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My Letter to Cnn on Lou Dobbs.

Updated on January 29, 2014

Lou Dobbs ... Doubts the President's Birth Certificate:

Lou Dobbs on CNN.
Lou Dobbs on CNN. | Source
Lou Dobbs at the CNN desk.
Lou Dobbs at the CNN desk. | Source
President Obama's Birth Certificate.  It is real. Or every person in Hawaii is not an American born person.  This is what they give everyone.
President Obama's Birth Certificate. It is real. Or every person in Hawaii is not an American born person. This is what they give everyone. | Source
Lou Dobbs happy to be posing next to a man selling Waffle Mixes which has an offensive image of our President on it.                 Keep it classy Lou!!!
Lou Dobbs happy to be posing next to a man selling Waffle Mixes which has an offensive image of our President on it. Keep it classy Lou!!! | Source
Lou Dobbs at CNN.
Lou Dobbs at CNN. | Source

Lou Dobbs the Divider.

Sometime ago, I had received a notice in my in-box to sign a petition to CNN, and I decided to write a message in the optional message box to Jon Klein, the President of CNN. I will say this, I have no problem with people that do not agree with the president. That actually is a good thing for America. I do not agree with everything he does -- or will not do -- myself, but the scary scenes by the Birthers and some Tea Party People are really hiding something else.

I could have just signed the petition, and let my name say it all, but I had to say something, because there are lawmakers pretending to believe President Obama was not born in America even though they all have the proof. I had to change some of the wording from the actual letter .... Yes, Lou Dobbs has been gone for some time, still, I thought I should Hub my letter, to CNN, below.

The Letter.

It is scary what Lou Dobbs is doing. I start to wonder why a man like Mr. Dobbs would be so reckless by pretending President Obama has never produced a birth certificate stating he -- the president -- was born in the U.S.A..

Pandering to some crazies in his TV audience can quiet frankly get the president killed by those who are fanatics about the president being Black, by grabbing onto this fake issue. It is a great -- though sad -- cover for their true feelings.

If they need an excuse to get rid of President Obama they have it from CNN's un-bias reputation, though they are listening to the very bias Mr. Lou Dobbs. He seems to hate people who are not white. Sorry, that is just the way I see it. I am sure I am not the only person who believes this. I just am shocked that CNN is sponsoring these lies though.

Why is it that Lou Dobbs is not telling the truth? Is he really willing to risk our president's life for ratings? Does he really hate the fact that a Black man became the president of this country? The ratings must be great or CNN would get rid of this guy. I am going to stop watching all of your other shows including the great specials. I cannot trust you to speak the truth if you allow Mr. Dobbs to lie.

Lou Dobbs has the proof all around him at CNN. When he was out his fill-in reported none of this birth certificate issue was true, yet he comes back on and states differently. As if he does not even watch his own show ....

Mr. Dobbs job is to speak the truth to his audience not go along with beliefs that comes from their pathetic fears of a Black president governing this country.

It scares me how Lou Dobbs and most at CNN are pretending that some in their audience does not hate Obama solely, because he is Black and had the nerves to run for, win, and become the President of the U.S.A.

Mr. Dobbs should go against President Obama's policies not his race. I honesty do believe Mr. Dobbs is a racist hiding behind CNN's great reputation. It is nothing like hearing people say, "No, I saw it on CNN not Fox News." CNN's reputation is a bit tarnished now thanks to Lou Dobbs.

This letter was written to CNN a little before Lou Dobbs decided not to renew his contract.

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President Obama Was Born in America!


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  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

    LOL. You just scared me senseless Brinafr3sh.

    Well, The Donald did say he got along with The Blacks. LOL.

    That guy is a jerk. LOL.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • Brinafr3sh profile image

    Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

    I would never vote for him. But I might vote for Donald Trump.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi Brinafr3sh,

    They got rid of him on CNN, and now he is scaring us with possibly running for the Presidency. OMG. LOL.

    You know what is really terrible about him? He knows better, but he wants power, and he will do anything to get it. Sad.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • Brinafr3sh profile image

    Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

    Thanks N.E., yet again, you hit the bull's eye with this article. And I agree with you, if we stop watching/supporting Lou Dobbs, then hopefully they will get rid of him. He seems to be like a tumor. voted up and awesome. (N.E., I sent you an important email, let me know when you recieve it).

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hey The Dirt Farmer,

    I do not believe you were ranting, but I know how it is sometimes. LOL.

    I use to really respect McCain, and now I just do not trust him. Bomb Iran? Kill some head of state? McCain will say anything he believes makes him sound strong to the far right in his party. Sad ....

    We cannot think about what else is going on in American until we now find out if Obama had good grades. How did he get into Columbia? What about Harvard? Was he really seen by those follow students that were his friends and knew him from Harvard? Are they really lying about knowing him in college? Was it really him?

    LOL, LOL, LOL. Sorry, I could not do anymore. LOL. I tried, but I could not stop laughing. This is just dumb.

    We have a depression, Wars, and way too much unrest in the Middle East. Still, we need to see his birth certificate again. LOL.

    You are correct that did not help. They still do not believe him.

    Sorry I got carried away. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • The Dirt Farmer profile image

    Jill Spencer 6 years ago from United States

    I'd like to think the newly released long-form birth certificate will suffocate this non-issue, but you're right: those who've been yelling the loudest and the longest that Obama was not born in the US have known all along their claims were a lie. They're just upset that the world has changed. It's a new, biracial America, an America in which people of many races will have to share power. Unfortunately, the birth record probably won't shut them up. Sometimes it makes you feel like you're going crazy, doesn't it? Just the other day McCain, who surely is old enough to know better, was actually talking about killing a foreign head of state, like that's a morally acceptable (or legal under U.S. law) option. It's just ... nutty. Everyone should be in a furor over THAT.

    (Sorry for the rant. Got carried away.)

    Glad I got to read your work!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Peter,

    I think I took a strong enough position for most everyone. LOL.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Take Care,


  • Peter Owen profile image

    Peter Owen 7 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

    Not taking a postion on the content, just wanted to say good Hub.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Stars439,

    I thank you for your kind words.

    Take Care,


  • stars439 profile image

    stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    Enjoyed Your Hub. God Bless You.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Pmccray,

    You are so correct.

    President Woodrow Wilson hated Black people. He was a Professor. Jefferson had Slaves, and he was really educated, and The Third President of The United States .... David Duke is educated also. I Love America, but it is what it is.

    John Brown, the Abolitionist, was raised to treat all people equal, and that was in the 1800s. I still am shocked with that. He is one of my all time favorite idols. No he was not perfect, but he was not crazy as my teachers use to try and say either.

    It is just weird how the Parties evolved. Most Democrats adored Slavery. Most Republicans -- possibly all -- did not want slavery .... Most Republican were Progressives. Can you believe it? LOL.

    For those who do not believe in evolution, the evolving of these two major parties should change their minds. LOL.

    Dobb's is worse, because he is pandering to these people. He wants to run for The Presidency. OMG. LOL. That is a scary thought, but it really is what he wants I believe.

    There are so many groups who had formed on Face-Book for him. It is scary and crazy.

    I thank you so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    You know it shocks me that so many so-called educated, degree waving knuckle draggers like Dobb reduce themselves to hate when all else fails. Hate speak and political rhetoric have become part of the norm in our nation and it's a sad state of affairs.

    Learned folk are supposed to be a civil lot, diplomatic, who act with decorum no matter what the reason. The election of this Black man has sent these fools into a tailspin.

    Dobb's is no better than the sheet wearing dregs of society who rail against any person who is not of their race. Just as the Lord said about the poor, we will always have these neanderthals with us, either hiding behind a pillow case and sheets or suited in the best of Armani. A knuckle dragging racist is a knuckle dragging racist.

  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    You know it shocks me that so many so-called educated, degree waving knuckle draggers like Dobb reduce themselves to hate when all else fails. Hate speak and political rhetoric have become part of the norm in our nation and it's a sad state of affairs.

    Learned folk are supposed to be a civil lot, diplomatic, who act with decorum no matter what the reason. The election of this Black man has sent these fools into a tailspin.

    Dobb's is no better than the sheet wearing dregs of society who rail against any person who is not of their race. Just as the Lord said about the poor, we will always have these neanderthals with us, either hiding behind a pillow case and sheets or suited in the best of Armani. A knuckle dragging racist is a knuckle dragging racist.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi AskAshlie3433,

    You know what is truly sad? When you said this Hub was a sad story, I thought you were talking about one of my other articles. I am so use to racism that I see it as normal.

    How sad is that? I cannot even laugh this one off.

    I have done some research in the past two days, and I have learned about a couple of killings that happened some interracial couples, and I am a bit numb.

    This story is sad, but again I am so busy seeing Lou Dobbs as a jerk I forget about the dangerous attitude that some of his ... followers can do.

    Well, I have to go get my son from his bus. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your comments and praises.

    Take Care,


  • AskAshlie3433 profile image

    AskAshlie3433 7 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

    That is such a sad story. I would say it probably happens a lot. Thats like all the shootings and killings you read or see on tv. It doesn't have to be like that. We all can find what we need and want in life. Sometimes, we just have to work much harder then someone else. We all, are equal. And until we can see that, with our own eyes, we'll continue to miss the real beauty of life. As always NE, great writing and best wishes. Happy New Year!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello AskAshlie3433,

    You are right about us all being humans. Judge me by my words and attitude and you may call me an asshole. LOL.

    Have you heard of the story about a young college girl walking around in the Black section of South Africa some years ago?

    Well, some teenaged boys killed her, because they saw her as the ruling class there. Well, she was American, and was against apartheid in South Africa. She was there to help the Blacks there.

    Instead she was killed for being White in their section. Breaks my heart still.

    So what did her parents do? Grieved, forgived, and builted a bakery there in South Africa.

    I just cannot think much whenever I think of this story. It's really breaking me up.

    It is taking me a long time to complete this response. Sorry.

    I am closing my eyes so I do not think. Just type. LOL.

    Those young boys assumed --because of color -- and were wrong.

    Judging people by the color of their skin is just not working for any of us. In any Country. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your praises.


    Take Care, N.E.

  • AskAshlie3433 profile image

    AskAshlie3433 7 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

    What a great Hub N E! Your such a gifted writer. I agree with you on this subject. Over a hundred plus years, it's so sad to still see racial tensions in this country. I say be proud. No matter what color you are, we all are human. We all have eyes, mouth, ears, yet, only some have a heart. lol

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi RJ,

    You are correct, one does not know what a person feel in his/her heart.

    I am going by his words. Also, that picture of him with the Waffle box is really offensive.

    I like controversy for the good. Jon Stewart comes to mind .... Jon really helped the 9/11 workers Bill get passed.

    Lou Dobbs wants to be President one day. OMG. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your comments.


    Please take care, N.E.

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    I would hope that Lou is not all things that you suggest. What is in another person's heart is not often easy to calculate. He is controversial , that is sure. I enjoyed your take on it and it is good that you wrote to the network. RJ

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    In the spring of 2000 I was reading the Sunday's edition of the New York Daily News -- I was able to afford it that day. LOL. -- because they had laid out the policies of Bush and Gore. Bush's policies scared me.

    See, I am disabled. I have been on SSD for some years, and I also had medicare. Bush wanted to place part of our Social Security benefits into private accounts. The stock market. I thought to myself "This man's a damn fool. You cannot gamble with your income." LOL.

    Social Security is the only income for most Americans that are on it. I do not gamble so why would I want someone else to gamble with my income? Oh, I can make a return? I can do that at a race track also. Or not. LOL. See it is all a gamble.

    You just do not know if you will win or lose. Like a card game, or the Stock Market. LOL. You put your money in the market and you are taking a chance. It is all gambling.

    Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent Socialist from Vermont, caucuses with the Democrats. Again, Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Ask him if Obama is a Socialist, and he would probably say "Hell No!!!"

    Senator Grassley had co-sponsored a Health Care amendment in the early '90s which wanted all americans to buy Health Care from the Insurance Companies.

    Obama adopted it, because he thought he would get Repulicans to vote for the Bill. They did not. Instead they called him a Socialist. LOL.

    Most of the Republicans who worked on the Bill did it to slow it down or destroy it. Instead they just slowed and watered it down. Still, we have it passed, but they want to still get rid of it. Not really, they just want to take away his wins. Those wins will help the country in my opinion ....

    Well, most Presidents took this country into something the Founding Fathers had not envisioned.

    Still, I do not ever remember reading any of the Founding Father believed a Black man would ever be the President of this country. LOL. I'm just saying .... Most of them were slave owners. No, they did not envision a President Obama. LOL.

    Well, you believe Obama's a Socialist. I do not. You believe Biden is Stupid. Hey so does some of my friends and family members. LOL. I do not. I like Biden. Not because I am a Liberal, but because I listened to him speak about what we should do in Iraq for years, and Bush would not implement those ideas until the Republicans lost the 2006 Mid-terms.

    I will admit that Biden has Foot in mouth disease though. LOL. I believe you are correct on the careless manner. The gaffes are bad, but unintelligent. No way no how. Biden is bright as hell, but careless with his mouth.

    The Birthers are racist. You do not like Obama's policies. They do not like his breathing while being a Black President. I listened to some of them, and it is about his race.

    Okay, now I need to wish you luck with your adoption. I am so happy for you. I have been invited to four adoption ceremonies, and attented all of them.

    My first Hub is about a day in the life of a Foster Mom. For The Love Of Her... Child. I hope to do an adoption follow up story.

    My son is going to be so happy this year for Christmas. I cannot wait to see his reaction to the things he did not ask for and will recieve. I feel like a big kid. LOL.

    Merry Christmas to you and your new family.

    I really enjoyed your comments. We do not have to agree we do need to respect.

    I printed one of your Hubs to read later. You have some interesting stuff.

    Take Care, N.E.

  • profile image

    Longhunter 7 years ago

    N.E., first, this is a good hub and thanks for the follow.

    I, too, had problems with the Bush Administration. I also have several problems with Obama's Administration but I can assure you it has nothing to do with his skin color or his lack of a birth certificate. Those that judge this president simply because he's black are just as ignorant as those that judge Southerners as stupid because of geography. Yes, racism is alive in the South but it's small. Most of us hate it because it paints us all with a false brush we simply don't deserve anymore.

    Honestly, my lack of respect for Obama's Administration as a whole is due to how they're trying to change this country into something completely different from which the Founding Fathers envisioned. Not Obama's skin color. I would hope I would not be that shallow and pity those that are as simpletons and ignorant.

    As for the birthers, they're grasping at straws because they don't like the man and/or his policies. Besides, if it was found that Obama wasn't eligible to run, what do we do? Kick him out and swear in Biden? The first is a Socialist. We can fix that with voting and other proceedings to remove him if necessary. As for Biden, you just can't fix stupid and our vice-president is exactly that - stupid (Webster's definition - acting in an unintelligent or careless manner).

    I hope you and your son have a great holiday. Merry Christmas to you both.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi, again, Lucky Cats, LOL.

    I think I was just so tired of Lou Dobbs pretending he did not know the truth about the President's birth. It is just a dangerous game he is playing.

    I truly appreciate your comments, and reading a third Hub. Wow.

    Well, let me get to reading more of your stuff. LOL.

    Take care, N.E.

  • Lucky Cats profile image

    Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    N.E, I agree with you that much of the criticism of President Obama is incredibly harsh and very lightly veiled prejudice. That those who speak these feelings are so unaware of how biased their words and opinions are, is pretty astounding. And that they are not humbled or emvarrassed by their words and actions is unbelievable. You have lots of moxy writing that comment to CNN...good for you! Your writing is so REAL!!! That is what is so great about it! Another great and honest, upfront hub, N.E.! Thank you!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Tom Hellert,

    The moment you say you believe the Birthers I get wary, because THE BIRTHERS ARE RACIST.

    Why is it necessary to say that Obama is a 'Black' Politician? If the word politician offends you already why use the word Black? We both know that is part of his racial make up.

    Proof is all over the place that Obama was born in America. Google it.

    This I must admit, all of my life I have heard Blacks need to go back to their country. I was born in Queens, NY. So was my father. My mother was born in Brooklyn, NY.

    My maternal and paternal grandparents were born in the South. My maternal grandfather's grandparents were slaves. That family of slaves was so large there was two separate slave homes that housed them.

    It gets worse there were children in these homes that were not related to them, but they called them their step children. Which leads me to believe that these children were bought from slave owners who still had their parents. It is just a guess, but so is the fact that the people I saw on is actually my family. For Blacks it is nothing, but a guess. Which is a great reason we have the 14th admendment.

    I have a crazy feeling that my son's birth will be questioned here in America if he runs to become President 45 years from now. That is his dream, and I will help him all I can. One, I will make sure I make 1000s of copies of his birth certificate and wall paper his bed room with it. I will place the orignal in a shrine. LOL. Still, I am sure that will not be enough, but it is a start. LOL.

    If you are really interested in learning the truth check out Dorsi's Hub, Barack Obama; The Birth Certificate Controversy.

    No matter what I truly do thank you for your comments.



    We were losing jobs before Obama's policies were signed into law. We are slowly recovering. Obama signed into law Health Care, and so many other great laws.

    He is just human, but he listens to others. I do not agree with a lot, but I am not able to run this country. He seems to be doing really well for all the "manure" -- love the word. LOL -- thrown on his lap.

    Thank you for your comments.



    You are right. I always thought Lou Dobbs' was a really good reporter. What happened? Again you are right, ego.

    If Obama was perfect he would please everyone. That is not possible.

    When the primary was going on between Obama and Hillary people was so against Hillary, and I was even upset with the Clintons. I googled information on them and found some truly crazy stories on them. I decided to be upset at that moment, but not hate and believe crazy things that sound like lies. I would have lost respect for myself.

    Thank you so much for your comments.



    Obama had to have security the moment he said he wanted to be the president.

    Again, I have to say Obama accomplished a lot in just two years. Health Care!!!

    Thanks for your comments.



    I do not know where to begin here. So let me just explain something about me.

    The reason I began donating to Obama08 was, because one day I heard him say something like, 'I need your help people. The congress is slow to work I need all of you to push them.' Of course I am paraphrasing, but that is what I got from his words.

    I loved the speeches I thought they were beautiful, but I wanted meat. Telling us to do our part to help him with congress was letting us know it was not going to be easy. I respected him for that. So, I started donating.

    Did you push congress for what you wanted? No? Neither did I. I wanted the Public Option, but I did not call any of my local law makers. Nobody truly pushed congress to help him. The just whined, and went against him. Still, we have Health Care.

    America did things we were never suppose to do as a free land. We kept slaves -- my ancestors -- and we prayed in schools. Schools are in states? Church and State not suppose to mix. I think people forget why the Pilgrams came here in the first place ....

    So, a Black woman is a bigot. Oh, sorry, you said she agrees with you. She must not know that the same people that question Obama's birth here in America are some of the same who said Blacks need to go back to their country. She, I am sure, was born here, but she will be told she is not really American if she wanted to be President of this country.

    "I want my country Back" "Go back to your country N@##%*&." I heard the latter all of my life. So did my parents.

    Ron Paul believed the Civil War should not have been fought. I could not believe when I heard him say this on the Bill Maher show Live. Wow, I would be a slave. Lovely. Oprah? What Oprah. Hallie? No, because her parent are of different races.

    Ron Paul and his son. Wow, what a world we would have with these two scary ass men if they were Presidents during the Civil War or during the Civil Rights Bill signing. The father does not believe the Civil War was necessary, and the son believes the Civil Rights Bill was not fair. LOL. Crazy Ass Men. LOL. Wow, love those dogs biting those Black people. LOL. Those two are NUTS, and they are our Law Makers!!!

    I actually saw Obama's birth certificate way too many time. I also found a Hubber who wrote a really great Hub on it. Her name is Dorsi and the Hub is called, Barack Obama: The Birth Certificate Controversy.

    Thank you for your interesting comments.



    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I totally agree with you.

    Thanks so much for your comments. I truly appreciate it. LOL.



    Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you. LOL!!!

    Thanks for your great comments.



    Yes they have hidden agendas I am sure, but let's not pretned they really are the same, because the different parties are truly different.

    When I was a teenager working at F.W. Woolworths on 14th Street and Union Square, NY I learned what Reganomics was all about. I did not understand until I saw and elderly white woman being arrested for stealing tuna. I was confused that a white woman lving in Manhattan would have to steal.

    A fellow co-worker informed me that President Regan's policies made it hard for Senior Citizens' Social Security. I wish that was an anomaly, but it just was not.

    Regan would not raise the minimum wage at that time in 1980, and I really was praying for it as a young college freshman, and worker.

    I will not pretend that I like the Dems, because I really do not. Still, their policies help me, and work for hard working people of all races. I cannot afford to vote Republican they really do not help We The, non-business owner, People.

    I truly thank you so much for your comments.

  • eventsyoudesign profile image

    eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

    Good article. The American people need to start worrying about more important things than where the president was born. I do agree that I would not want the previous administration in office either. My opinion, it does not matter whether it is a democrat or republican in office, they both have their own hidden agenda and making the country better for the middle class and low-income has nothing to do with it.

    Thanks for sharing. Teresa

  • KKalmes profile image

    KKalmes 7 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

    Hello NE, good to meet you through this hub... I appreciate the candor and support for our president. I think Lou saw a few other Fox Noise entertainers making a lot of money by being something other than journalists and authentic news reporters. Money is the lure and greed is the devil.

    Great to meet you and become a fan...

    Way to go, Dardia...

  • Dardia profile image

    Darlene Yager 7 years ago from Michigan

    I believe that the people need to think for themselves. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult when they are fed garbage. When some people think that they are better than others just because of their color or where they are from or even their religion.

    President Obama won the election because he cared about our future and believed he could make a difference. He is a very intelligent man and took on a great deal of problems and complicated issues that will take a lot of work and a lot of time, especially with uncooperative people.

    I don't care what his skin color is, I don't care where he came from, I don't care what his religion is. I care only that he has the intelligence, the concern, and the intent to make the USA a better place to live than it has been the last decade.

    Nice hub!

  • Pollyannalana profile image

    Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

    Singlemom and Tom said it for me. I really thought Obama might make a difference, we got an early vote and my husband and I both rushed out because we liked him and because we were scared as hell Palin's stupid mouth might represent America. He might get rid of Lobbying he hinted which is one of our biggest downfalls but now I am so disappointed it is not even funny and yes he is half white so no one can call him black but that has nothing whatsoever to do with it. I am really starting to fear for this country and we are feeding and giving our, the citizens money, to illegal immigrants and he wants to make them all citizens for their votes! (Also Muslims to worship in schools where it was taken away from us but building rooms for them, well that is another story of mine)You know that is not right. He won't protect our borders? We are billions more in debt. I was sitting at the doctors office yesterday talking to a young black woman and we both agreed these illegal immigrants have brought black and white together as nothing else ever could and we laughed. I know too I had hope for Bush and he was like a czar with the vice president calling the shots if you ask my so I sure am not being prejudice! We need a third party, by the people, we need to start listening to people like Ron Paul! Something has to change, and quick, neither party will pull us out of this because republicans want the Mexicans here for cheap labor for the rich. We lose either way!

    I too wonder about the birth certificate but then why don't the republicans or anyone make him show it.And why does no one at that time remember a black baby born to a white woman which would have almost made headlines then. Yes I have read his only proof is his grandmother and she says he was born in Kenya!

  • Affinity2010 profile image

    Leslie Trotter 7 years ago from New Orleans, La

    What many people fail to understand is, President Obama along with many other past presidents are only men, and men make mistakes. They might do some good here and there. Something else to remember is that they are politicians and you know what they say about politicians. I want this Country to be the best it can be, but in order for that to happen people will need to put skin color aside and focus on others as just being human. Putting President Obama down solely because of his skin color just proves you are no better than a Klansman. It is a shame that our president has to have twice as much extra security because he is African American. Great Hub N.E.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Great Hub, and even better, Lou Dobb's is gone. His problem is he started out a good reporter/commentator then his ego went to his head. President Obama is not perfect, who in this country can say they are qualified to run it, no one. We elect the person who is knowledgeable and strong, it's what he does with it that makes them a great or not so great president, but when you have someone pointing out every detail from how you brush your teach to policy, it's easy to believe he's not a good president, especially when it's repeated over and over again. Fortunately, I don't believe what I hear, I believe the proof is in the pudding. I look it up for myself before I follow along like a cow in a herd.

  • soldout1 profile image

    soldout1 7 years ago from Antioch Ca.

    What Is there to say about the core of a Government that has always had corruption at its root from her conception. Honestly from the time Obama begin to run for office I was surprised. He came from out no where. He was selected to carry the burdens of a very damaged and almost unrepairable Economy. Let's be honest' America was in trouble or going down hill long before he arrived on the seen. This was the perfect timing to vote for a Black Man. I'm not a racist but a realist. I to have many Bloodlines running through my vains . The moment I found out a black man had any chance of becoming President, I knew it was because of America's

    Unrepairable state. This country has diminshed her repretation across the World. What better way to restore Her Honor except with the appearance of change. If America is to descend any further. Wouldn't it look better if She reached her lowest disgrace in the hand of a black man. Come on' who can repair the extreme damage done to this economy in just two years? You kidding me right. This was a purposed plan. Obama signed up to run this country at Her most critical stage, with the smelling manure of America dumped in his lap. And he was given two years to clean it up. No' I am not surprise at America's response, look at her history across the globe. History speaks for itself. Obama never had a chance unless he was a miracle worker.

  • tom hellert profile image

    tom hellert 7 years ago from home


    Alas here is where we part ways- I have never seen nor have I heard of an independant source authenticating his Cert ification of birth- i have no prob;ems with his color i have issues with 95% of his policies and the democrats shoving their psuedo-socialist-commy agenda down my throat-Obama is a "black politician" i find all the distain of that title in the secondword of the preceding title/phrase "Politician" BHO is an ideolog-he is so driven by his marxist leanings and beliefs he should have never been elected and the birthers have a point- He has never sHOWN AND AUTHENTICATED HIS PROOF-

    Sorrt to say but on this point- i cannot yeil. if he had the proof- why wouldn't he get it certified and tell everyone to F - off? I am guessing its because he can't since the mainstream media has not plastered it all over i have to assume he has never done this-

    i enjoy your writing keep up your style, passion and flair-


  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Dchosen_01,

    Wow, thank you for your great comments.

    I agree with you completely. George Bush was in no way better than Barack Obama as a President.

    President Bush was a horrible President.

    Still, when Bush had a shoe threw at him I was angery. I wanted that man to do more time than he was given. Why? Well, Bush was an American President. That was and is enough for me.

    The people that hate President Obama will not give him more time. I am okay with that.

    Those who voted for him before are my worries. They are giving up on what exactly?

    I will not hurt myself by not voting Dems, because they did not do more. That is just crazy.

    It is like voting for Ralph Nadar and getting George Bush. How did that work for us?

    People need to start thinking like that.

    I have read too many comments of people thanking President Obama for the same Health Care Plan he signed into Law that the Republicans want to repell.

    Do not vote for Dems this coming November and that is what we will get. Repell and Impeachment. Think I am joking? Listen to some of the Republicans in the House ....

    No matter the lies told President Obama accomplished a lot in a short time, and I will vote Democrat so he can continue.

    Again, I thank you so much for your comments.

  • profile image

    Dchosen_01 7 years ago

    I just wonder about these whole Obama's saga. Even here on hubpages, if you see a forum called "Obama jokes" You will feel pity for the poor president. George Bush brought most of these financial mess America is suffering today, the complaints from fellow citizens was not even up to 40% of the complaints Obama gets right now. He inherited most of the problems and he should of course not to be blamed for some of the issues happening now such as the oil spillage and many more.

    Just as majority of you have said here, no one is perfect and just as he is working so hard to correct the inherited problems so also is he working so hard to manage or repair the existing ones. SO give the guy a break instead of mounting more pressure on him by always complaining. I think I agree with you, there is a 'race-thing' happening here. Even if its in a minute measure of magnitude, I still feel that way. George Bush is in no way better than Obama, and if Americans can be patient and understanding with George Bush, then why not Obama. give him more time and lets see what he has to offer in totality. America is a 'too-large' nation to handle and its not easy sitting on the hot sit in the washington white house.

    Great hub and I really enjoyed reading it. Hoping to read more of your interesting and passionate hubs.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Geegee77,

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Though Dobbs makes me more sad than mad, because I really believe he knows better, but he is playing to the fringe so he can possible run for President. Now that scares me. LOL.

    I am going to finish your story about Obama's gift giving, when my sister and her family leave. They came to visit, and I really should not be on the computer. LOL.

    So far so good Geegee....

    Thanks again for your comments.

  • geegee77 profile image

    geegee77 7 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

    I agree also with your opinion of Lou Dobbs, I personally have never liked him. I really like your style and I just think poeple need to stop criticizing Obama and give the man a break, he only has the toughest job in America right now. Great hub:) ge

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    I know I had stopped watching CNN period.

    I use to watch at least Anderson Copper, and Larry King, but I just grew tired of always hearing Lou Dobbs' opinonated lies.

    CNN had waited too long to get rid of Lou Dobbs.

    So, of course CNN'S ratings are now in the dumps.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

  • Mentalist acer profile image

    Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

    All of CNN's ratings are in the dumps due to the fact they try to slip opinions in without generating a it's a confusing to most people,Lou Dobbs was bad news;)

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY


    Thank you for great comments.

    Okay, I think Obama is doing a great job. I may have some issues with certain things that he is not working harder on, but we are in trouble, and we could be worse off if he had not done what he has.

    As for America being baffling to others, well, America sometimes baffle us Americans. LOL.

    Still, I would not have it any other way. LOL.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

  • phildazz profile image

    Allan Philip 7 years ago from Toronto

    Thanks for the invitation to follow you, otherwise, I would be missing out on your penmanship. I love it when passion comes from the heart. I'm north of the U.S. border but since Obama took office, I haven't missed a beat.

    Americans needed and need Obama's brilliant mind to get them out of the financial mess they buried themselves into; just as Americans needed no B.S. George Bush to handle the 9/11 crisis. Americans are the bafflement of almost everyone but don't get me wrong. I think Americans baffle even the Almighty God as well.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hey T_Augustus,

    Thanks for following.

    I actually did not care much about him until he started pretending he did not believe that the President truly showed us his birth certificate.

    People are going crazy about the President trying to save the country ....

    Oh, I mean give this country to a foreign state. LOL.

    You know he's not of this country. LOL.

    Thanks for following, and thanks for your comments.

  • T_Augustus profile image

    T_Augustus 7 years ago from Detroit, MI

    Strong hub N.E. Wright! I love you passion and especially appreciate your candor. I was never a huge Lou Dobbs fan, but I didn't mind him. I was unaware of some of the information you shared in this hub though, thanks again.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    LillyGrillzit, thank you so much for your comments.

    I agree with you about letters changing things, because soon after the gathering of everyone's signiture and comments Lou Dobbs quit.

    Lou Dobbs had not learned his lesson though, look at that box of waffles in the picture. It is also under his arms. What is wrong with him?

    The atmosphere in this country has become extremely dangerous, and Lou Dobbs is not helping.

    Again, thank you for your lovely comments.

  • LillyGrillzit profile image

    Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

    This Hub is very moving, and i like that you exhibit fairness. It is always a good thing to write letters, you may be surprised how much a letter can change a person. It feels good to do your part and have your say! Thank you for broaching this Subject. President Obama and the Obama Family have been an undeserved Gift to Our Nation. No one remembers the last one, didn't do much...spent more time at home, while the War Mongers ran it all...Bless you for Truthing! Write On!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Amen, Reddog1027, amen.

    Look, I have issues with his saying no combat in Iraq, and our soliders are still fighting.

    I know cares, but he has to listen more to the groups of soliders that are telling him this is not helping our men and women. Some I call family.

    Still, I do not want to go back to the policies of the past eight years before him.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • reddog1027 profile image

    reddog1027 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    It seems that the only way that the anti-Obama camp can slander Obama is with the tired song "he was not born in America" or the equally tiring one that goes "he's a Muslim". He is human and not perfect, I do not like everything he has done but he is better than what we had.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    I am upset about some things also, singlmomat52, but I not to the point where I want to go back to the republican's way.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • singlmomat52 profile image

    singlmomat52 7 years ago

    As for Lou Dobbs, he needs to remember that the President is half white, so how can he have such a racist attitude? I too am not pleased with many things that Obama has said and done, but he is the President and we should respect him. Thanks for sharing!!

  • couturepopcafe profile image

    couturepopcafe 7 years ago

    Don't take it personally, N.E. As a conservative, I like to hear 'O' speak. I think he has some good ideas. Our problem (the U.S.A.)is that we have a congress that talks more than they act. Bills are too involved and complicated to be passed easily. Pieces are entered as part of a bill which have nothing to do with the issue of the bill so that a Congressman can get something for his constituency. I am not a huge Obama fan even though he is White because he spends too much time and money on vacations and entertaining on my tax dollar. That being said, I think the issue of the birth certificate is that the one which was presented was a certificate which was made several years after he was born. It was supposed to be a copy of the original because the original was destroyed in some sort of disaster. The later one was in a style which was used after a certain year in Hawaii and was not the original. Please don't assume that everyone bases their judgement of people on race. That is the old paradigm and you will continue to attract that if that is what you think. Intelligent people base their judgement on quality of character. Enlightened people often do not judge at all. Namaste - L

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Tom I hear you, but he really did a lot in two years no thanks to the conservatives.

    I want more too, but I do not want to go back to people across the world hating us, because of our President.

  • t.elia profile image

    t.elia 7 years ago from Northern Ireland

    Good for you N.E.Wright, I happen to like Obama and think he has a difficult job to do admist the recession and war issues. Obama's skin colour shouldn't be an issue and Lou Dobbs should apoligise publicly.

  • justom profile image

    justom 7 years ago from 41042

    Obama is really not the guy I thought we were getting but all the silly business needs to stop. Good work!! Peace!! Tom

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Yes, way too many times. There is a Hubber that showed the birth Certificate two years ago. Hawaii is in America. I do not understand this question by most people. I do know it's sad.

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 7 years ago from America

    Have you seen a birth certificate?