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Cameras are our best Friends: Protection from Police in the 21st Century as COP Brutality increases.

Updated on August 9, 2012
Police brutality caught on film
Police brutality caught on film | Source

Cameras today come in a wide variety and types.. From the now common cell phone video cams to dash mounted traffic cameras and even motor cycle helmet cameras.. Todays cameras are in some cases small enough to be disguised as a button on your shirt or even be incorporated into the design of your prescription glass frames... Or hidden in a wrist watch or disguised as an ink pen in a front shirt pocket. (add Belt Buckles, Baseball caps, Soda Cans, Golf Clubs, Fuzzy Dice... etc)

But to what end would a person benefit from having one of these "Hidden Cameras" ???

Illegal Entrapment or legal Defense Against Criminal Cops?

Today there is a growing undercurrent in our society of political dissatisfaction, unrest and a pervading sense of fear that the powers that be... from the Man at the top, to the Police enforcers at the bottom... May be up to no good in their continual struggles to grab power and more control over the lives of the people.

I do not want to add any credence to the "Conspiricy Theories" or the people who spread them, but rather, I am pointing your perception toward the Fact that there are things going on in our country today that Promote such theories and perpetuate such fears.

Ask yourself a question:

What is the Importance of it being Legal for you to do your own Video taping of events going on around you?

Simply put, Film footage can help you to prove someones innocence, Maybe even your own... or It may also help to prove that a crime was committed and even be used to condemn the guilty. The Fact is, the only one who benefits from from the absence of Film footage is the Guilty. The only one who benefits from Laws that make filming police and other agencies Illegal, are those who Intend to commit crimes and are struggling to have the Only recourse of the common persons defense... REMOVED!

You know the old adage...

"When Guns are outlawed, Only outlaws will have guns."

This adage also comes true in the case of cameras.

As in an old west story... like a case of Guns being outlawed... There is the well intentioned Sheriff...but over time the Good Sheriff turns into the town crook and becomes a companion of thugs and outlaws... Starts to Use the Gun laws to keep his power and money...

Here we see that the police are not afraid of cameras.. so long as the cameras are ONLY USED BY THEM, ARE IN SPECIFIC LOCATIONS, and can be AVOIDED and or Turned off at will so as to be useful only in the favor of the officers and never to be used as testimony information which could bring about charges of abuse or illegal procedure etc. Lets face it, If you know the camera faces front and center... and you want to kick the snot out of some Punk, as a Police officer you would be smart enough to find a reason to have the person in a location other than "Front and Center" when the abuse starts. You would also be smart enough (more than likely) to place your own body between the camera and the would be victim during the first parts of the incidence so that it was your word verses the victims word and using the camera... would make it look like the Victim A) started giving trouble and B) tried to get away etc.

Todays Dilema

The Problem today is that these tactics (mounted camera avoidance tactics) may have worked well in the past, but today are becoming obsolete in light of the sheer number of "Hidden Cameras" that are concealed not only on the victims themselves, but potentially on everyone walking around who has so much as a cell phone in their hand.

It may be that the "Conspiracy theories" that are promoted by such legal manipulation are in fact no more than the air we breathe... It may be that there is no more crime being perpetuated by police today than there was 10 years ago... It may be that the reason we see more crimes of this type on Youtube and nightly news is that there are far more Cameras around today than there was 10 years ago.

Whatever the case... As a Citizen of the United States of America, I am concerned with this on several levels.

Firstly is that the Human Right of a Fair Trial is being annulled in favor of a Policeman's Rights to not be filmed while working. In my opinion if you are a public servant (which is what a Policeman is supposed to be). Then part of your Job description should be that Filming and Being Filmed is a part of the job itself and maintains the Integrity of the Police Officers. Also that you are to Uphold the Law and must be subject to the Law.

Secondly my Concern is that "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" As the case of Victorious Generals returning home for a Coup d'etat and becoming a ruthless dictator with no one to appose him... Today we are quickly moving towards a time when the people have No rights of self defense but that Criminals and police have all rights, and all advantages,

Lastly Comes the effect on the common people who work, live, marry and raise Children. Blindly trusting in the establishment that is in power... Good people who are going to be the ultimate victims in this trend as it goes forward over the next ten years. As the Tabloids and Internet sites, Bloggers and Social networks continue to look at the current trends in "Law Enforcement" and Show the world the Criminality of such workings... Even these good quiet people will eventually see that "the Laws are being manipulated to protect the guilty". Bit by bit.. as more and more laws are passed, More and more people are seeing through the Surface of what is going on... and it is adding creditability to the "Great Conspiracy theories".

The Fact is... There may be no Great Conspiracy... But rather... just the appearance of it... An appearance brought on by nothing less than the Corruption of government in many places... and the similarities that all of this corruption seems to have from case to case.

Regardless of what the Truth is... World Conspiracy, National Conspiracy, Local Law Enforcement Conspiracies... If something is not done soon... It will be too late.

Its time America...

Wake up... As a Nation I sa... "Wake up."

Contact your Representatives and Congressmen... Demand a National Bill... an Amendment to the Constitution that both Guarantees and Reaffirms the Right of every Citizen to Protect themselves and their family, and that Guarantees the right to use Hidden cameras in our society for the defense against human rights violations and as a protection against Unlawful acts perpetrated by "Law Enforcement Personnel".

This is not a party thing.. Its not Democrat or Republican.. Not Tea Party activism... Its just Plain old common sense. We need to do something about this today... before its too late.

If not today.. then Never...

If not you and me.. Then who will it be?



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    • profile image

      Mr Maranatha 

      6 years ago

      wow... this is a perfect example of why it would be nice to have a Lapel cam going all the time even when you are using other cameras for filming... If this woman had of had for example a wrist watch camera or a n Ink pen camera in her pocket.. much of this activity would have been retained in spite of her other Camera property being snatched away and interfered with. This is similar to an episode my Dad had with an Officer in MS a few years ago at a traffic accident that happened in our front yard. There was an officer involved in the accident... and a dead citizen laying on the pavement... They did not take kindly to an elderly citizen video taping the accident scene and destroyed / confiscated the evidence...

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 

      6 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Here's an example from my morning paper today:

      The National Press Photographers Association says it appears police violated the First Amendment rights of a Detroit Free Press photographer when she was arrested after trying to get her iPhone back from a police officer who told her to stop filming on a public street and took her phone.

      Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel for the NPPA, wrote a letter today to new Detroit Police Chief James Craig, expressing concerns over photographer Mandi Wright’s arrest and the fact that the SIM card went missing from her phone after police confiscated it.

      Wright was arrested Thursday after briefly filming the arrest of a suspect on a public street. Wright said she didn’t know the man approaching her at the scene was a police officer because he wasn’t in uniform and didn’t identify himself.

      “In any free country the balance between actual vigilance and over-zealous enforcement is delicate,” Osterreicher wrote. “It may be understandable that law enforcement officers have a heightened sense of awareness after pursuing an armed suspect — but that is no excuse for blatantly violating a person’s First Amendment rights — as appears to be the case here.”

      He told Craig that the organization, which has nearly 7,000 members, “has pointed out to numerous groups and law enforcement agencies; photography by itself is not a suspicious activity and is protected by the First Amendment. Unfortunately the reliance by law enforcement officers to question, detain and interfere with lawful activities by photographers has become a daily occurrence.”

      Detroit Police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens today said that an internal affairs investigation and an investigation into Wright’s conduct are ongoing.

      Officials also are looking into the missing SIM card from her phone, as well as whether Wright was left alone in an interrogation room with the suspect she had been filming.

    • MrMaranatha profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

      Harassment is harassment and Racism is just another reason to harass people... Regardless of the reason for the harassment, the people must retain the right to protect themselves from Unjust treatment from the departments of Justice..

    • profile image

      real talk 

      6 years ago

      Black skin would be like a body guard for so many white men in our society.


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