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C.T.O. raises awareness in light of missing Florida boys

Updated on July 30, 2015

UPDATE: Boys still lost, C.T.O. presents solution

It has now been a week since the two 14-year-old boys, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, went missing during a disastrous fishing trip. They were last seen Friday leaving the Jupiter Inlet, FL, in a 19-foot fishing boat. Although experts say they should not have been operating the boat, let alone taking it out by themselves without proper supervision; family and friends beg to differ.

According to friends in Tequesta, Austin and Perry have been in rough waters before and know the waters better than most. Perry’s Stepfather, Nick Korniloff, in agreement said “They knew how to throw anchors, they knew how to start the engine, they knew what to do if an adult fell off the boat…They worked at learning and learning and being trained more and more about being a skilled boater and fisherman.” Locals added, “When the boys weren’t boating and fishing they were working at the local bait shop.”

Needless to say, these boys have a deeper understanding of boating than your ordinary 14-year-old. However, some things are just too unexpected to be prepared for. Search and rescue experts say that an event like this may have been significantly aided with today's advanced equipment.

Pat Coggins, the C.T.O. of WBT Consultants, makers of consumer and commercial GPS based tracking services, had this to say to the family and loved ones of the missing boys:

“Do not let people question your faith in the abilities of your children; you know what they’re capable of. You have raised them with the experience and knowledge so that when a problem arises they are prepared to solve it. This is close to my heart because when I was 15, my parents let my brother and I sail to Hawaii with only a compass and sextant for guidance.”

However, he does advise that as technology advances and becomes more affordable, people should take precautionary measures. Pat Coggins continued by saying:

“This tragedy is something that no parent or loved one should have to endure. The pain of not knowing, and the constant battle to keep morale high in the lowest situations are burdens that no one should carry. I cannot bare the thought of losing my children; which is why I work countless hours so that not only my children, but children like Austin and Perry are protected from the unexpected.”

His respects go out to the family and friends, and encourages all parents’ open their eyes in light of this tragedy. With kids becoming more independent and society becoming more dangerous, you really never know what may happen. Using affordable tracking devices, like those offered by and, you have immediate access to position information, satellite mapping, movement and perimeter breach alerts, and access to travel history.

Experts say that this type of technology may have led search and rescue parties to these two boys days ago. Unfortunately, the sweeps across the coast have been fruitless each time; despite the best efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard and private search parties. However, the family and friends of Austin and Perry are not giving up; they are still faithful and have the country’s full support.


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