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Corruption of the Banks and and in the Banking System by Laurens Wright

Updated on February 8, 2015

Creative Finances

With the politics and banking going hand in hand, making laws together and acting on each other's behalf, one would have to believe that corruption, greed and fraud would enter the picture. The United States continues to bail out the financial institutions and the International Monetary Fund keeps promising the banking institutions a financial guarantee even of their wrong doings.

The laws that govern banks allow the loans to generate money that is not there in the first place. In other words, the banks create vast amounts of money by the laws that consent and back the creation of wealth for the banks and greedy bankers. The money that is placed by investors can be used to make loans to customers, but does not stop there. The interest of 10% or so is not enough profit for the banks and corrupted politicians that made the laws work in their favor. For the creation of more money, banks must hold a small portion of the investment as reserve in the bank and then the bank can then claim that the rest of the money as an asset. After setting aside the minimum reserve, this money asset can be now loaned out again to another customer. Now, the remaining money from this loan can now be declared an asset and also be loaned out after taking out for the reserve amount. This type of transaction can take place many times and is legal according to our laws.

With the defaults in the loans of houses and property, the banks are trying to piece together how to come up with the revenue that was not there to begin with. The house of cards, the snowball or the dominoes are about to come crashing down. When we look into the situation more, millions were used from this creative finances to give bonuses to the elite and CEO's of the banks. The corruption, greed and dishonesty of those bankers and politicians is just the tip of the iceberg, which could be followed up the ladder in almost all large corporations and institutions.

The March on Wall Street is the out-come of people educating themselves and these people have become enlightened to what is happening. Our retirement, our health care system, our monetary system and our standard of living has been trodden and crushed to the point of failure. The creation of fiat money, the electronic promises and the assault of the working person's benefits has taken a toll on America. The future generations are going to pay the price of the debt caused by the corruption and dishonesty that fraudulent acts of corporations, bankers and institutions have established.

Corruption and Greed

As time passes, the businesses try harder and harder to profit more, to the point of illegal and corrupt activities. People in businesses have started lying and cheating to get their quotas and agendas accomplished. The business codes of ethics do not seem to apply any more and much of the money that a company has is created out of investor's savings, placing the dangers on the investor instead of the businesses.

The government is imposing more and more burdens on the companies and businesses who have had very high earnings in the past and have to come up with very creative ways of maintaining the growth of high earnings. This is when corruption and greed overtakes all reasonable thought processes and the respect of humans, the environment and Earth. All bounds are broken and no thoughts to the responsibilities to the future and the generations to follow. Today and Profit are what are important, with many of the corporations and industries that are demanding continued growth and advancements.

The Webs of Corruption
The Webs of Corruption | Source

Lies, Lies and more lies

When a business starts as a newly founded business, integrity and honesty must be hand in hand to have the confidence of the customers and to have repeat business. As these businesses expand their reins, more and more honest activities are looked over and more risky activities are indulged and invested to create wealth. As long as the customers get more on their investment, criminal and dishonest acts are looked over for the greet of money.

The lies abound and grow with each transaction, each investment and each commitment of the business. The banks and investment groups try to create more and more wealth out of the thin air, blowing the balloons of destruction even bigger and tighter, to the point of bursting the whole economy around the business. Each time an economic balloon deflates or burst, there are more balloons that burst and go bankrupt, causing the house of cards to crumble. The lies and dishonest actions just does not cause one business to fall, but all that have come to trust and invest in the business.

How much longer can the Feds use Quantitate Easing, investing trillions into the stock market or create money out of thin air? The federal reserve and banks have used the customer's confidence to splurge forth into a spiraling vortex to a certain crash. The trillions that the United States is in debt can never be repaid, not even the interests.

The United States have used statistics to bend, even just plain out lie about the economy, the unemployment, the stock markets, the trade, the wars, the oil and about political activities. Can a lie ever become truth? Hitler stated many times, "if you tell a lie enough, it becomes truth". See what happened to Germany and Hitler. Germany's money went from being worth something one day, then the next day, it was worthless.

Do you think that the banks and the federal reserve are using the QE to bankrupt America?

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Do you think that if an electrical grid collapse happened, your money would be protected ?

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Do you think that your information and deposits at the banks are protected from hackers?

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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 3 years ago

      Hello, Jailene,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and for your post. Again, thank you

    • profile image

      Jailene 3 years ago

      It's a pleusare to find someone who can think so clearly