may not know it all, but he knows as much if not more than anyone else I have studied in my 10 years of research. He uses some very salty language at times but he is simply talking the way most guys talk to other guys. I find him to be extremely bright, interesting, and entertaining.

Deane was a highly successful child assassin in the C.I.A.'s MK Ultra Program. He has a personal and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of the C.I.A. and the nefarious things that are really happening known only to a very few. He is well connected to other assassins from other countries and Deane possesses inside information of a profound nature. Tired of all the wickedness, he has recently come forth to blow the whistle.

He is also very close to Laurel Aston who was also a child assassin in the C.I.A.'s MK Ultra Program. Allegedly, she was America's top assassin for quite a few years. In fact, the movie entitled "A Long Kiss Good Night", starring Geena Davis was based on Laurel Aston's real life. The first two"Kill Bill" movies, with Uma Thurman playing the leading role, were also based on Laurel Aston's life.

Deane and Laurel have done a few You Tube Videos together where they reveal some of the most shocking information you can possibly imagine about the treasonous behavior of the U.S. Government. I must caution you that Deane does not pull any punches with respect to the language he uses. If you dare to listen to some of his audio/videos, be prepared to hear some X-rated language, along with some truly extraordinary information.

MK-ULTRA & C.I.A. Mind Control

U.S. Government's Treasonous Mind Control


Zakaos Breedlove Ewing, MK Ultra Assassin

Laurel Aston, MK Ultra Assassin


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    • profile image

      Bill 17 months ago

      This woman Laurel, and her companion are cons! They post horrible, false things about people not based in reality and then try to say they owe them money to extort them before they will remove the accusations. Don't fall for this either as I am sure another way to get money. After they made threats to my family we went to the police and they found a long history of the same thing for years believing she is a polish alien here illegally.

    • profile image

      The real reason for gang stalking 3 years ago

      They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it's the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wiretap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you.

    • profile image

      dsfadzgdf 3 years ago


    • bwinwright profile image

      Bruce Winship Wright 3 years ago from MJarietta, Georgia

      Nick Begich is great. He was the first guy out there telling us the truth about HAARP. It is all so surreal.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      Interesting. I knew about mind control since I read Dr Nick Begich's "Controlling the human mind". It is FRIGHTENING to think that our government has the power to control our thoughts. Or our thoughts won't be ours anymore.

      Through low frequency electromagnetic waves they can control us. If HAARP has been developed it is to control the population. Their problem was to control everybody besides the ones that are controlling. In 2006, date of the book the army created a device that used a different frequency that made the controller out of reach of the controlling process. Few years later, what is the extension of their power? SCARY.