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Calling All Cars:

Updated on October 29, 2012
You just never know which Mitt Romney will show up!
You just never know which Mitt Romney will show up!
Romney's not so secret (plan) prayer!
Romney's not so secret (plan) prayer!
This is a majority of the 47%
This is a majority of the 47% | Source
He actually believes that this is fair for all Americans!
He actually believes that this is fair for all Americans! | Source

Come In Car 54, Where are you?

Needless to say that it's been about a week since this third and final Presidential Debate of 2012, President Obama showed Mitt Romney why he's not ready to sit in the big boys chair on live primetime television. At times it was almost to painful to watch Mitt getting the obvious smackdown laid on him good and heavy by President Obama. He was totally out of his element when it comes to foreign affairs, yet every time he tried to inject a domestic issue into the conversation President Obama made him look even more foolish.

Mitt agreed with President Obama's foreign policies so often that it was hard at time differentiate between the two of them, making Romney appear to be even less qualified for the office that he's seeking. Which leads me to wonder why he thinks or believes he could do a better job as President than President Obama, my guess is it purely his over inflated ego. Add to it the other billionaires (1% one percenters) trying to keep their corporate bottomlines on the rise, at the expense of others that are less fortunate than they're. I can only imagine the boisterous laughter in their private offices as they count their money, thinking of the lower income wage earners, working poor and middle class employees as useful idiots or something far more degrading.

Here's a fact: Mitt Romney has demonstrated time and again that he has no core values other than what's good for his own personal benefit. Does America benefit from having someone of Mitt Romney's character or lack thereof in the Oval Office, the overwhelming majority of people polled emphatically said "NO". The general logic behind it, was that Mitt Romney is not trustworthy to deal with some of the delicate situations that occur within the foreign affairs arena. As a military veteran, I shutter to think about him with our Armed Forces under his control. I fear more boots on the ground wars in other Middle Eastern Countries like Syria, Iran or Isreal would alsmost be a certainty.

His and Paul Ryan's domestic policies are really less than desirable to anyone other than the extremely rich or easily confused. I see that some of the polls say that he's closed some of the gender gap, despite the extreme rantings of far right wing ideologists like senate hopefuls Akin (R-MO) or Mourdock (R-IN). Or in the Latino community, repealing "The Dream Act" if passed or papers please in Arizona. Or calling all car, in Detroit & the Auto industry, those folks whether members of the UAW or not won't and/or shouldn't forget that less than flattering OpEd piece Mitt wrote in the NY Times entitled: "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt". Forget about the African American communities votes with the less than scathing attacks and/or negative stereotyping you've associated with our first black US President as someone not being or understanding America.

Here's a hint that something is wrong within American Tax Code, when a billionaire like Warren Buffet voluntarily comes out and informs the world that he in fact pays a lower effective income tax rate than his secretary does. Yet when Mitt Romney was asked not too long ago, if he thought it was fair that he paid a lower rate than average working folks who don't make anywhere near $20 Million a year and his response was yes, it's fair. And then has the audacity to whine about it. But if he becomes President, he and other 1% ers won't pay any capital gains taxes at all or it'll be so low it wouldn't matter to them. Therein lies one of the main problem with the Romney / Ryan GOP Presidential Ticket.

Just too many secrets for America's own good!
Just too many secrets for America's own good!


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    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you... I'm glad you enjoyed reading my hub, please feel free to read any of my other hubs and add your comment. I'll try to make an interesting point in each one. Sincerely Salvador AKA Salvienation!

    • Twyla Dorzweiler profile image

      Twyla Dorzweiler 

      5 years ago

      Loved it :) And yes I did what was right ;) Thanks for also reading mine.

    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks Lilly glad you like the article(hub), tell your friends to check this or any of the articles (hubs) out. And by all by feel free to let me know what you think of them!

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      5 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      This is a well written Hub. Thank you for putting this together and sharing! Voted UP!


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