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Campaign 2016 - Denying 270 Electoral Votes, Making Congress Choose The President

Updated on October 21, 2016

And the winner is . , ,

You need 2 7 0.

Fall short and Congress decides.

Now, how would that be?

The states' electors might not decide the election.

State Capitol Building in Utah
State Capitol Building in Utah | Source

How will all the electoral votes add up?

How many electoral votes can the Libertarians get?

How many electoral votes can the Green Party get?

How many electoral votes can the Republican Party get?

How many electoral votes can the Democrats' Party get?

How many electoral votes can Evan McMullin get?

Evan who? Candidate McMullin is on the ballot in 26 states, including in Utah where he is said to be leading both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton in pursuing Utah's electoral votes.

The Libertarian candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at last report had about 9% of the nation's voters supporting his bid for the presidency. He is running with a former governor of Massachusetts as his running mate.

The Green Party's Jill Stein is campaigning hard for a somewhat lower percentage of the popular vote.

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are contesting for as many electoral votes as they each can get.

One of them would need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Mrs. Clinton is the projected winner of enough electoral votes to win the presidency.

But what if neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton gets 270 electoral votes?

Mr. McMullin's campaign goal is to be "the spoiler" and, in combination with the Libertarians and the Green Party, deny Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton the 270 electoral votes needed for either of them to claim the presidency.

There are Democrats who will not vote for Mrs. Clinton, and there are Republicans who will not vote for Mr. Trump. There are declared independent voters who do not plan to vote for either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton.

Those swing and independent voters are Mr. McMullin's focus campaigning as a "none of the above" write-in candidate in the states where he is not on the ballot.and as what he hopes is a clear alternate choice in the 26 states where he is on the ballot.

If the disaffected swing voters and disgruntled independent voters realize the hope Mr. McMullin is offering, well there is an outside chance that neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton could win the needed 270 electoral votes.

Even if that should happen, the voted representatives of the American people, sitting in session in the Congress, would then cast their votes until a choice is expressed and a new president is sworn into office in January 2017.

Should that happen, the singularly tumultuous Election 2016 would be an extraordinary one for the history books, even more so than it is already!

And then there is Tom Jasper running as a facebook-declared candidate seeking your write-in vote in all voting jurisdictions.

Tom who?

Tom Jasper.

There is also my son in Fairbanks, Alaska, Thomas B. Jasper (he'd be privileged to have you call him Tom, too) who has just recently declared on facebook, his own candidacy for the presidency. As a late comer he is not listed on any state election ballots, but you might like to consider his own campaign goals as he sits and ponders Election 2016.:

"Okay, that's it!!!! I've had enough and I'm beyond fed up... So, I've decided to run for President. Yep, no joke, not drunk or high, just woke up and decided that I'm fed up.

250 years ago, John Quincy Adams and a bunch of other dudes were pissed off at the British and basically started our country on their own from nothing. Now, skip ahead to today and this is the best "America" has to offer us - Donald or Hillary? Really? JQA and his bros are probably rolling in their graves!! I mean holy crap, this is the BEST we've got?

So, I've decided what the heck, I'm going to run for President. I have 937 'friends' on FB and if they forward this to all of their friends, and so on and so on, maybe, just maybe, we can start a revolution of our own and change the path we're on before it's too late, just like JQA and his friends did back in the day.

So, I am running for President and I would appreciate your write-in vote. I'd also appreciate it if you'd forward this to all of your friends, and that they do the same to theirs, and so on - so that on 8 November 2016, we'll at least have someone better than 'those other two' to vote for.

Don't waste your vote on Gary Johnson either - I know where Aleppo, Syria is and I know what's happened there.

Please vote for me and here's why (in no particular order):

I'm not affiliated with any political party except 'America'.

I'm pro-choice (it's none of my business).

I want to end the War(s) right now (no one 'wins' a war.)

I'm not going to take anyone's guns away so forget about worrying about stocking up on guns and bullets.

I'm in favor of a 10% flat tax for everyone and an additional 10% higher rate on Corporations.

If a Corporation moves out of our country to avoid taxes, well, I hate to see them go. I'll also miss their product because they won't get to sell it here anymore, and they won't get to come back either.

I understand Government. and how it works (unlike my opponent, Mr. Trump). Government can't be run like a business, it is it's own animal, it's become the largest "business" in America. Think about that for a moment and try to wrap your brain around it. It's totally different than running a private business. I know, because I've worked in it for about 20 years.

I also have an honorable discharge from the military. and the last time I checked, none of my opponents (including Mr. Johnson) have ever even served in the military.

I also understand what 'Classified' and 'FOUO' are and I've never had my own private e-mail server so I could bypass regulations and 'FOIA' (look it up when you get the time).

I also know about unions too. I am one of the founding members and am the first Co-chair of the (then) largest state employees' union in Alaska, representing 12,500 members (ASEA/AFSCME). I helped write their Constitution and bylaws, and I participated in successfully negotiating their first contract.

I've never had sex in the White House (does sound cool though, but my wife would kill me if it was with anyone except her, and to my knowledge she has no plans to one day run for president, if I am elected.)

I don't have PACs, nor have I accepted one single penny in campaign contributions.

I respect all women, races, genders, sexual orientations and identities, and I call my Mom every weekend (well, almost every weekend.)

I agree with Voter ID at polling places and while I'm not against immigration, I AM in favor of legal immigration.

I am also in favor of drug tests and volunteer work for folks on public assistance.

Again, I'm sorry that these aren't in any particular order....

I'm also in favor of term limits for Congress and I'd like to see a system created where each State's Governors collectively have some kind of oversight of Congress. Think about it....why don't they already? Maybe we don't even need a Congress at all? We have 50 perfectly good (rhetorically speaking) governors that represent their States already. Why do we need a bunch of extra folks doing the same thing? Hmmmmm....? It might help eliminate gridlock and bipartisanship, and finally we could get some 'real stuf'f done.

There are some new ideas for you, and that's one of my greatest assets, if you elect me as your President - I bring a fresh perspective from a common man, a working person's, perspective.

Think about my candidacy, and while you're at it - get off your butt and get out there and go vote on 8 November. It's your right; and please vote for me, Tom Jasper.

My campaign slogan? 'I'll get real stuff done for everyone.'

Thank you for your time and consideration,and God Bless America!!"

D, R, L, G, McMullin, or Jasper?



This work is licensed under a Creative Comments Attribution-No Derivs 3.0 United States License


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