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Campaign 2016 (Why Mr. Trump Will Win)

Updated on May 30, 2020
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The author published two political newspapers, predicted Trump's victory in July 2016, and a recent article on many of Trump's achievements.

Voters from a land of the free and a home of the brave will decide on a new president in November 2016.

It has proudly waved over a land of the free and a home of the brave hundreds of years.
It has proudly waved over a land of the free and a home of the brave hundreds of years. | Source

What motivates Mr. Trump's voters?

Americans know they can agree to disagree. Their national elections are such times.

Too much damage has already been done to America's freedoms at home and by their out-of-control national debt. The debt is a "hole" they are already in and sinking deeper. They have no effective border. They have no effective immigration policy. Tax reform left to their politically correct establishment has gone nowhere. Their Affordable Care Act (more commonly referred to as "Obamacare") was rushed through and became law based on the lie that it was not a tax, and was only approved by their Supreme Court because it IS a tax.

In two past national elections Americans confused oratory for competence, and look what it got them.

So far Mr. Trump has proven himself smarter than 16 of those politically correct, well financed "do nothing" politicians. Now two are left. Both of whom have been around long enough to have driven the needed changes, but they didn't. One of those remaining politicians is in it for herself, and the other wants to give everything to everybody for their votes (which is a lot of what has gotten America into the situation it finds itself in now.)

Their current President B. H. Obama promised he would make the most needed changes, but didn't make them even when his party of Democrats controlled the action portions of their government.

Americans still want those promised changes, not a weakened, over- stretched military, not porous borders, not a tax system ripe with loopholes, not an education system that is heading them to third world status, not party divisiveness, not sectionalism, not cronyism, not an imbalanced Supreme Court, not "government for us, not them," and all the rest of what would stay broken, not fixed.

America's government is so big, so bloated, so disfunctional with power withdrawn from the people at their state and local levels, and "do it our way or you won't get the needed federal funds!" governance, that enough of them are fed up and determined to have a government that is once again a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" before it perishes.

Change doesn't happen by doing the same things the same way, nor by bribing voters with gilded promises that can't be kept without bankrupting America and leaving it weakened and too vulnerable.

America's leadership in the world has been diminished to the point where it increasingly relies more on force rather than the merits of its ideals.

"Penny wise and pound foolish" characterizes its politicians' approach to fiscal responsibility.

Presidential perks have been given precedence over presidential responsibilities.

A previous maverick presidential candidate lost his party's presidential bid because the lie was spread that "if you vote for him, you are wasting your vote!"

The current lie being spread is "if you vote for him, he will get you into World War III!"

It is the downward spiral Americans need to get out of, and political rhetoric, no matter how eloquently voiced, is not going to do the needed job.

Americans need a tidal change at home and calm seas abroad while effectively dealing with their role in the world economy, if their form of government, and free enterprise is to endure.

Lobbyists and special interests including banks "too big to fail" and corporations "too rich to lose control" are America's bloodsuckers that are sapping American vitality.

Candidate "Bernie" proposes his revolutionary socialism. Mrs. Clinton proposes more of the same with some social tinkering.

Mr. Trump's voters don't want to throw out their republican form of government, nor do they want to just keep stumbling ahead.

They want progress at almost any cost, before it's too late to stop the downward rush. They want to regain control of what needs to be saved from their nation's years of sacrifice.

That can be enough for Mr. Trump to win.

The American Vote

If you voted now in the American voting for a new president, how would you vote?

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Thinking voters will think and vote.


The votes will ultimately decide the winner.

Will governing power in the United States of America rest with the people or the bureaucracy?
Will governing power in the United States of America rest with the people or the bureaucracy? | Source


© 2016, 2020 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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